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Changelog Entry [2487] for Apr 07, 18 From Shadowfax: You can now evade spells even after the caster has died. From Draak: Cosmetic change to ancient oak. (Gate) Obscure spell 'find object' changed to 'pinpoint object', so it doesn't conflict with 'spell find'. When using the review command on a corpse, it will also give the information you would have gleaned from consider. If you use poisonous ingredients while cooking, your dish will be poisoned! Be cautious when foraging, especially untrained. Withdraw should no longer lag you if it fails to execute due to you not being in battle. (Runner) New hats for hatmaking: toque (chef's hat), mitre The level of a bonecrafted item is now dependent on your necromancer level, and most will have a necromancer flag. Changes to the consider command to make the distinction between saving spell and magic resistance more clear. Magic resistance is rare and thus will only be displayed if the creature has it. Some druid earth spells have chance to add to or remove mineral resources from a room. If is room is mined out, an earthquake or unnatural spring spell *might* help. Enchant essence will now work on two additional wear slots for each class, except druids. Druids can essence enchant totems and fetishes. Crafting skill synergy: if you know hatmaking and leathercraft, you can use leathercraft to fashion hats from skins. The hats are functionally identical to leathercrafted caps, and can made with fur or dragon scale if you know furrier or dragonscale armor, respectively. 1 entries displayed.

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