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Changelog Entry [2627] for Mar 09, 19 From Draak: You should no longer be able to give things to dancing lights. Added unique MSP/dclient sounds for crippling strike. Splitting lapidary items should no longer accidently hide things in your inventory. Soulsmithing should be a bit more forgiving with high level soulstones if you're wearing castlevel. Help pages for spells now show if they can be channel cast. The climb COMMAND has been deprecated. Players will automatically attempt to climb when going through climb-flagged exits, in the same way players will automatically swim when entering water rooms. The climb skill will still determine how much movement you take and lag you incur when climbing. This should help put players on all clients on equal footing when it comes to autoclimb. This is complicated and there may be bugs. Please report any bugs directly to Draak and Dentin. Channel casting now allows you to modify certain mage spells by preceding the spell name with a rune word: 'Alu' for slow, low-mana casting. 'Alu' casting is the default for channel casting, so you don't need to specify it. 'Ort' to add blunt-force blasting damage to spells. 'Luk' to focus damage spells into beams that slice into enemies. This is a total transformation, as the spell retains none of its original properties save its elemental damage type. The damage is formulated from the amount of mana the spell uses, the level of the spell and the caster's level. The beams can be evaded. The latter two runewords increase the mana cost and lag of the spells by a modest amount. An example casting string might be: ccast ort fireball target All this is experimental, and subject to change or removal in the future. 1 entries displayed.

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