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Changelog Entry [974] for Mar 16, 10 Event based regen is now on by default for newbies. With brief mode off, room shorts will now be highlighted. Major internal rework to spell list code and sorting/handling routines. Please report wierdness with spell/skill level or practice/slist etc. When you level, the game will notify you what new spells and skills have become available. PPK has been disabled in the code. This is quite possibly a permanent change. PPK has never worked as well as it should have, and it causes more drama than it appears to be worth. Major rework to exp code on mob death. The previous system had a lot of weirdness and was very complicated. This version is a lot simpler and easier to work on, but is probably going to need a lot of tweaking. Expect further updates over the course of the next month or so. From Locane: Skill reworks to improve sanity checking. You can now 'insult all' to get insult strings for all worn equipment. PK players cannot taunt other players. 1 entries displayed.

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