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Changelog Entry [2573] for Oct 07, 18 From Shadowfax: Raise bane damage to 120% versus target creatures. Have identify properly state versus undead and golem bane qualities. Check wear list for autoreload containers. (Onunku) Add 'ports' command for boats. From Draak: Added a kangaroo to heraldry, because why not? (Shryth) Several cleric and mage spells have been recategorized from 'critical' to 'important'. If you are in combat, taunt and intimidate will automatically target the mob you are fighting unless you specify 'all'. More minor adjustments to object prices. If you know undead lore and corpsecutter, you can harvest a few spellcomps from the corpses of undead creatures. Adjustments to getting 'full' when consuming potions and using certain kinds of salves. 1 entries displayed.

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