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Changelog Entry [2489] for Apr 15, 18 From Draak: You can see kinds of items shopkeepers (might) buy by typing 'buy list'. Shopkeepers are still all kinds of stingy/poor. Small changes to metallurgy exp handling and a few corner cases with strings. Enchant analyze will now stop shaming I mean spamming you if you don't know all of the enchantments. Fished a pair of minor bugs out of enchant essence, that combined were causing some major issues. Dispelling spells from objects should now have more consistent strings. (Gate) Harvest venom should now give exp normally. (Gate) Arrowheads now contribute to the speed of ammo. Adding a mithril arrowhead to an arrow or bolt may make it faster, while an adamantine one will make it slower. 'Spell/skills all' now accepts the args 'known' and 'unknown' to see lists of all spells or skills you know or all those you do not know, respectively. (Runner) You can pluck feathers from bird corpses, and use the tailoring command to add them to hats (if you know hatmaking of course). Plucked feathers can also be used to fletch arrows, which can improve their damage and accuracy. They are also brewable spell components. 1 entries displayed.

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