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Creation Date: Fri Aug  2 08:37:25 2002
Channel Name:  bovine

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 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: to but this in perspective

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I am 33 Mage, 28 Cleric, 37 Thief, 37
Warrior, 22 Necromancer, and 14 Druid (171 total levels, 133 equipment
total level.)

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jahmeir: in that case lokar, every mob in a
solo area should be soloable by all six classes or the mob is obviously
screwed up

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: it took me 3 runs to kill the mob

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: all y'all shut up, jeeze

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: you think thats ok?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: jesus christ what the fuck is up with
you lately man?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I feel like you argue just to argue

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: the area hasn't had an serious
alterations since... 2014

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: well, there's a difference between
a mob being soloable by one class at the right level and *not* soloable
by the other 5 at much higher levels, and a mob not being soloable by 1
or 2 classes at the right level

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ravenna: all of that because a pair of
stupid gloves, rofl... cool!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: IM TOT 171, 133 EQ LEVEL, 37 THIEF 37

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jahmeir: so if i have a different opinion i
just like to argue? i'm not the one jumping on people over stupid shit

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Cria: its mostly cause your opinion is bad

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: okay

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Cria: other than that its warranted

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ravenna: the fix could begin with the tons
of tippos in the area dialogs

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: hmmm, and setting it overall shaved
off.... 10k hitpoints

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: how about that

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: rofl 10k hp

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: what on earth was it at before that?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: heh overall was pretty more
powerful back then, not to mention I think you could still set mobs
group in solo aeras, which *might* have been what was done with that

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: area

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: Yeah lilmike, I'm almost certain this
mob was built to be a group mob heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I think that that was more the issue
that it hitting with lethargy. The lethargy was supposed to be
overwhelming, I believe.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: FYI, its not an overall/autofix zone,
guys. Some of the mobs probably have stats that haven't changed for 15+

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: To be clear it was all the things
combined, I wasn't trying to say the leth was the primary issue

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: just that it took me 3 runs to kill
and leth spam was a contributing factor

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: 4 runs if you count the fact that I
microed for a restore on the first run...

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: and ran out of mana/movement and
ended up death carding out...

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: uh-huh, yeah, gotcha

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: ouch

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ravenna: sorry for that, rofl. i put you in
that and you lost a card

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: beating a dead horse now

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: that dead horse cost me 40mil exp and
a death card, I'll beat it all I want heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jasondo: mmm, dead horse. yummy

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: You cut a small horseflesh steak from
the corpse of Lokar's Little Pony.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: whoa, that's a thing? Nice heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: its been a thing for a long time heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lilmike: the horseflesh I mean

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: oh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: in other news A moblin says, 'legend
has it that Kralen built a snowfort somewhere in the Ash mountains'

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: this should be a thing

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: assuming it isnt

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: and I just havent found it

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: cause its super secret

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: the world is filled with secrets

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: next time I'm just going to make
Valront an editor and tell him to solve his own issues

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: well its not really 'my own issue' I
discovered this because someone else complained about it being tough
and I was trying to help them

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I suppose I could solve it by not
caring if things are broken and not helping people in need though

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: shrug

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: yet, never did I see a request being

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ravenna: ops, someone is me in this case

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I'm pretty sure due to how new they
are they didn't think to talk to someone about it being broken because
they dont have the experience to know if something is broken

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I meant you, dingbat :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: oh a request to fix it? I mean I
guess, I didn't even know if anyone was active, so I just mentioned it
in bovine and then got side tracked by people defending things being

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I wasn't trying to rage at builders
about it being broken heh, sorry if it came off as that

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I honestly dont mind fixing things, I
just tend not to volunteer to fix things other people have/are working
on cause I dont want to step on toes

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: thank you for fixing it though, I
suppose I did forget to say that since I was busy being annoyed by
other things heh, I do apreciate it

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: Lokar, you are savvy enough that you
don't need justify why you are reporting a possible broken thing in to
the peanut gallery. Just say something like, 'hey, I got a report about
this being a problem and I checked it and it looks like a problem'

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Cria: sounds fishy

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: your name carries weight

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: because you are Not Stupid Most of
the Time(tm)

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: 973 more objects without composition
to go, oiye

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: heh thanks, ok I'll try and keep that
in mind in the future, I'm easily draged in to arguments always have
been. It's something I can try to improve though

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Runner: Sounds like fun

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: its drudgery. I'm going to limit
myself to like 15-20 a day

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'll be done by February

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: ok this is getting on my nerves now.
I added 2 chars to friends on belloss but on this char it says they
aren't on my list. WTF

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Cria: yeah fuck those guys

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: is this part of your account?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: yes

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: one of them I already had to add

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: it's like it keeps kicking him off

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: maybe they are ignoring you :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: then I wouldn't be able to see them
whenI type fr find

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: I have not had that issue at all, if
I add to one cahr, I see them on all chars

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: if you log back into belloss, do you
see them?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Belloss: no now I don't

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: so at least it's consistent across
the account

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Belloss: but I did before I logged off wtf

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Zade: maybe they are screwing with you then.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Belloss: I know how to read a friendlist,
I'm added to theirs but they're not added to mine anymore.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: fixed it but it'll probably happen
again :(

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: I think I know what the problem is

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: oh?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: yep

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: pebkac :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: um?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: what

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: we call that an error 40 here

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: wink

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: I'm not following

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: I didn't know what it was either...
but you know, long live google

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: Donald booms, Pebkac: Problem Exist
Between Keyboard And Chair  When a user is at fault for a computer
problem.  Now it is used to describe stuff.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Sorana: I didn't remove them if that's what
you're implying. 

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: it wasn't

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: I was just messing

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: messing is the Danish word for

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: how did you turn into brass?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shran: hung out too much wiht the minotaur,
and he gave me tips.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Kuranes: only the tips? the tips of what? do
I even want to know?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: (admin help) Help page requested for
'shadow ass' by 'XXX'

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: could just 'idle draak' instead if
you want my attention :)

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: obscure thief skill, lets you play a
poor immature joke at range with shadow magic

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: use your shadow skills to add some
insubstantial badonk to your bodankadonk

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: is swimming a skill that improves
through use or is it cp only?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Trevon: cp only

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: not for long!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Absolute: would love thru use. please. 
please. pretty please

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Absolute: ooh. thank u

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Absolute: so you cannot pick up crystal
trapped creatures any more

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Antoha: just a suggestion for blood
sacrafice 1 mana per 1 necro level?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Antoha: right now max  gives only 30

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mailens: it happened again

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Martin: what happend

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Martin: hello draaaaaak!

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mailens: people are getting kicked off my
friend list and it seems to happen when I switch chars

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mertag: Aren't you supposed to log into all
your characters before you start doing the friend list modifications?

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mertag: That's what I heard back when the
change was made

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mailens: oh my God seriously? What kind of
BS is that

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Pimp: yeah, log in all your alts, and then 
modify your friends list and it will stick

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Rhaegar: yeah

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mailens: Jesus, why?

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Pimp: because its attached to your account

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mailens: yes but what is happening why won't
it stick the way it is

 (16 hours ago)   [bovine] Mailens: ok there are 3 chars I haven't
logged in since I tried to fix my friend list, if i just log in now
would that fix it or do I have to start over

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Sasami: how much is it to increase your
weightless by 20 lbs again?

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Fango: 100

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jasondo: 1000 credits isnt it?

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Lilmike: uh no

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Sasami: k thanks. Not worth merging a
stocking then

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Lilmike: 100

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Pimp: lol, no, its 100

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Lilmike: actually you *can't* merge a
stocking anyway, heh

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jasondo: o wait, 1000 to get one, not to
increse. ops.

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jonathon: wrong again.

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Lilmike: that's wrong too, heh

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Sasami: wait you can't?

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Lilmike: it's 2500 credits to get one

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Lilmike: nope, weightlesses have to be 250
lb or more to merge from what i hear

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jasondo: someone told me 1000 credits to get
a weightless that's why I never tampered with it

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jonathon: also no it's not remotely worth
it, even with a sale for murge it's still double what you'd pay for the
same amount increase.

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Sasami: *nod*

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jonathon: oh right now it's tripple the
amount actually 

 (15 hours ago)   [bovine] Jonathon: but yeah

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] squeaK: somewhere out there is a set of bits
about 30 characters long worth 3.7 billion dollars

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] Shryth: better start looking!

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] Inari: ok this is rediculous now, one
dropped off and I didn't even switch chars

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] squeaK: log in your last straggler char
before you do anything else

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] Live: i think salt caverns is wierd
sometimes you cap and sometimes dont

 (14 hours ago)   [bovine] Live: maybe you should look at it, squeaK

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Celsius: do we know if advent gifts are
total level based or just primary class level based?

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Sesuka: the exp ones are level based

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Sesuka: and the gold ones too I think

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Celsius: based on your xp cap I'd imagine.
Not sure about gold ones.

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Sesuka: o and 5 golden rings

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Celsius: I know they're level based, I'm
just not sure if it's based on total level or primary class level

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Sesuka: o *shrug*

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Belloss: which gift

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Spicolli: the five gold ring i got today was
primary class level

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Belloss: those are primary class yeah

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Sesuka: I'm guessing primary, because that's
what the ol system opperated under

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Belloss: also you can tell by identifying
the ring.

 (6 hours ago)    [bovine] Absolute: can woodcrafting be gotten better
at thru use? or just cp. only cuz i would swear i have made a thousand
pices and not one better at yet

 (6 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: through use

 (6 hours ago)    [bovine] Absolute: ah. then a crafting i will do.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: So

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: -.2bill xp from a gelatinous cube

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: Is that normal?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Sinbad: special case but worth going around
spammer flag

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Sinbad: clifford: You say, I have -188130283

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: you got  negative exp from killing

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Barons: yes

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: Yeah i had 260 million

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Makaylalane: I have -196654161 experience.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: Now I have 58

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lobo: got negative 2 bill

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Cobaleon: I have -202005135 experience.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: yeah thats not normal and very much
worth reporting

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lobo: its hilarious

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: I'd email dentin with the exact
amount you had prior and the amount you lost

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Makaylalane: rofl neg two bill for killing
it, but u know damn well if we would have gotten possitive two bill we
wouldn't be talking here now rofl

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lobo: hell yeah

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: Im guessing its a bug caused by
dentins exp tweaks, he will very certainly fix it

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: and compensate you as long as you
email him what you had and lost

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Makaylalane: i hope so 

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: dang, that's an ominus line to log

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: let me have a look at that cube
really quick

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: the one in obsidian trolls?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: Yes

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Cobaleon: Yes, Sir.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: I am having a group mutiny on my
hands rofl

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lobo: we're about to burn him

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: rate gamlin lol

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: yeah, guessing it goofed up because
it has like half a million hit points

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Cobaleon: Oh wow.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Snoopdogg: Yeah it took us a while to kil it

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Sinbad: also I thought that mob gave a
spiked golden ring upon death?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lobo: draak should we still mudmail dentin
or will you be looking at it?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: that's obviously the creature that
was assigned to torment Bill Cosby in hell

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Barons: lol

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: mudmail Dentin. Exp code is his baby

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lobo: kk thanks

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: endless death by jello

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Makaylalane: rofl

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: what are animals you'd expect to get
a 'pelt' or 'fur' from?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: like a fantastic red fox pelt

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Shran: careful, you are going to get Shryth
all so excited

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: naked mole rats

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: obviously

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Sinbad: Golden jackal

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: okay, jackal

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: no naked mole rat pelts? :(

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: was going to make a little routine so
that skinning would recognize certain creatures as having pelts

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: :-p

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: I'd give actual answers but I
actually have no clue

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: badger bobcat coyote ermine fox
jackal lynx minx rat squirrel weasel wolf wolverine

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: what I have so far

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: bear

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: bear might not work well with how our
skinning system works, since they tend to be large, but that's a valid

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Typhon: wolf

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: is there already

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Typhon: it is there i just double checked

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: oh, beaver?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: and skunk

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Sinbad: what about wildcats

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: don't forget good ole coons

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: ahh, yeah, raccoon, duh. Good

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: dowmation? lol

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: also rabbit

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: rabbit and hare, excellent

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: also deer

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: you usually take the hair off and
make sueded deerskin with deer and elk

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Akio: true

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: aww, we don't have any chinchillas in
the game

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: will also have it exclude these
keywords: hairless furless mangy

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: oh, and bald

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: horse? I dunno lol

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: obviously not

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: obvious for you :(

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: using this definition: pelt(2) /
noun 1. the skin of a fur-bearing animal, such as a mink, esp when it
has been removed from the carcass

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: horses, deer, cattle are generally
not regarded as "furry"

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: their hairs are short and stiff, not

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: otters, yo

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: got to have otter pelts

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Barons: wolf pelt?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: its not amusing the second time some
brings up the thing that's already been said

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Barons: oh sorry missed that post

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Draak: got what I needed, thanks guys


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