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Creation Date: Fri Aug  2 08:37:25 2002
Channel Name:  bovine

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 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Breloom: but in an event like this it's
really inconvenient

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ronaldo: main

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: well actually the point was to stop
dickheads from resing people to their death a lot on purpose, Im not
sure what kind of dick head would do such a thing

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: an event or a new area a group is

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: the other problem is that it does
huge lag and  sucks all the mana before telling you that you can't res

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: if it just did it before the lag and
using mana, it would be a bit more tollerable

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: also teros, that point could still
be made if it were an option. if a player didn't want to be ressed over
and over he could simply turn it off. 'nores' or something.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: adding pre-mana checks should be
simple enough and is worth suggesting to draak/sf

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Red: lol

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: another nice thing to be able to
turn on and off would be deathcards. considering they are kind of
expensive, it would seem rational to be able to turn them on and off.
like, if you are on a deathmarch and you would rather save them and
take your chances with prayer.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: eh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: I suggested that to dentin a while
back, he said absolutely not

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rain: I still liked the hpa suggestion. have
hpa only show members in the room

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rain: so we don't see a million dead people.
healing would be a lot easier without changing anything up

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: we would have that if I hadn't

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: <3 <3 <3 <3

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: we probably could've booted between
Jon's and Lokar's runs but maybe Jon's instance still exists. Idk

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Algaliarept: yes jon's instance still exists

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: aha

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Teros: who has it

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: good lord, it does?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Algaliarept: dentin's mom

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: [bovine] Teros: who has it

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: yeah, a few people have been hiding in

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dinotare: just imagine how much evolving has
been happening since we left

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: don't pull a summon like first year,
thank you.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Clifford: have bs freaks gone up since at

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: Uh, bug? I just got bloodmist
demons follow me back into recall

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: they do that

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dinotare: nah blood mist demons always
follow you

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Teros: think of them like leeches

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: cast sanc on bloodmist demons for

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: just don't cast an area spell to
get rid of them, lest Thantos is there :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: erm, if*

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: not sure how I thought lest fit in

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: thantos should never have been moved
from unholy

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: #BringThantosBack

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver:

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog:

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: Can we please have rem curse not
remove over confidence?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: yes pleeease

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: 99% of the time, over confidence is
used intentionally

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: so are liveoaks supposed to be 'live
oaks' or is it the weird pronounciation that screen readers give?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: live   oaks

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Algaliarept: and despair spam is the worst

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Acaelus: +1

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: leh-VEE-oaks

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Carver: if its supposed to be live oaks then
it really needs to be hyphenated

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: but I like my leh-VEE-oaks

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ignotus: the proper term is live oak with no

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Alixandria: livvy oaks

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: livvy oak

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: they're so alive that they're livvy

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: leafy oak?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: O.O

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: MY MOM needs to be hyphenated!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak:

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: Uh?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: what's that?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rhaegar: a link!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: Yeah, obviously. But what does the
link point to?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: Like, what is it about?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: When the Levee Breaks Lyrics -
YouTube - Internet Explorer

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: Um...

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: I like the sound of this

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I was inspired by replaying through
the liveoak discussion

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: guys it turns out group 15 level 60
mobs hurt, just thought you should all know

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: maybe not the best music for
puzzlewood, but hey

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dingo: no shit

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: lol

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: hey that musci was written and
conmposed by Fax

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: music*

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: mean old liveoak, taught me to weep
and moan!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog:

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: this was what the discussion
reminded me of

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: thanks for the heads up, Lokar

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: np!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: let us know about the level 61 mobs

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: wait, what did I miss?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: also I actually ment level 70

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I cant math

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: man, you guys make an impressive
sight when I look where you're at

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: they're kind of painful, don't

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: my group is awesome and it honestly,
seriously, has almost nothing to do with me heh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: it's 98% me, 1% Lokar and 1% the

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: rofl

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: heh nah its like 99% ronaldo being an
awesome leader and steping up to direct things

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: and 1% everyone else being awesome

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: Stepping, you mean

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: you spelt my name wrong

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: rofl

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: last time I heal you lokar. :P

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: I let it slip though, I know my
name's hard

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I gave you equal credit to everyone
else but ron weyoun!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: heavily armed and armored players
with hoards of undead minions and animated trees, people crouching
behind earthen walls, straw men and bone spiders forming a clacking,
scittering vanguard, and the lone silohoutte of an ice elemental
looming in the foreground

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: 1% though?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: geez! LOL

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: fine fine, 2%

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Tank: rest is cannon fooder

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: ron can have 98

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: silhouette blah

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: it's not even that big a group

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: 34

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: And my one skeletal knight that's
still somehow around rofl

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: armies in AA are pretty awesome

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: I mean, we've had groups with 50+

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I had a group of over 50 once and
then used it to run the newbie forest

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: was fun

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draeand: roflroflroflrofl

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: let's repeat!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: omfg Hahahahahah

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: I ran instances on noob islands
once with a bunch of high people...we were only 7 though

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: preparing for the carver shaman was
fun times though

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: I just kept yelling at people in
gossip to join me until I had a huge group when people asked what we
were doinbg I told them newbie forest, nobody believed me til I started
stabing mice

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: ROFL

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: for glory!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: rofl I would totally join for that

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: cool, you guys have fun. Best of luck

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: lunch time

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: ty draak :)

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Mertag: Enjoy lunch rofl

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: tc Draak ^^

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Breloom: An angel of mercy lays his hands
upon Weyoun's head.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Breloom: remind me why I can see that while

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: because the angel is really bright

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: becasue I'm jsut that important

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: its so bright it shines through your

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: like slej said

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: I like my reason better.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Ronaldo: can we reduse the gc lag sometime?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Acaelus: yes please

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: I bet next boot will have some
interesting changes

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Lokar: shh

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Slej: might not be those particular ones but
I know Dentin knows about hte lag problem

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Evilstorm: just curious, but is melting for
mobs a thing?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Llwynog: aww, can't wield crystal shields?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: to be clear I havent looked at the
lag problem at all (groupcast lag)

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: there is an update to puzzlewood "win
conditions", see board 8 for details

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: did someone go over?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dentin: I complained about the perverse

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: Dentin made me do it!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rhorae: ah

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jonathon: thanks it is apreciated

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Jonathon: I think 50 is much more reasonable
and fair to those who have died tuns of times to be able to reach even
that point. 

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Teros: cool stuff!

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dernan: I like the "it has been decided" bit

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Teros: Yes Draak Templesmith

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: agree with Jon, good decition

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dernan: what about the basket thinggy. Is
that moved to 50 as well

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I have no idea what is supposed to be
in the goodie basket

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: one more ring!! :D

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Draak: I'm seeing Shadowfax on Tuesday, I'll
ask him then

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shryth: say hi from us

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dernan: thanks Draak, and yeah

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dernan: it is funny though

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Dernan: mc

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Rman: does anybody know how to solve
freezing problems with programs? Night of parasite keeps freezing, and
i'm not sure what is causing this issue.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Blackrose: never heard of it so sorry

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shermanator: just curious. what is the total
fame count now?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shermanator: wasn't it around 2116 or
somethig like that?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shermanator: oh damm. off by i think 200. so
maybe simething like 2316. i see neena has 2301

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Blackrose: lol

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Teros: 2306 is how much westie has. I know
he's missing a few.

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: westie has the highest in the game
at 2306

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: neenah has 2305

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shermanator: so westie is getting dingged 
for maybe not converting?. don't even see westie on leader board 3

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: no, why would he be dinged?

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Teros: yep you can't be on leaderboards if
you aren't level converted

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: yeah if that is what you were asking

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Shermanator: ah. thanks

 (1 days ago)     [bovine] Weyoun: it's why neenah is at the top of
most.  because westie and I are off the leader boards

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Dernan: sale

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Dernan: er

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Dernan: 20% off!   - clan storage           
    - now  799 credits!  (expires in 1 days)

 (13 hours ago)   [bovine] Dernan: anyone see something weird about

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Slej: credit buy fastlearning, for when
you're sick of grinding a spell for an hour and not getting a single
percent improve.

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Dernan: heh

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jonathon: just replayed, the amount? Other
than that, no. But the amount seems off by 1 credit.

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Llwynog: the game is nice and rounds for you

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jonathon: yeah smart game

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jonathon: it knows math.

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Teros: it's the left-hand-number theory,
people are more likely to buy something if it's listed as 799 than 800
beacuse the left hand number makes it seem like a lot lless

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Jonathon: yeah

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Llwynog: didn't know it was called that

 (9 hours ago)    [bovine] Llwynog: but yeah, basically that

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Slej: I wonder if a character that has 1 mil
gold on it is still subject to deletion.

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Red: try it

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Slej: I think I won't

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] squeaK: the deleter doesnt care at all

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Lilmike: now what about weightlesses

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Red: try that too

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: my guess is...doesn't matter

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Sandman: sure it won't matter

 (7 hours ago)    [bovine] Teros: we do it for the greater good of the
hard drive

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: is there a way to check the areas

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: show location

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: the one i havent been

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: for example i am at unholy and i
want to check airoms coordinate

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: ah, no idea

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: maybe if you try 'area new
100000|grep <area name>'?

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: hm

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: Ive asked about geting coords thrown
on the area list since we have them on area new anyways and got shot

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: that's weird

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: i actually found a way

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: they're super helpful

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: typed area new 2000 then coppied all
to the notepad then typed the arena name on the find place. area new
grep didnt work

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: just like uuids showing up when
doing 'eqset show setname' even if blind is turned on...because, again,
super helpful

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: not all areas are on that list

 (3 hours ago)    [bovine] Antoha: the one i needed was there so  good
for me

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: if changing it so that uuids show
whether or not you've got blind on isn't possible, could there at least
be a mention of how to make them show in the uuid help file or
something similar?

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Westie: how things have changed. on going to
unholy and typing survey you get the send, This area seems less
frequented than others.

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: haha

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: see when I get all nostalgic though
its glade that had people in it all the time

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Lokar: but now theres like no waypoint
people hangout at anymore :(

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Westie: very true and not even thantos to
keep people company!

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Serkanal: what is price for groundstring

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Shryth: 1k creds

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Live: type credit buy doesnt t  show

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Serkanal: wo good

 (2 hours ago)    [bovine] Westie: oh before i forget, should have
posted earlier in response to speculation on here re my fame and the
potential fame in the game. I've ran all known fame to date, not
missing any to my knolege at this point in time

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Woof: FYI When you notell someone it only
prevents them from performing socials on you. imo it should go both

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Rman: I think it would only go both ways if
both you and the person had natell on

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Woof: Well it's supposed to go both ways

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Woof: You have that player on your notell

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Woof: that's what it says when I try to send
you a tell

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Morpheus: wrong notell is one way.  its a
step before ignore so not 2 way.

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Rman: yeah that's true, kinda like ignore I
guess where neither player can hear messages from each other

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Woof: I know it's 1 way but shouldn't it
prevent you from performing socials that way? cause for tells it
doesn't let you.

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Rman: yeah that makes sence

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Rman: if you dhave them on natell and can
not send tells why should you be able to perform socials on the person,
I get that

 (1 hours ago)    [bovine] Rman: have

 (5 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: You must have a really long tongue.

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: erm

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: You lick a fantastic blue pegasus
skin satchel.

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Rman: what

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Mertag: rofl

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Morpheus: so your going to brag you licked a
unicorns sack?

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: ahahahahaha

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Dernan: not just any sack. it was blue

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Rman: he must have liked it

 (4 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: without it kicking me in the
face...I'd call that an achievement

 (3 minutes ago)  [bovine] Mertag: Hahahahahahahahah

 (3 minutes ago)  [bovine] Lokar: pegasus sacks and unicorn sacks are
two different things, jeeze don't be so racist

 (3 minutes ago)  [bovine] Mertag: rofl

 (3 minutes ago)  [bovine] Rman: heh

 (2 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: too bad we can't actually craft
sacks :P

 (1 minutes ago)  [bovine] Shryth: You finish securing the straps on a
fantastic purple unicorn skin satchel and dispose of the scraps.

 (1 minutes ago)  [bovine] Rman: why would you want to rofl

 (1 minutes ago)  [bovine] Tribe: Shryth is weird like that.

 (1 minutes ago)  [bovine] Tribe: You get used to it.


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