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Changelog Entry [2571] for Sep 29, 18 From Shadowfax: Make full moon only visible on the prime material plane. When leaving a context due to it having ended, such as completing a board message or trade, you will enter the next context on your list if there are any. Explicitly parsing the 'context leave' command will still exit your list entirely. From Draak: Deathwalk off should now properly stop deathwalking. (Morpheus) Added a few new minerals for lapidary. Added a profession point leaderboard. Standardized leathercrafted container capacities. (Lexie) You can still make pouches from shells, if its hinged like a clam. Shored up the dieroll calculations for crafted weapons. Applying salves should no longer fill your stomach up like drinking potions. The area command now accepts 'good' and 'evil' arguments, for example 'area good 38' will show all level 38 areas with predominately good aligned mobs. New demonic wood type: graoch Woodcrafted items now smell and taste like the wood they are made from. (Onunku) Soft wood types should now be easier to carve without breaking even if you are not highly proficient at woodcraft. 1 entries displayed.

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