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Creation Date: Sun Jul  6 11:39:57 2003
Channel Name:  chat

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'So you can't sell the fish?'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'I'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'hit send early, bleh'

 (13 days ago)    Rectum chats, 'i don't think so'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'but I've never tried'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'I'd say no, though'

 (13 days ago)    Rectum chats, 'i have not seen a fish mongers'

 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'Agh, okay. There goes one way of
gathering gold.'

 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'Thanks for the hel.'

 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'Help.'

 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'Missed "p".'

 (13 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'there are some quests that need 
fishing also some jobs and   as far as buying fish  it wouldn't be very
profitable  since their just food.'

 (13 days ago)    Rectum chats, 'i think you can make potions with

 (13 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'nod you can try brewing with them or
just eating.'

 (13 days ago)    Darious chats, 'do y'all like to hunt'

 (13 days ago)    Horg chats, 'Now extracting: print/texlive-texfm...'

 (13 days ago)    Horg chats, 'For like the past five minutes...'

 (13 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'hunt people yes.. thats fun..'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'march madness!!'

 (13 days ago)    Horg chats, 'I wonder if I should write my game in
Common Lisp or Clojure. The struggle is real...'

 (13 days ago)    Horg chats, 'Any Clojure users?'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'nop'

 (13 days ago)    Horg chats, 'It looks interesting. Lisp for Java.'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'omg, my bracket got busted'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'oof'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'vandy fouled for no reason at all and
lost the game'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'im going to lose to my wife now'

 (13 days ago)    Lafayette chats, 'rofl'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'she's still perfect bro'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'she picked middle tennessee with me so
she got the same upset'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'how do i get this boost phone i found on
a verizon prepaid plan?'

 (13 days ago)    Boa chats, 'the dec is not blacklisted'

 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'Someone dropped a lot of stuff
outside Indira...'

 (13 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'newbie areas tend to be spammed with
stuff tbh'

 (13 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'There's like, over 30 things here.'

 (13 days ago)    Tigurius chats, 'So take what you want and move

 (13 days ago)    Knimble chats, 'where can i find the thirsty wheel in
smugglers town please'

 (13 days ago)    Jimmy chats, 'hi'

 (13 days ago)    Paladin chats, 'hi'

 (13 days ago)    Jimmy chats, 'hi'

 (13 days ago)    Sharinggan chats, 'hi'

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, 'anyone have idea where to find mateo?'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'where should he be'

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, 'bandera azul village, but?'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'if your there type wher mateo to see
where he is'

 (12 days ago)    Rebus chats, 'towards the western side if i remember

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, 'it only says mateo a boat doc'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'then find the dock and you will find
whom you seek'

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, 'thanks,'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'in some areas when you use a where
command to find a mob it might even tell you directions. quite usefull
command to use'

 (12 days ago)    Orion chats, 'I think that only works in cities. not

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'yes on getting directions. but the
command works all over.a good one to use'

 (12 days ago)    Orion chats, 'agreed'

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, 'how could we pass if the space is too
narrow to fit through?'

 (12 days ago)    Angaragmn chats, 'you can't unless you wear  an eq
with minus size or learn a thief skill conto something'

 (12 days ago)    Orion chats, 'contortionism'

 (12 days ago)    Criss chats, 'contortionnism i think'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'get a eq set that makes you smaller.
learn contortionism. but in that case it is not worth trying to go thru

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, ':) can't find that mateo really'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'in higher levels it will be
necessary to go thru those small openings'

 (12 days ago)    Absolute chats, 'dock is not that hard to find. its
on west side near the water'

 (12 days ago)    Fatima chats, 'how to go to the private quarter where
lady angelia is?'

 (12 days ago)    Orion chats, 'look at the sign in the centre of town
it should direct you to the baron's estate. lady angelia is somewhere
in there'

 (12 days ago)    Orion chats, 'town of indira specifically'

 (12 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'You start harvesting teeth from the
corpse of a toothless hag.'

 (12 days ago)    Nerisa chats, 'grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, cant!'

 (12 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'can't what'

 (12 days ago)    Preacher chats, 'what is the search string when
looking for gear i think it is something like search list int +'

 (12 days ago)    Kyranro chats, 'I don't really like how the 'map'
command doesn't show northeast, northwest, southwest, or southeast.'

 (12 days ago)    Kehlani chats, '?'

 (12 days ago)    Gotenks chats, 'do you need a lanturn '

 (12 days ago)    Gotenks chats, 'can i just dro it and not use it at

 (12 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'you need it to see with'

 (12 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'that was a traVEL'

 (12 days ago)    Trevon chats, 'Can anyone help me with this quest
Quest  2 - Find and defeat the Gravekeeper.'

 (12 days ago)    Trevon chats, 'thanks'

 (12 days ago)    Gisella chats, 'You say, I am carrying 775 of 260
pounds. (2646% encumbrance)'

 (12 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'woot'

 (12 days ago)    Sharinggan chats, 'gno'

 (11 days ago)    Charmy chats, 'how to increase our monna regen?'

 (11 days ago)    Larianath chats, 'with equipment.'

 (11 days ago)    Sport chats, 'check out help age'

 (11 days ago)    Charmy chats, 'hi hi'

 (11 days ago)    Nerisa chats,

 (11 days ago)    Nerisa chats,

 (11 days ago)    Angaragmn chats, 'uh'

 (11 days ago)    Reynerin chats, 'do not spam, pls.'

 (11 days ago)    Fraker chats, 'hi'

 (11 days ago)    Jimmy chats, 'hi'

 (11 days ago)    Suresh chats, 'wool'

 (11 days ago)    Suresh chats, 'mc'

 (11 days ago)    Arah chats, 'Any groups going?'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'Having probs in Shamrock Hill.  Killed
the beasties and filled the flask but Wee Willie here won't take the

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'did you kill the banchi?'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'yup.  Even got this msg: "Now that the
nasty little critters have been cleared out, you just need to fill the

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'use it, not fill it'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'use flask fountain'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'yup. Flask is all full'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'cool'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'sounds like you did it right. idk'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, '"full of a sparkling green liquid" no
less :-)  But Willie won't talk to me and gives the flask back'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'hmmmm'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'And try as I might, I can't  bring
myself to even consider attacking Wee Willie Winkie the leprechaun.'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'rofl'

 (10 days ago)    Shaelann chats, 'rofl'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'go try to use flask fountain again?
sounds dumb, but idk what else to try'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'dont you give it to willie'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'nod but he won't take it'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'buy a new flask then refill it, you
must of not killed all the monsters first.'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'hmm'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'yea'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'but would he get that message if he
didn't kill all of them?'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'from what I am seeing it says to
fill the flask now, '

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'No go. "You don't see any way to use a
silver flask full of a sparkling green liquid on an old stone
fountain".  '

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'huh, so it's full,'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'empty it?'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'I said to by a new one from him. '

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'i do get a msg telling me I've either
completed this or am doing it in the wrong order'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'I tried emptying it and drinking it too'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus chats, 'I have tried to tell you and you
don't want to listen to me. so '

 (10 days ago)    Genisto chats, 'aww! listen to the morpheus of all
time! he know's his job'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'true dat'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'ack, I missed your msgs Morph. Sorry!'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'there we go.  Prob was probably that I
did things out of order. Ran into those aggressive pixies and banshee
and killed them before the quest.  After I sac'ed the flask and bought
a new one, I'm "good as gold"'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'woo'

 (10 days ago)    Shaelann chats, 'nice nice!'

 (10 days ago)    Vestara chats, 'someone o my god for the love  of
humanity talk to me on ehre, on tell or something '

 (10 days ago)    Vestara chats, 'here'

 (10 days ago)    Vestara chats, 'stupid typing'

 (10 days ago)    Jasondo chats, 'your that despret? :P'

 (10 days ago)    Vestara chats, 'im so bored with everything, to the
point of violence'

 (10 days ago)    Jasondo chats, 'o yeah, that definitely will solve
the problem...'

 (10 days ago)    Vestara chats, 'thanks id dint come to be freaking
mocked damn it, i looked for conversation fuck it'

 (10 days ago)    Genisto chats, 'wowe now you calm down for you could
get yourself band for that'

 (10 days ago)    Shaytan chats, 'let's talk about whether or not we
live in a computer simulation'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'Any favorite uses for little bags of
gold dust?'

 (10 days ago)    Kehlani chats, 'they're fire comps'

 (10 days ago)    Gorfax chats, 'hi'

 (10 days ago)    Jolomi chats, 'where can i find the niddle in the hay

 (10 days ago)    Burn chats, 'use the questinfo channel for this '

 (10 days ago)    Dukess chats, 'look in all the hay'

 (10 days ago)    Jolomi chats, 'i'm in indira, how can i get to the
hay fields?'

 (10 days ago)    Rens chats, 'Well that's odd - I got a spell to 100%,
yet when I used it again just now I was told I got even better at it.
Seems I'm still at 100% though.'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'guys?'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'how to complete the quest about king
of rat?'

 (9 days ago)     Criss chats, 'go in the junkyard and kill the rat'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'done'

 (9 days ago)     Criss chats, 'then go to the priest and report your
succes. just talk to him'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'what's next to complete '

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'oh, which priest?'

 (9 days ago)     Criss chats, 'the one who gave you the quest'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'hmm, can't see who priest is that by
just checking the nearby quest'

 (9 days ago)     Criss chats, 'you ned to tlak to the one in the

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'how to get the ray of sunshine and
other items?'

 (9 days ago)     Lexie chats, 'get all and do it fast'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'after killing thunder'

 (9 days ago)     Lexie chats, 'get all and do it fast'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'oh, therefore i killed 2 of them but
couldn't get anything'

 (9 days ago)     Lexie chats, 'they don't all drop stuff iirc.'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'ehh? killed another thunder kitten but
still couldn't get '

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'just get all'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'i mean no any other command?'

 (9 days ago)     Mongkol chats, 'thank you'

 (9 days ago)     Mongkol chats, 'for gift'

 (9 days ago)     Trev chats, 'thanks for gift'

 (9 days ago)     Arah chats, 'What are the sale items? do you have to
have a weightless container to buy the first two?'

 (9 days ago)     Orion chats, 'yes'

 (9 days ago)     Arah chats, 'Where do I find soul keepers?'

 (9 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'how to enter the kord wood?'

 (8 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'hi'

 (8 days ago)     Trevon chats, 'hi'

 (8 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'may i ask please?'

 (8 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'how to open the barier in side the
abandon mines? '

 (8 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'hey guys does anybody know how to get
the berries form the island with the pink snd '

 (8 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'to make the wine'

 (7 days ago)     Jimmy chats, 'hi'

 (7 days ago)     Jimmy chats, 'i want gold'

 (7 days ago)     Dinotare chats, 'right right. gimme gold'

 (6 days ago)     Jimmy chats, 'i cannot cast thunder seeds.'

 (6 days ago)     Jimmy chats, 'restore now'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'guys? how to increase monna regen?'

 (6 days ago)     Volric chats, 'sleep? equip? stats? '

 (6 days ago)     Sharinggan chats, 'use equipment that have mregen on

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'but i could not find equip like that'

 (6 days ago)     Volric chats, 'do you identify equipment when you
pick up something?'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'int and wis and age work too'

 (6 days ago)     Sharinggan chats, 'you haven't find that, maybe'

 (6 days ago)     Volric chats, 'early on I found the shaman bracelets
I think, which had regen.'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'oh'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'get eq with manaregen, raise int and
wis.  increase age, sleep  to regen mana faster'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'yes, we suggested that already'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'the mendalius caves quest has regen
eq in it'

 (6 days ago)     Sharinggan chats, 'like this one: level 17
(relatively common)   ABOUT_BODY, CLERIC , ac 1, FABRIC  , ,  manaregen
2.0,  MANA 10,  dr minus 1,  CHR 1,  AGE minus 3,  INT minus 1'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'the int and negative age will hinder

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'ah, but i think i sac those items,'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'yea'

 (6 days ago)     Sharinggan chats, 'yay, so ou lost it'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'ya'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'isnt there a newbie druid shopkeeper
with regen eq on it'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'trying to find equip with monna regen
in the donation room'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'oh good idea'

 (6 days ago)     Volric chats, 'there you go'

 (6 days ago)     Sharinggan chats, 'that on, on the auction'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'but too much time consuming.'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'Sharinggan thats a random right?'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'no'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'i had lots of mistake sacrificing

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'charmy check the shop 1 up from
vemarken wp  '

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'I am talking of the  piece with neg
age. '

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'i even donated the heavily enchanted
blade dugger.'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'yeah that dagger isnt useful to you

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'but its listed when i check the
importan things for thief'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'youre not high enough to thief
effectively yet'

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'you need to get your stats higher
first which happens later'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'anyway, where is that shop which i can
get equip with monna regen?'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus chats, '1 up from the vemarken wp'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'because i have 340 hp but only 265

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'that's entirely normal'

 (6 days ago)     Charmy chats, 'how to identify items in the list?'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus chats, 'list 1.helm  list 3.helm '

 (6 days ago)     Shaytan chats, 'the moss lined sandals in the maze of
the minotaur area would be good for you charmy'

 (6 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'hey guys do you know where i can learn
brew potion'

 (6 days ago)     Nermthegerm chats, 'type skill find brew potion'

 (6 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'every where i go it says i cant learn
that here'

 (6 days ago)     Esarosa chats, 'if you type skill type brew potion it
will tell u'

 (6 days ago)     Esarosa chats, 'nods skill find brew potion will tell

 (6 days ago)     Esarosa chats, 'also typhon this is your daddy'

 (6 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'go away daddy'

 (5 days ago)     Bloodboarn chats, 'friday'

 (5 days ago)     Bloodboarn chats, 'I had chicken'

 (5 days ago)     Bloodboarn chats, 'boring chicken'

 (5 days ago)     Xyra chats, 'hi guys'

 (4 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'hey does anyone know where the white
wolf is in the haunted high way '

 (4 days ago)     Jamestoh chats, 'in the middle is in a cave'

 (4 days ago)     Typhon chats, 'thanks'

 (4 days ago)     Juligor chats, 'hi'

 (3 days ago)     Drue chats, 'hi'

 (3 days ago)     Phil chats, 'hello'

 (2 days ago)     Phil chats, 'hala'

 (2 days ago)     Shermanator chats, 'shh. people sleeping'

 (1 days ago)     Reynerin chats, 'will the letter of completion
disappear, if I exit, or is that loading next time too?'

 (1 days ago)     Phil chats, 'hala'

 (1 days ago)     Liano chats, 'uhm this might be a silly question but
what is the command to apply savs'

 (1 days ago)     Nermthegerm chats, 'use salve'

 (9 hours ago)    Harison chats, 'hey guys'

 (9 hours ago)    Nermthegerm chats, 'Hi guy.'

 (9 hours ago)    Iceberg chats, 'hi'

 (9 hours ago)    Harison chats, 'is anyone here good with excel?'

 (9 hours ago)    Kehlani chats, 'rofl uh'

 (9 hours ago)    Harison chats, 'I no its randem'

 (9 hours ago)    Kehlani chats, 'I haven't used it in a while but'


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