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Changelog Entry [2575] for Oct 13, 18 From Shadowfax: Add 'ports help' command. (Lexie) Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented responses by guards to whispered passcodes from being displayed correctly. If you pay a toll or whisper a passcode to a guard, they'll now let you open any door needed in order to pass. Prevent locate object from displaying objects found inside clan areas, unless it's your clan. (Xera) Make nocast static blast strings for when the target is someone other than the caster. (Fighter/Red) Add 'partial' and 'completed' switches for the tactics low/advanced/cross commands. (Lexie) Allow shadow walk, shadow asylum, cloak of darkness, and cloak of fear to be used while remaining hidden. (Colonel) Ammunition with carved runes are less likely to be destroyed after a successful hit. (Sprite) From Draak: Gods can no longer end up in the news for things, unless they get off their buns and open new areas. You can carve runes into fruit, for the rare cases you might want to wear a piece of fruit on your head. Fishing can now be used untrained. Expect it to work roughly as well as RL fishing. (Morpheus) Various small tweaks to fishing in general, to make untrained fishing feasible. Let know Draak if anything seems really out of whack. 1 entries displayed.

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