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Changelog Entry [2509] for Jun 09, 18 From Draak: Improvements and fixes to foraging. Squashed a rather obscure crash bug involving lapidary inlay and harvested bones. (Mertag, Shryth) Enchant camouflage move/mana/shadow cost lowered. Stone knapping aliased to knapping to make it easier to locate trainers with 'skill find'. Object taste will now save on logout. (Persephone) The absolute upper weight limit for crafted weapons should now be the highest possible weight a player can wield. You can forge weapon heads and blades up to 60% the minimum weight instead of 50%. Increased max weight of hafts and poles as well. You can now add gemstones to dragonscale collars. This was an oversight. My apologies for missing it. (Smyth) Some minor changes to splitting and merging. If you can carve runes into wood, you can now carve runes into objects with a composition of ROOT, WAX and RESIN. These are fairly uncommon compositions for worn objects. Help pages will now show if a spell or skill is helpful, important or critical. This is in relation to the spell's class and does not take playstyles into account. From Shadowfax: Reduce odds of mobs from dying to negative hpregen incurred by acid and players losing credit for the kill. Guards at doors should now prevent lock picking, opening, closing and other actions on guarded doors. Add new level 1 skill, 'trapping'. Add new level 33 thief skill, 'trapmaking'. Add new level 38 thief skill, 'occult trapcraft'. 1 entries displayed.

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