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Changelog Entry [2494] for Apr 28, 18 Fix 'list search -level'. From Draak: Increased the amount of hp and movement from eating cooked food. The following skills and spells have been made obscure: listen, camouflage (thief) despair, remorse (cleric) Tweaks to the spook, mesmerize and control animal druid spells. Improved feedback from 'fish check' when fishing (and not fishing). More randomized types of fish fishy fishies FISH. New metallurgy jewelry: brooch (Mertag) For now brooches are just neckwear. Forging estimates for new items should now work properly again. (Adara) Lapidary check will now show you the primary stat a stone can bestow, if your skill level is high enough compared to its difficulty. Lapidary stone secondary stats now have a bit of randomness, but not much. If you know gemcutting and forge armor, you can now inlay stone onto forged armor. This is purposefully less powerful than adding gems to jewelry and more powerful than inlaying metal, but it can sometimes shave down the ac of the armor. 1 entries displayed.

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