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Changelog Entry [2589] for Nov 14, 18 From Draak: Fixed exp bug with profession-based skills. New wood type, 'tupelo' for swamps on Ramanek. Shadow bind can now be used when hiding, but it will unhide you. (Peroroncino) Bone arrow will produce more ammo per tooth to compensate. Bone arrow ammo should have more robust dierolls. Minor clean-ups with stun/daze. One side effect is that you can no longer be dazed for a short while after recovering from a stun. Shovels, picks and main-gauches will have more accurate descriptions when listed with 'metallurgy list <weapon name>'. (Adara) Shryth should exercise more caution when licking objects composed from certain materials... Fixed light bug with extinguishable objects. (Rhorae) Tables can now be added to clan rooms. See 'credit buy clantable' for more information. The ammo produced by bone arrow and blue dart is now fragile. Blue dart is now obscure, and when cast on yourself, will produce a fiery blue dart that can be loaded into and fired from a blowgun. 1 entries displayed.

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