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Changelog Entry [2504] for Jun 02, 18 A handful of high level exp tweaks. Some of these will take a few weeks to take full effect. From Draak: Fixed weird old bug in dancing lights that let you cast it right through closed doors! Fix bogus failure send string with fishing. Meteorites are now slightly more common and should send very obvious sends over a large area on impact. Draak changed the daily gift sound for dclient/msp users. BRACE YOURSELF, LADS! Added keywords for various locations/sectors (Archais, Ramanek, extraplanar) to the 'group comment' allowed keywords. (Ravenna) You can now split large pieces of butchered meat. (Mai) Shored up limits for splitting/combining of materials. (Phytell) Leadfoot has a chance to reduce the damage of stomp and kick attacks. (Runner) Hatmakers now have more color options - 'tailor list color' for a list. New gathered wood type: elderberry You can no longer gather food, wood and herbs in clan areas. You can now use the arguments 'critical', 'important' and 'helpful' with the slist command, for example 'slist critical' will show a list of the critical skills and spells a teacher can train you in. Rename various 'boat' strings to 'ship'. This should help clean up the nomenclature to distiguish between buoyant BOAT type objects and proper sailing ships. Poison resistance and armored skin can now improve as you get the stuffing beat out of you by toxic or normal damage, respectively. You might want to invest combat points instead. This only works if your attacker is close to your level and is not a player. Damage from self harm, room regen, traps and the like will not increase these skills. When you assemble a new weapon, its weight will be lowered to attempt to match your wield strength, down to half its weight. If you are very weak and are assembling a hefty weapon, you may still end up with a weapon you cannot wield. Remember to boost your strength first! (Renne) 1 entries displayed.

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