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Changelog Entry [2557] for Sep 02, 18 From Draak: Fixes and updates to craft restring and related functions. (Wily, Dizzy) Craft restring now works for leathercrafted items. Expanded name selections when skinning dragons! Now with more colors, gems and metals. Added a 'city' option to the area command, so you can get a better idea of what zones are cities. The sundrinker tincture now makes you susceptible to herbicide poisoning. Changes to city zones - only certain select cities are subject to exp halving, soulstone level restrictions and the like. From Shadowfax: Add 'credit buy charheight' and 'credit buy charweight'. Fix strangely worded room sends for parcel and missionary jobs. (Lilmike) Add new obscure thief skill 'brew acid'. Add new obscure grenade type 'acid splash'. 1 entries displayed.

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