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Changelog Entry [2590] for Nov 18, 18 Clan dues calculations have been changed. The base/default clan cost has been changed from 10 to 1, and the web page discount now only applies to member counts. This should help make it easier for new clans to get established. We'll probably be tweaking this further over the next few months so don't get married to the lower costs. From Shadowfax: Add 'mining' keyword for groups. Deposits prospected by groups are owned by the group leader, so a group member can't go rogue and hoard a deposit for himself. This should fix current ownership issues with mining in groups. If you leave your group, you lose ownership of the group's deposits, even if you were the original prospector. If you don't trust your group leader, don't mine with him. (Rhorae) Deposits of non-achievement materials will lose their anti-loot timer in about 10 minutes, so scavengers can excavate any deposits left behind that the original owner skipped over. (Lexie) Add 'describe' command that displays an object or mob's insult, inv/fight, ground and long desc strings all at once. 'Bid show' also now displays in the same format. (Brak) From Draak: List switches should now work with tables. Improvements to heraldry mask names. Campfires give a bonus to movement regeneration under ideal conditions (not too hot out, not fighting). Firestarting now checks the size/weight of an object used to start a fire, to avoid some odd bugs that could crop up. You can no longer put NO_SAC objects into campfires. Fires not made by players can no longer have objects put into them, since they don't burn which is weird. 1 entries displayed.

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