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Changelog Entry [2584] for Nov 10, 18 Always use identify mode for the 'compare' command, instead of turning it off for high level items. From Draak: Added option to add wings to heraldic creatures that lack them, for winged hounds, boars and does. The jab, pommel strike and shield slam skills are now somewhat more effective at dazing and stunning opponents. Mob poisoning has been switched over to new algorithm that reduces regeneration based on a percentage instead of a linear rate. This will make poisons a more viable option against high level group mobs. Changes to combo bonuses: If you are not wearing a shield, you will not get a shield block bonus. If you are not wielding a weapon, you will not get a parry bonus. (Lokar) Some warrior power attacks such as thrust, lunge, leap and cleave are now more effective at penetrating the armor of dazed, stunned, prone, nauseated, demoralized, confused and badly injured opponents, and less effective against completely healthy, alert ones. From Shadowfax: Trap damage now increases sharply with higher level traps. Give almoner jobs a somewhat gentler trajectory. 1 entries displayed.

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