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Changelog Entry [2576] for Oct 21, 18 Shopkeepers now have less gold when killed. From Shadowfax: Prevent claim-jumping and sabotaging of mining deposits by other players. Expand keyword for the poison flagged object list switch to "poisoned" so as not be confused with "poisonsave" effect. Add "duplicates" list switch. From Draak: Using the review command without a target will target a corpse on the ground, if there is only one. (Dentin) Appraise should work on crafted components and not just finished pieces now. Spalted wood pieces have a chance to get extra composite, since rotten wood has a higher break chance. Benefits from certain flavors of food are now applied for all food, however, player-prepared recipes are more effective. (Onunku) Persephone can now make her world famous pineapple kissel. Untrained fishing should be somewhat less of a horrible ordeal now. Reviewing a mob's corpse to check for weaknesses should no longer send information about lighting conditions (for thieves with shadow skills). Lapidary, leathercraft, metallurgy, woodcraft and bonecraft each have a unique mask in addition to a blank, modifiable one. Changes to crafted masks. Lapidary, leathercraft, metallurgy and woodcraft each have a blank mask you can make. If you know heraldry, you can update the mask with the face or skull of any heraldic beast or demihuman. (Shryth) 1 entries displayed.

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