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Changelog Entry [2484] for Mar 31, 18 From Shadowfax: 'Cone of cold' no longer sends a message to the room when it strikes an ally, like how firefield works. 'Chain lightning' now avoids attempting to damage allies (thus avoiding a bunch of "You can't harm so-and-so" spam) and is subject to evasion. The 'ground' spell helps players engaged in melee avoid chain lightning. From Draak: Bladed weapons are now slightly better for parrying. Slightly. Dragonfang quartz added to the lapidary table. (Morpheus) Patched bug with blood sacrifice. (Runner) Strings for cooking recipes can now be more awesome. Butchering now recognizes more types of distinct meat. A few minor changes to low-level trainers and skills. Preparing corpse to become undead will now check if a corpse is usable before checking for a preservation spell. (Lokar) Fixed minor bug with resisting being stunned and look. Tweaks to enchant essence to make analysis more accurate. Added 'set alarm' to set an alarm for in-game hours. (Rukia) Type 'set alarm help' for more information. 1 entries displayed.

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