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Changelog Entry [2552] for Aug 19, 18 From Draak: 'Changes' and 'news' added to the 'show' command. Add 'check unarmed'. The news command now shows the two most recently added areas. You can now butcher caught fish. New wood type: sumac Coldfire, bloodmist and several other necromancer spell room strings added to spam gcast. Prettied up forging cost strings when spending only 1 gold coin. (Lilmike) Bonecrafted clubs, canes and quarterstaffs can be loaded by metallurgy, because why not? Added an alignment check for assembling crafted equipment, to prevent components with opposing alignments from being combined. Various small improvements to crafting and minor bugs cleaned up. Most notably certain pearls can now be added to jewelry as intened, and some older crafted objects with gemstones may not have the name of their gemstones show up due to an error transferring the gem original vnum to the finished object. The crafting restring function is now operational. For one profession point, you can rename a piece of crafted equipment based on its composition, additions and stats. It is partially random, and can be reverted (for free) if desired. Enchant essence now uses profession points instead of combat points. Gold and mana costs for the mage elemental enchants and enchant deflection lowered slightly, but now have a cost of one combat point. From Shadowfax: Add 'annulet', 'pall', 'pile' and 'roundel' as clan crest divisions. Add 'opinicus' heraldry device. Spent ammunition should now time out after about an hour. Trap commands will now check to see if the player is affected by the 'blindness' spell instead of checking against the blind player flag. Player-created and repaired traps are now set as detected. (Xera) Make 'leech' command parsing more intuitive. (Kagome) 1 entries displayed.

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