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Changelog Entry [2625] for Mar 02, 19 From Draak: Excavated minerals from high level areas will now be a bit lower in level. New taste 'pine' added, for evergreen plants. Pine flavored food helps with cases of poisoning similar to mint. Spalted woodcrafted objects now have a chance to randomize similar to patchwork leathercrafted objects. Chill touch, Tarrant's spectral hand and spectral claws no longer leave a lingering chill effect on ICE type mobs. (Leos) Fixed whacky lapidary bug with lapidary inlaid forged armor and other items. (Necrosabor) Fixed soulshatter's identity crisis. Small tweaks to disarm. New level 33 necromancer skill: soulsmith, for adding soulstones to crafted jewelry and weapons! The vast majority of gathered herbs and mushrooms should now have a taste set on them. There are also a few more poisonous herbs and mushrooms than there were before. Big thanks to Morpheus for helping with this tedious project. 1 entries displayed.

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