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Creation Date: Fri Aug  2 08:37:25 2002
Channel Name:  bovine

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 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: I just don't see them intensionally
not letting anyone know their plan has more resources availab

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: heh

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: nods. I guess my faith in companies
and their fair treatment of olks is kinda low atm.

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: now i *ciould* see them not
lowering your bill, because that can get complex super fast, and if
they let you know it's mostly on you. But they can't physically migrate
you to a new plan because that requires changing hosts and  rebooting
temporarily, something they wouldn't do without required maintenance

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: could

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: for example when they changed to
kvm a while ago, many people never upgraded to xen for whatever reason,
and to this day I don't believe they've force migrated them to kvm.
They've done maintenance and consolidated server, all of which required
reboots, but to this day they haven't forced peopel to change plans if
the person didn't physically click "migrate my linode!" heh

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: nods I read a bit about that

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: i can't personally speak to digital
ocean since I didn't use them except for like a month. And now they
don't provide arch so I don't really have a need to use them over

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: although if there was a huge
insentive I coudl always use vps2arch or similar

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: I need to update the AA server
anyway, everytime I build the proto libs from scratch it complains
about not having a modern autoconf

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: What distro are you running, ubuntu?

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: that's what he has me using

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Looking at these numbers, digital
ocean seems to have a lot more in terms of high powered plans. I.e:
192gb ram/32cores

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: but where they compare, both digital
ocean and linode match exactly

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: yeah, ubuntu is plenty for us, we
don't do anything particularly strange

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: lets see how long it takes to copy
200 gig of backups

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: hdd or ssd?

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: ordinary spinny disk!

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: wince

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: hmmm 150mb/sec or so

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: unless you have a 5400, in which
case it might be a bit lower

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: but my 5900rpm disk gets 160mb/sec
pretty constantly

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: rofl you're funny, my motherboard is
from like 2011

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: That should still support sata2 or

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: mine is from 2010, I have an SSD on

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: this whole machine is 2011 and gets
80mb/sec on the internal hdd.

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: IIRC it had two SATA2 ports and one

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: (2.5")

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: im guessing whatever I have is super

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: my processor has a very interesting

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: now if you're doing it to USB...

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: think im going to go take a bath
while its doing its thing

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: yeah, this is gonna take a while

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: so anyway once this is finished we
should have backups for days 1, 2, 3, 8, 16, and 24 in the past

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: well sorta, with some slop

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: better than our old setup though

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: oooh

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: What was it before?

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: daily, with two monthlies staggered
by two weeks

 (6 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: ah

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: It'd be super cool if we could cast
flame blade on skeletal minions and have them do fire damage, though
maybe for a very short period (tick or two instead of however long the
spell currently lasts).

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: Also if possible it'd be nice to be
able to cast on wielded weapons, as soulbind does

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: Suggestions resulting from
conversation on gossip

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Renne: It would be nice if a copper
longsword forged by a fairly low-level player didn't need 31 strength
to wield

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'll have a look at the flameblade
thing, might be easy to do

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: Thanks :)

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: regarding the copper longsword, I'm
about to test a bit of a hacky way of addressing it. I need to talk to
Dentin about a somewhat better one

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: that's a good concern, though, I've
actually been looking at a way to reverse engineer-weight from strength
rather than vice-versa

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Renne: thanks, forging is very fun and I'm
just a little saddened when I get "that shiny new thing" and find out I
need 31 strength for it

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: unfortunately wield strength is a
funky algorithm, so its not just as simply as turning the equation
around and changing a divide sign to a multiply one

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Renne: I understand, good luck figuring it

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: You grind down the materials to a
more manageable weight...

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: cool, works, but note to self, make
sure you have your strength up to make when you put your weapon

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: up to max

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: To everybody who actually knows
about this stuff, if run strip on a program, am I signing myself up for
any major pain down the road? Are there any huge pitfalls that I'm
about to go flying headfirst into, or is it generally considered safe
to use without knowing what I'm doing?

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: strip is generally pretty safe to
use. I assume there are some advanced options that could cause issues,
but for the most part it's ok. If you're planning to debug obviously
you woulnd't want to do that, but on arch linux pretty much every
program is stripped, so I can't see that it could cause huge issues

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: nods

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: It just slimmed windows programs
from 4.4m to 600something k, and linux from 5.2m to <500k.

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Those are numbers that won't crater
my web server in short order.

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: yeah, if you're using rust or
whatever most likely that's the large majority of the library neither
you or the library calls are using

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: nods, and rust doesn't do much in
the way of optomising the library, clearly. Even though I'm finding
dozens of issues and requests for it over a multi-year period.

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: It kind of amuses me when people go
"well space isn't a problem anymore" and then you end up having so many
web hosting companies that offer practically nothing.

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Leadfoot should impact mobs with
dtype "kick"

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: match="^kxwt_brew_end"

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Not listed on help 1.kxwt. Does this
exist, or is it just a random trigger?

 (5 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: A message when we get favor from
sacrificing items would be awesome

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Ulbert: anyone know of any plans for late
game large damage spells?

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: is it normal to get the send about
breaking your line when fishing every roll

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: no, that was me putting something one
bracket down below where it was supposed to be

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: whoops

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I've got a couple things to push up
code-wise, going to strongly encourage Dentin to grab it and boot

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: the other stuff is all good stuff,
QoL and whatnot

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: does the fishingpole you use matter at
all? or just skill and str

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: the weight capacity is important

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: ah ok

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: where you fish matters a LOT, and
time of day/weather has some small contributions

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: now next we need fishing to be
requirement for getting fame in watery areas , you have to sit outside
of this sea cave with an oak fishingpole and a silver duck meat as bait
for the tiger shark to show up

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: ooh, there's a nice one:  a
white-spangled Archaine barracuda

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: lol

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Mai: i got an alewife a bit ago, what ever
it is an ale wife sounds amazing

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: its a type of herring

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Dizzy: alewife fish wash up on the beaches
in Wisconsin's Door County, litter the waveline and stink to high
heaven. First thing I thought of when I caught one of those in-game.

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Dizzy: also, I am dog tired and my brain to
keyboard filter's busted. :)

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: hehe

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: 'just crack an egg' make your own
breakfast you fucking fool!

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: shakes angry fist

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: those thigns better sell for 3 F*CKING

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: i hate ...people.

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: new tree in ralnoth?

 (4 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: i mean midgaard

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Stfu: parker lewis lost.

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: hey, found some youtube videos about
be AA that might interesting to some people. Some VI logs in English
and Portuguese, and the first part of a Polish "radio play" apparently
inspired by Alter Aeon (not 100% sure on the last one, had our name on
it and people in the comments seemed to be talking about VI games)

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I put links to them on our facebook

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Ragtime: Ooh fun

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I need to do this more often, and
encourage people to use our social media. We are a community, after all

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Vanzan: does increased stamina go up by

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Vanzan: rather, does it improve

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: yes but through warrior skill use and
its pretty rare

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Vanzan: nod i've never seen it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: tbh you are prolly still better off
using cps on it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Vanzan: nod

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Vanzan: same for armored skin?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: I actually dont recall if that one
ever got changed to allow better ats

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Vanzan: never seen

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Rhyoko: think it was on a long list of need
to get to skills and spells

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: Ive seen the increased stam one once
on lokar so I know for sure it works, but I dont think armored skin got

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I could make armored skin and poison
resistance improved through use, but I'm worried we'd end up with
people botting getting beaten up, which is kind of hard for the bot
thwacker to keep track of you not doing anything

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: maybe if I put a harsh limiter like
the movement skills have, where it sticks a moderately lengthy timer on
you that doesn't let you improve after you get a better

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: eh tons of things are super easy to
spam and bot, if we worried about that to much a lot would have to
change, I honestly think its prolly fine

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: hmm, could check mob level, too, make
sure you aren't sitting out in Sloe getting chewed on by green imps
trying to get better at poison resistance

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: I mean I could prolly make a bot to
wander around the newbie forest for example wouldnt be hard

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'll give it another round of thought

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'm feeling pretty good after getting
get/put from worn containers functional

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: if you can check mobs level thats
prolly fine, like as long as the mob isnt so low it triggers the to low
level death send or something

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: nod thats pretty cool

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: ooh, that's an excellent suggestion

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: there's already some pretty good
limiters built into the code, why reinvent the wheel?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Blackrose: good point

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: shouldn't be too hard to put it into
the do_damage routine, almost all damage uses that, and then a NULL
check to make sure its not room damage and that's there's a valid
damager and its not you poisoning yourself or whatever, yeah...

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: improving at a skill by cutting
yourself? only necromancers get to do that!

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: well okay warriors have valor I guess

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: chance to improve at poison resistance
by drinking poisons bug only if the poison is at least twice your
level, ready go

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: but*

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: suddenly brew poison would have a use
again, a very temporary, very niche use, but a use!

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: eh let's teach the kiddos not to
drink stuff they find under the sink

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: well I guess exp is also a use

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asuka: maybe if indirect poisoning improved

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I need to poke at poisoning one of
these days

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: nobody uses itching skin to make
things more flammable? aww

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Blackrose: lmao

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asuka: is that even possible?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asuka: the only use I have for itching skin
is to cure it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I tweak the main batch of advanced
poisons a while back to do more stuff. Nausea makes you more vulnerable
to poison, asphixiation makes you more vulnerable to breath, itching
skin to fire and vexed visions makes you easier to stun

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: I think the problem is that its not
usually worth the effort to do. Things like afflict are worth doing
cause lack of prep time, vuln is worth it cause some builder decided a
rechargable vuln wand was a good idea (it wasnt but hey nobody listens
to me about this stuff). Advanced poisons are a pain to prep, and dont
do enough to make it worth it, specialy since fire spells arent
typically big damage sources

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: rechargeable vulnreability wand?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: its a quest reward in cathedral, worse
its a quest reward for a quest that has two possible endings and one of
those endings gives you a reward that isnt even close to as cool heb

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: fehlan put it there however many years
back when he worked on the area

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: it recharges the same way the dispel
wand does, its just a trade spec, you give it to the mob they give you
a new one

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Blackrose: damn

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: what dispel wand?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asclepius: vulnerability

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: dispel wand is shiny glass wand from
koralias, I have significantly less problems with that one cause dispel
mechanics are dumb and dispeling is prolly the least fun thing to do in
the game lol

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: have you played with the improved
mechanics Shadowfax rolled out?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: yes

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asclepius: i think it is a lot better now,
kind of makes the dispel wand less crucial

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: yeah its a bit better, can still take
a very very very long time to dispel some mobs

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: draak find both those trade specps
and kill them

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asclepius: oi!

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: oh boy I love killing things!

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asclepius: stop that

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: sorry i activated big brother
bossy mode for a sec there

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: nah, it was awesome. I felt like the
trusted royal assassin of some medieval despot

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: I really dont feel like the dispel one
is a problem, the vuln one is though IMHO, although I would suggest
maybe changing the quest reward if you do kill it and letting people
trade their wand for ths new reward. That or maybe making then have to
put out effort to trade them sorta like how void did with some of his
rechargeable staffs

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: back when harm staff was OP he made
you have to run a thing to trade with the staff to recharge it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: ensign draak, make it so

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I already killed it, sir

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'm leaving for work in like ten
minutes. If you want it unkilled you'll have to unkill it yourself

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Xorg: Some reliable hitman you are!

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Rhyoko: lmao

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: hey, my job is to kill things, not
unkill them

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Xorg: oh...

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I seen my duty and I done it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Xorg: rofl I missed the part where you said
you did kill it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: I'll fox it later

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Xorg: Did you inform the script it was
nothing personal before you brutally executed it?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: I'll also fix it

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: no, I snuck up behind it and put my
hand over its mouth and stabbed it in the heart and whispered 'shhhh...
it'll all be over soon' in its ear

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: and gently lowered it to the ground,
crossed it arms across its chest, closed its eyes and read it last
rights. I'm a conscientious killer

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: I seriously hate dispel stuff though,
so much so I put a wand in tash with 6 charges of level 127 dispel
magic (its under comp!)

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Rhyoko: nice

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: alright, I'll be back later. I might
finish this area tonight, depending on how hectic work is. Definitely
before the weekend

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: its pretty hard to run so I doubt its
been used much, but it prolly would nuke most things spells pretty
fast. Dispeling just isnt fun, and its mostly just a time sync since it
doesnt really increase mob difficulty at all

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: sync? sink

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: mana sink, too

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: sure but thats still just time in most

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: dispel a lot regen a lot rinse repeat

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: change dispel to fight and that is
all high level combat

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: or gold since people run around with a
billion restoration potions these days that they buy from red or make
themselves heh

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: but everyone is poor!

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Rhyoko: lmao not true

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Asclepius: anything else on your list?

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: mobs are made harder to force you
to buy restore pots

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Gate: lol

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: it's the circle of life

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Rhyoko: like some mobs arn't hard enough

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: We should be able to butcher
humanoids, just saying.

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: They have meat...

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Blackfang: lmao

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: I here ya, doctor lecter...

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: hello, clarise

 (3 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: I should not have looked that up at
2:00 in the morning.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: error: linking with `cc` failed:
exit code: 1

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: followed by three screenfulls of
what the fuck

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: You'd think something building on
linux would, you know, work better on linux than it would on windows.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: no, build for linux=three pages of
errors, build for windows=perfect.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Darklord: Linux is not for the faint of

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: nor am I!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: also hai

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Phytell: I wanted this to end up cross
platform, damnit

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: why did so many of
my items autoupdate, and why did some of them go from like level 31 to
level 37, even if they were made before level 37 was a thing?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: one of the various reboot changes

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: something broke somewhere for
people passed a certain tot level

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: special anti-vivi code, duh

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rhyoko: strange

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: haw draak

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: damn

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: even when i dont
play the anti-vivi code evolves

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: H.I.VIVI

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: spreading massive
dents to all of my characters upon login

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: through textual

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: don't forget to use a keyboard cover

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: o  yeah you got whipped, pure and

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: and a mousepad

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: ahh well

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: almost the entire
game is completely different from before, so when i start playing again
it will be a bit like starting fresh

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: will be good times

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: hope everyone is

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: I am

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: even you, draak

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'm just peachy

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: im off all, cheers.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] A terrible winged Demon: good job keeping
the game alive, and making so many new additions to it all

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Library 49208 and 50803 are
practically exact duplicates of one another.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sirand: it's a!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Latif: does the mu onner control c abort?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Try it and see?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Level: hello. i am rying to put together a
trivia  night for some folks. i was wondering if there is an in gale
mechanic for score keeping. 

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: question vague

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: what exactly are you trying to do

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Level: adding  points to a list of na,es.
maybe  the players could type something to see where they stand in the
point total

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: no, that functionality doesn't exist

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: at least not directly

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: you could script something, but
you'd have to be careful with it

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Level: would this be a better thing to run
ecternaly  if it exists?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: yes, for scoring

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Level: yeah not the guy to write scripting 

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Level: i will look around on inter webs  for
 something we could run out of game. 

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Vanzan: I think we should be able to tickle
items, not just mobs/players

 (8 hours ago)    [bovine] Vanzan: I have a loaf of bread which would
really enjoy it, but I can't

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Vanzan: You cuddle up to a hard loaf of
bread, as all your friends have abandoned you.

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Phytell: rofl

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Sasami: that would make me enable the tickle
a portrait to gain access to a secret entry thing

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Vanzan: why tickle a portrait when this mud
actually took the time and effort to make a loaf of bread as perfect as

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Vanzan: You kiss a hard loaf of bread, for
good luck.

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Sasami: do we have a dn milano of cooking

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Sasami: don milano*

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Afox: WTB ability to call foxes as a druid

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Afox: You get a leg bone from the corpse of
a walking skeleton.

 (5 hours ago)    [bovine] Afox: OMG, but which one? O.O

 (32 minutes ago) [bovine] Sasami: why do higher level souls result in
low level soulsteal sometimes?

 (31 minutes ago) [bovine] Level: soulsteal skill


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