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Changelog Entry [2517] for Jun 16, 18 The 'show con' command now displays constitution. Try to fix a few more negative exp bugs in the combat code. Add 'exp mark' and 'exp rate' commands. Raise damage of skirmish. Make crippling attack less repeatable. Try to make nomelee mode more resistant to incidental attacks. From Draak: Added a heap of room send strings for everything from valor to corpse/object timeout to drinking potions to spam extreme. Consider no longer shows very low resistances. No more 7 lines of extra spam for figuring out a beastly fido is not resistant or vulnerable to anything. New leathercraft items: sheath, scabbard New dragonscale item: grip (for making weapons) Fixed bug with harvest bone that yielded bones with 0 size. (Mertag) 1 entries displayed.

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