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Changelog Entry [2734] for Mar 15, 20 From Draak: You can now designate a target with cleave. (Clogger) Whirlwind does not make sense to have a target and will not be changed. Fix bug with crafting overweight leather weapons. (Barons) Credit buy famehint should no longer show mobs from OFFLINE status areas. You can no longer direct your minions to consume corpses of mobs recently killed by someone else. (Ciella) Leathercraft, woodcraft and lapidary now have a 'custom' option. This is used on specific items that builders have defined. You may see custom craftable items using the check option for the various crafts and with identify. (Morpheus) From Shadowfax: Broadcast later stages of fishing derby to the event channel instead of using system sends. Also send updates about the current derby frontrunner. 1 entries displayed.

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