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Changelog Entry [2528] for Jul 07, 18 Don't send low level quest completions to friends lists, since they're super spammy. From Shadowfax: Trying to install a trap that requires an item no longer produces weird strings or crashes the game. (Victarion) When installing traps, you can target either the exit name or the door name. (Lilmike) From Draak: Infrastructure support for skills to be considered 'professions'. You can acquire profession points by gathering resources and crafting. Add per-plane sky strings. You can use enchant essence on unfinished totems and fetishes. Slist at trainers will accept 'combat' and 'profession' arguments. The 'spell' and 'skill' commands now have a type 'type' argument, for sorting skills and spells you know by categories. See 'spell type' or 'skill type' for a list of types. It should be noted that type, for example fireball is a damage spell, a fire spell and a combat spell. 1 entries displayed.

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