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Changelog Entry [2535] for Jul 21, 18 Cut the money market buy/sell spread in half. Show more/lower level quests on the friends channel. From Draak: Fix bug allowing group rejoin into private storage lockers. Add 'battlemage'and 'deathknight' playstyles to advice/eqcheck. Clan elders can now set a heraldic crest for their clan. See 'clanset crest help' for options. If your clan has a slogan or motto set, you can invoke it with the 'slogan' and 'motto' commands. You can look at the either of the moons, if they are visible. You cannot, however, look at the sun. (Lexie) The name of the creator is now added to the insult string of many crafted objects. Split meat retains its former level. (Peroroncino) Cleanup display of metallurgy alloy list. Fixed bug in metallurgy that skipped cost estimates with metallurgy split. (Lilmike) Added keyword 'smelted' to forged ingots. If you know gemcutting, lapidary check will tell you if a stone has a chance to be a cat's eye or star gemstone. Stone knapping will now accept stones down to 1 inch in size. If you know heraldry, you can add your clan's crest to shields and jewlery. If you are afflicted with the nausea poison, you cannot eat. On the bright side, mobs afflicted with the nausea poison cannot eat corpses. Polar bears and black bears now have lesser bear rage. New heraldic images added. Slow down rate of profession point acquisition. Add profession point achievements. Cooked recipes can invoke minor bonuses when well-seasoned with certain flavors. For example, sweet-flavored food can raise lowered morale, while spicy foods can help ward off the dazed and stunned conditions. 1 entries displayed.

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