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Creation Date: Fri Aug  2 08:37:25 2002
Channel Name:  bovine

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 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: rofl

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: lmfao

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: you'll have to get cremated then

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: heh, nods, no one will buy toewax

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: well that pays for a bottle of
whiskey at the wake what about the rest of the costs?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: rofl, winks

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: half a bottle of whiskey

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: and a partially smoked cigarette

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: partial cigarette that's been laying
in the street for a while.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: awww man if it comes to that i will
spring for a packet of smokes out of my own pocket in your honour

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: ra

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: niice

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: aww, don't smoke partially smoked
cigs... I'll gladly help you find a second one so you can combine them

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: or how about one fat cuban?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Balbus: cubins ftw

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: errr cuban cigar that is

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: right, cigar...uh huh

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: not just a fat person from cuba

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: that would be weird

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: those are fun to smoke too though

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: Actually I'm planning to be cremated.
 I'll have me ashes distributed in little vials.  About a hundred of
them.  All my biker buddies can have them to dump a little in their gas
tanks.  This way, I can go for one last ride.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: takes a while, but man, what a

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Meccano: hey i will spring  for postage,
send some of yourself over here then you get to fly too

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: so kuranes likes to smoke fat cuban
men... welp

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: woo, lol

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: ROFL

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dinotare: what about smoking the men of fat

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: See what I mean about the mechanics
of the game being secondary to me?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: this shit's helarious

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: It'll give big D something to laugh
about while coding.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: and the rest of ye

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Torax: anyhow, afkish for a bit.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Boa: think we could get the 'size' of
skinned hides to appear in the insult?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Boa: eg a draft horse hide skin becomes a
large draft horse hide skin

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: it's the final countdown!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: er

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: wat

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: hahahahahahahah dentin broke it

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: There are no entries in the change
log visible to you.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: wat

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Shadowfax: it's a secret

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: hrm

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: rofl!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: :(

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: the entire change log is!?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: thats odd

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: Poor dentin

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: the entire change log! top secret!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: woah

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: roflmao

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: I've heard of trade secrets, but
this is a bit much, no?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: Dentin wants make the future unknown
to the mortal and immortal eye for that matter.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: I can see the change log and nobody
else can. Hawhawhaw

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: guys, this must be big, like...594
new classes and twice as many levels...since the entire log has to be

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: [2307] ---- Mar 27, 17 Fix missing
practice for cleric class on restart. Improve parsing, error messages,
and help for waypoint command. Raise generic exp reporting to 50% to
see what happens. This affects all the previously changed skills, as
well as a ton of other stuff. Add an 'email search' command.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: did that show up on the web pages?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: nah, email

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: oh ffs I know what it is I think

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Piere: There are no entries in the change
log visible to you. To see recent area additions, use the 'area new'

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: Dentin got tired of people geting
angry about changes, so he nixed the change log and decided players can
figure it out by trial and error, If you dont know what the changes are
you can't bitch about them. Brilliant!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: rofl Valront

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: hahhhahhaa

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: ahahaha

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Piere: hahaha

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: I like that idea.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: that is perfect

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alessandra: I like it as well

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: og rofl so hard right now

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: guys, time to figure out the change

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: as for the 50% exp reporting, 50% of
what? The potential XP for the skill, or your cap?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: i bet there's a new bard class

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: or probability

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Piere: and what's the exp reporting thing

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: that was the update, to make the
change log invis

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Esarosa: rofl

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: next reboot, you won't even be able
to read some of the histories. the gods are trying to nulify all there
past istakes by slowly erasing them:p

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: I bet the changelog being visible was
a bug Dentin intended to fix since 1999 or so.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: sounds like 1984

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: so does that mean there is gonna be
another reboot in like 10 min?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: I think you should disable the quit
command next time.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Piere: ow

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: yeah

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: heh change search still works

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: lol odd

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: Dentin's slapping himself silly.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: I changed soft search and it looks
like changelog search used a broken version of it

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: then people don't donate useful
items :P, they''ll be gone in a few

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: whoops

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: I forgot my every boot sentencee

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: dentin you dented this ggaa I hate you
now ima quit sigh 

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: at this point, why even time it?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: oh agreed.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: takes three minutes to rebuild

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: that is true, can't you just hard
reboot, without any neg affects?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: heh yeah, might as well just get it
over with

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: oh

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: and this reboot is probably a
good thing.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Alvis: nods, maybe 5 min?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: well seeing changes is prob good,
most of the time

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: the change log was not showing.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: he spent all that time making
automation for it, he's not gonna stop using it now

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: way to be 5 min late necro:P

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: I only knew what was going on
threw looking at the changes on the web end.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: quick raid the donation roo ...
wait, there's nothing here!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: Ah, and there is my email

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: right? :d

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: quick, kill the werewolf for its
hair, as fast as you can!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Esarosa: hey now

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: No, just transform into one :P

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: maybe by the time the reboot is
done, we'll have enough stuff for silvery potions.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: go raid all the repop zones with
gold so you can go get it after the reboot

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: right?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: someone should just crash it so we
don't have to wait. everyone jump up and down at once, maybe that will
do something

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: :P

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: You hop about the room like a
little kid.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: everyone do the flop

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: starts jumpping up and down on
dentin's keyboard.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: thats hoping, not jumping, now the
crash will never happen

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: bov woops

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: everyone just quit at the same
time. lol.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: minus bov

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: I'm doing important stuff, not
quitting now

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: good luck.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: in 9 min?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Necrosabor: get purged, son.

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: a lot can be accomplished in 9 mins

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: Hell, a baby can be conceived in 9 mins

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: well, not from start to finish

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: heh

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: point taken

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: dentin you dented this ggaa I hate you
now ima quit sigh 

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: :)

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: I am the dentz0rz?

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: the dentonator

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: Dentzor the Dentinator!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: dentinating all the peoplez, in their
thatched roof COTTAGES!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: ooo

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: Dentzor's floating disc!

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: denter floting disk

 (2 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: I wonder if actually suffering
through the fever of a cold helps you fight it off

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sesuka: so can one backstab with the wrath
of the forest?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: yes

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: it's one-handed now

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sesuka: o ok

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: thats if you run a new one of

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: true

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shauna: was the wrath of the forest not
carried over into the one handed stabber change?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Wuver: you have to run a new one

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: run a new one

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Wuver: this applies to most stabbers btw

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Aziz: doesn't like you need another stabber,
good job

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Wuver: hahahahahahaha now that is a mob I
haven't seen in a while!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: lol

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Wuver: and yeah, you don't need one :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shauna: that was a funny coincidence

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: I had a mob that wasn't type 
animal, after I made it type animal I started milking it to test, then
I purged the room. The game thinks I am still milking the cow

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: rofl

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: mt

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Serkanal: haha

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Morpheus: nod it won't let me search or
anything else.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Serkanal: nod that is bug, you have to quit

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: so great is morphs mastery over
dreams he has convinced even himself that he is milking a cow that isnt

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kensei: stab is broken lolol

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: stab is fine you just got a low

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: Ive seen plenty of freak 8s higher
than that damage since changes. Low rolls happen

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kensei: it randoms more now i guess. like i
sometimes hit really bad sometimes hit like a beest

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Serkanal: yep random damage

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: its always been really random

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Valront: stabbers have very random die rolls
sometimes low rolls happen

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: hint, it's called die roll for a

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: umm, is this is part of the ignore
thing? Trevon doesn't want you in his group right now.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: I suppose so. count your blessings
your better off

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: ahh yeah cuz he doesn't want tells
either roflmao

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: hawhaw

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: I dont want his tells either. they
are annoying

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: Heh, what a time to log in at

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: yes

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: get out

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: oh wow

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: OMFG

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: <3

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: why the change, just got tired of
the botting? lol

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: woooo, a good change for once!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: don't hate, jasondo

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Odi: daze and stun efect?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: I mean, the whole draining thing is
pretty much why people botted them to begin with

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Eava: enter sf2, sf2 turbo, and sf2 hyper

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Leyaa: mmm

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Leyaa: nod kuranes, exactly right

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: Stun effects? Oh man

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: whoops sorry, did I miss anything?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: just us loving the catcher change I

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Hadvarg: you missed me justing having the
greatest moment of my ife! no big deal or anyting

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: Change lightcatchers so they don't
drain when they're not filling. You can just leave them out until
they're full now. 

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: wow

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: that's a hell of a buff

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Leyaa: mmm

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Leyaa: an exciting one

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: I bet druids are so happy

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Leyaa: !

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: I mean there's still the limit to
contend with, but yeah

 (10 hours ago)   [bovine] Hadvarg: does dragonbreath defense take into
account shield block stat?

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Kensei: so i dont have to gather catchers
over and over to fill them eh?

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Kehlani: right

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Lilmike: actually, you still do

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Lilmike: we don't

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Kensei: uh?

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jasondo: haw

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Rocinante: huh?

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Kehlani: lol

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: how many objects should i sacrifice to
convert a god any spesiphic number?

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Lilmike: dependso n their value

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: depends on what the objects are

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: how the value goes up

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: a block of wood is worth less than a
steel sword

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: hmmhm

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: it shows if you cast identify on the

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: or, it would, if mush didn't gag
that line for somereason

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Lamort: when i cast id on myself it says
nothing , damn it i am worthless

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: hahaha

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shermanator: it does. just sac away. most
times i have seen it take from 100 to 300 items

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: I could've told you that, Lam, no
need to waste your mana

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Aziz: fax looooove corpses

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: :p

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: can recommend slaughtering guards
and other mobs that have a bunch of stuff on them

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: will do dt shops now

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Shermanator: my only complaint is that it
seems if you sac items in the corpse it takes a bit more than if you
take it all out and sac independently

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: same

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: i  want to sac a corpse has 20 items 

 (4 hours ago)    [bovine] Morpheus: well if you do get more well  it
would only be fair.

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Juggernaut: if an item says, This weapon's
heavy striking surface may allow it to more effectively transmit force
into objects and the ground. how can this be done if its a one handed
and therefore cannot ground strike?

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Gog: just shrug and do whatever it is that
you do to report such madnesses here. I don't even know anymore.

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Gog: I thought the composite was removed on
2 handed weapons? won't the grond strike skill have to be modified
accordingly to fit the newer standards?

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Juggernaut: 2 handed was only for stabbers
ii thought

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Gog: hmm

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Gog: I don't pay attention to the changes
anymore since I got so much to code on my game. so i might have gotten
that confused.

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Juggernaut: np. if it is as it is i can live
with it didn't know if it had been mentioned before or not

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Gog: I'm working on problem solving the fact
of wheather to switch the cores right now and get a more up to date
than what we're using, or would it effectively get us screwed for a
while. it has hash tables, which will help in the future, but for now,
I have questions I have to ask about to my pal who is giving me
assistance for those matters.

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Gog: but currently he is being a dick and
ignoring me because of his mac computer. rofl now

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Sesuka: guys is there a cap to
dodge/parry/shield block and their effeciveness in terms of numbers? In
other words how much is too much?

 (23 minutes ago) [bovine] Shryth: when you get poisoned, is your
poison save supposed to get lower?

 (23 minutes ago) [bovine] Lexie: no

 (23 minutes ago) [bovine] Rhorae: there was a change to advanced
poisons a while back

 (22 minutes ago) [bovine] Shryth: hmm, maybe it's that

 (22 minutes ago) [bovine] Rhorae: one of them does

 (22 minutes ago) [bovine] Lexie: ahh forgot aobut that if i remembered

 (22 minutes ago) [bovine] Gog: the skill not being quest locked.

 (21 minutes ago) [bovine] Gog: hate inaccessible websites.


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