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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:26 2001
Channel Name:  gossip

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (16 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'if a god has stopped restoring you can
you ignore them?'

 (16 hours ago)   Celesteon gossips, 'haha'

 (16 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'yes but most worth ignoring are too
high level for ignore to actually work'

 (16 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'nod its morpheus i wish to ignore'

 (16 hours ago)   Garchomp gossips, 'hmmm? 'dentin' added to your
ignore list. 'dentin' removed from your ignore list.'

 (16 hours ago)   Garchomp gossips, 'does that not work?'

 (16 hours ago)   Zaar gossips, 'dentin is assume is owner? head god?'

 (16 hours ago)   DarqSqueak gossips, 'just some dude'

 (16 hours ago)   DarqSqueak gossips, 'help dentin'

 (16 hours ago)   Peekaboo gossips, 'I love how the first result is

 (16 hours ago)   Peekaboo gossips, 'heh'

 (16 hours ago)   Aziz gossips, 'dentin is the facepalm master '

 (16 hours ago)   Peekaboo gossips, '[  1] mobthwack thwackexp expdent

 (16 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'to be honest i am surprised Dentin
allows gods to have a no restore function'

 (16 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'singling out specific players i mean'

 (16 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'believe it or not, people have
complained about getting restored in the past'

 (16 hours ago)   Garchomp gossips, 'weard people'

 (16 hours ago)   Aziz gossips, 'lol '

 (16 hours ago)   Garchomp gossips, 'unless they are looking for death.
but still weard'

 (16 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'it's more of wanting a hardcore game
in my experience'

 (16 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'what do you mean?'

 (16 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'make the difficulty level higher'

 (16 hours ago)   DarqSqueak gossips, 'honestly my long term push has
been toward making gods and builders almost completely separate, and
running all the god/pantheon stuff on autopilot'

 (16 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'dark, i agree, its wrong too victimise
1 person regardless if you like them or not'

 (16 hours ago)   DarqSqueak gossips, 'taran is a special case that I'm
more than comfortable making an exception for'

 (16 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'of course.  gotta keep the wolves
separated from the sheep'

 (15 hours ago)   Elsbeth gossips, 'anyone done the smuggler quest in
elborat? I'm stuck on the part where I need to get a note from vito the
fox, who just pocketed it.'

 (15 hours ago)   Lordsauron gossips, 'where to use transmute metal?
iron and silver doesn't work'

 (15 hours ago)   Lexie gossips, 'iron does work'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'what did you mean about separating
the Pantheon and builders?'

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'transmuting metal is tricky

 (15 hours ago)   Lexie gossips, 'but you have to do it a lot until you
get it to work correctly'

 (15 hours ago)   Lordsauron gossips, 'o dear'

 (15 hours ago)   Lexie gossips, 'and you'll get poisoned, and you'll
destroy a lot of iron'

 (15 hours ago)   Flamia gossips, 'lol'

 (15 hours ago)   Lordsauron gossips, 'first and second time I got very

 (15 hours ago)   Lordsauron gossips, 'o dear'

 (15 hours ago)   Lexie gossips, 'yep. that happens. all part of the
exciting life of metallurgy and alchemy'

 (15 hours ago)   Lordsauron gossips, 'and destroya lot of potions'

 (15 hours ago)   Lordsauron gossips, 'lol'

 (15 hours ago)   Necrosabor gossips, 'just transmute yourself into
gold, pull the clasic midas. :)'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'It's ok that Dentin shows blatant
bias.  I used to get used upset over it, but then I came across

 (15 hours ago)   Snoopdogg gossips, 'I left an hour ago while you were
complaining nad just got back to see you're still at it. Rofl.'

 (15 hours ago)   Red gossips, 'woo he's stupid?'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'i went grocery shopping'

 (15 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'nice'

 (15 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'did you buy any whiskey'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'no'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'i have plenty'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'i don't think he's stupid in every
subject.  I also don't think he's adept at everything either.  He does
have a history of having trouble with relationships when the other
person is assertive.'

 (15 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'who are you talking to taran'

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'have you every assumed maybe you're
the one that problems? I mean, you're the one that's had conflicts with
a lot of people here.'

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'that has problems'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'he has issues with multiple people'

 (15 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'who does lol'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'so you would need make the assumption
that every other person is the problem, draak'

 (15 hours ago)   Cilah gossips, 'no one is adept at everything. I've
never had issue with dentin or, for that matter, any of the staff here.
Generally... Some games being an exception, if you treat administrators
respectfully you'll get the same in return'

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'you're the one gassing on about it'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'it came up in discussion'

 (15 hours ago)   Canary gossips, 'such urmoil on gossip today. or
maybe not the word I'm searching for.'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'turmoil?'

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'yeah, notice how this kind of stuff
centers around Taran'

 (15 hours ago)   DarqSqueak gossips, 'taran, you're getting close to
taking another long enforced vacation.  take your drama queening to
another mud or external forum'

 (15 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'lol'

 (15 hours ago)   Taran gossips, 'shrug.  I simply said it didn't seem
fair to have a private raffle endorsed by the game.  I was overruled. 
It's fine.  You obviously admitted bias and I simply offered an
alternative explanation than simply Dentin is unfair.  '

 (14 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'i think taran wants a vacation'

 (14 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'i got 1 in October'

 (14 hours ago)   Grunon gossips, 'Vacations can be fun.'

 (14 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'indeed'

 (14 hours ago)   Tamyil gossips, 'okay so uh, I haven't actually had
this character out fighting for quite some time, as in she probably has
a couple days of idling time since the last time I was in combat, and
yet, I just got three fames in a matter of the last ten minutes. Should
I be concerned about a bug or anything? I mean it's nice but still.'

 (14 hours ago)   Celesteon gossips, 'it's fame tat is coming in from
earlier runs'

 (14 hours ago)   Celesteon gossips, 'that sometimes happens'

 (14 hours ago)   Tamyil gossips, 'wow. Didn't expect  fame to be that
delayed, but if that's the case I'm not complaining! hehehe'

 (13 hours ago)   Horux gossips, 'sorry morpehus'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'thanks'

 (13 hours ago)   Horux gossips, 'is this the best place to just mess
around ? '

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'yea or chat or even create your
own channel.  I would  chan stat gossip and follow the rules though. '

 (13 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'yeah, most things are tolerated here
aside from things that are outright obscene or hostile'

 (13 hours ago)   Horux gossips, 'may i ask the syntax for channel
starting chat'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'connect chat'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'then just chat and message'

 (13 hours ago)   Horux gossips, 'thanks bud and thanks for having me
and helping me with the ropes'

 (13 hours ago)   Theo gossips, 'they didnt add Teraza on the job find
command list yet? if not a quest guided me to her i guess i wont find
her lol'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'remember a lot of these quests are
new and if not  so many times they won't show up.  It might even take a
reboot for it to  show up. '

 (13 hours ago)   Theo gossips, 'oh nice thot its a bug something'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'no not a bug  like  fame quests
need to be done a few times for them to show up on where, nerby or even
the quest list etc. '

 (13 hours ago)   Clashzork gossips, 'thanks'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'enjoy'

 (13 hours ago)   Jocasta gossips, 'Lol. Sweet! Thanks.'

 (13 hours ago)   Marian gossips, 'Morpheus: what leads to the inn at
the crossroad quests now?'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'what do you mean leads tothe inn?
what quest does? The cartographer return quest from  gad's. '

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'if thats what you mean. '

 (11 hours ago)   Peekaboo gossips, 'if you're under level 20, group
join me for double xp mode!'

 (11 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'the spelling'

 (11 hours ago)   Thunderbolt gossips, 'any xp runs for level 25 and

 (10 hours ago)   Osyrus gossips, 'how do i turn off do not disturb

 (10 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'ignore null'

 (10 hours ago)   Onunku gossips, 'I'm quiet when you make me fade.'

 (10 hours ago)   Nacht gossips, 'So I was thinking about giving druid
a try but I don't quite understand how they work. Somewhere between
necro and mage for playstyle?'

 (10 hours ago)   Theo gossips, 'well they have strong mins like necros
but there is no class can do damage like mages however they have more

 (10 hours ago)   Sorton gossips, 'Druids are most powerful outdoors
where there is weather to work with, but we do have some stuff that
works anywhere, such as poison mushroom. The earth wall type minions
and liveoaks can't be created anywhere there is not solid ground, but
in those cases, unnatural spring and or a water weird usually save the
day. Our salves and tinctures have some of the same effects as the mage
shield spells, but some of the effects of others are a little slower.'

 (10 hours ago)   Thug gossips, 'do mages have a tanking minion now'

 (10 hours ago)   Theo gossips, 'yes but hi levels'

 (10 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'they always ahve  had minions. 
many love the elemental ice minion. '

 (10 hours ago)   Xfaith gossips, 'Any good guides to tinctures and
salves? That part of druid life always eluded me.'

 (10 hours ago)   Lexie gossips, 'there's an article on tinctures and
salves on the website'

 (10 hours ago)   Sorton gossips, 'Druid brewing isn't like mage
brewing. Recipes are I think individual specific, but if you write down
what worked before for something, you can easily brew it again. But
there is br x analyze, where x is tincture or salve, so that helps

 (10 hours ago)   Nacht gossips, 'Thanks for the info guys :) I think
I'll let them be for a while then'

 (10 hours ago)   Draak gossips, ''

 (10 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'tinctures are keyed to the individual
druid, salves are universal'

 (10 hours ago)   Sorton gossips, 'no problem at all. There's also a
druidinfo channel. Probably channels for other classes too, but I
forget the names.'

 (10 hours ago)   Necrosabor gossips, 'they can be quite the life
salver...? :d'

 (10 hours ago)   Sorton gossips, 'hahaha'

 (10 hours ago)   Draak gossips, '*bum dum dum KISH*'

 (10 hours ago)   Yazan gossips, 'hi'

 (10 hours ago)   Xfaith gossips, 'thx'

 (10 hours ago)   Yazan gossips, 'anyone can help me to find the evil
in mausoleum'

 (10 hours ago)   Yazan gossips, 'i am there and i can't find it'

 (10 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'its a south exit off of an east-west

 (10 hours ago)   Morpheus gossips, 'just keep in mind   that a lot of
the  class  channels are made by players and their info might not
always be correct.'

 (10 hours ago)   Yazan gossips, 'i've intered then went down, now
there is west and east'

 (10 hours ago)   Onunku gossips, 'Who's getting Tacobell?'

 (10 hours ago)   Onunku gossips, 'This guy, that's who'

 (9 hours ago)    Nacht gossips, 'Ty :)'

 (9 hours ago)    Rosabella gossips, 'Thanks!'

 (9 hours ago)    Dagget gossips, 'question'

 (9 hours ago)    Dagget gossips, 'I've killed several fame mobs
lately, but my fame is stuck at a number. anyone know why?'

 (9 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'type faq 11 and read through them

 (9 hours ago)    Dagget gossips, 'thx'

 (9 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'just fixed spectral claws sounds
on the plugin or so.'

 (9 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'since I'm having trouble
updating on the comp and stuff anyway.'

 (9 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'probably going to do some stuff
with crafting maybe.'

 (9 hours ago)    Xfaith gossips, 'thx'

 (9 hours ago)    Clashzork gossips, 'who is fame in castle Avalon'

 (8 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'let me know if you need sounds,
Necrosabor. I have all kinds of great noises of me banging on and
breaking stuff'

 (8 hours ago)    Balbus gossips, '*wink*'

 (8 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'huh?'

 (8 hours ago)    Jocasta gossips, 'Lolz'

 (8 hours ago)    Balbus gossips, 'Sound number 1, breaking my heart.

 (8 hours ago)    Balbus gossips, 'Or, you know, if I had one.'

 (8 hours ago)    Rosabella gossips, 'Thanks!'

 (8 hours ago)    Necrosabor gossips, 'pour tole golem'

 (7 hours ago)    Darkremains gossips, 'thanks'

 (7 hours ago)    Rosalba gossips, 'Thanks!'

 (7 hours ago)    Malachi gossips, 'Thanks ughly'

 (7 hours ago)    Nacht gossips, 'Thanks!'

 (7 hours ago)    Jocasta gossips, 'Thanks much'

 (7 hours ago)    Kratos gossips, 'hi all'

 (7 hours ago)    Rosalba gossips, 'hi'

 (7 hours ago)    Melodia gossips, 'hiya'

 (7 hours ago)    Digong gossips, 'wow thanks'

 (7 hours ago)    Kratos gossips, 'thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Digong gossips, 'was it just me? Or did the server

 (6 hours ago)    Spartan gossips, 'it did'

 (6 hours ago)    Spartan gossips, 'I thought I was banned'

 (6 hours ago)    Spartan gossips, 'again'

 (6 hours ago)    Digong gossips, 'Haha!'

 (6 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'but all the stuff is still in the
castle '

 (6 hours ago)    Spartan gossips, 'I was like going thorugh a mental
list to check if there was anything that I did wrong'

 (6 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'things lying around on the floor
did not vanish.'

 (6 hours ago)    Spartan gossips, 'neither was I recalled'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'not a crash  probably a server

 (6 hours ago)    Edit gossips, 'a ban isn't usually the first thing I
tend to think of. I've never been banned from any mud, ever. that kind
of thing is usually fairly easy to avoid :P'

 (6 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'yay for server rather than

 (6 hours ago)    Spartan gossips, 'I know, right?'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'we can change that edit jsut give
me a minute.'

 (6 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'no nightmares morpheus!'

 (6 hours ago)    Edit gossips, 'that would fail!'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'no I more soke of the banning. '

 (6 hours ago)    Kratos gossips, 'thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Dresden gossips, 'nice one cheers'

 (6 hours ago)    Avilon gossips, 'I've had no end of trouble staying
connected here or even connecting in the first place.'

 (6 hours ago)    Avilon gossips, 'is something broken? I can get onto
other games without too much bother and can watch youtube, so pretty
sure it's not my connection.'

 (6 hours ago)    Xorg gossips, 'I had some issues connecting earlier,
but seems resolved now'

 (6 hours ago)    Ax gossips, 'the server was having problems'

 (6 hours ago)    Avilon gossips, 'Fair enough.'

 (6 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'honestly, I've got issues logging
on almost every single day'

 (6 hours ago)    Avilon gossips, 'This eurofly flight is really really
really boring now.'

 (6 hours ago)    Avilon gossips, 'nothing to do in that game.'

 (6 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'swet, perfect timing, thanks!'

 (6 hours ago)    Dresden gossips, 'nice one thanks'

 (6 hours ago)    Dresden gossips, 'night all, happy hunting'

 (5 hours ago)    Iw gossips, 'Evette, priestess of Byung tells you,
Our faithful are in search of a holy relic of Byung.  Seek out 'A blood
drenched chain' and bring it to me., anyone know where i might find
that? please send me tell if you can help'

 (5 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'woo!'

 (5 hours ago)    Kirana gossips, 'Schweet!'

 (5 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'Ooh double xp'

 (4 hours ago)    Trynoids gossips, 'Woo'

 (4 hours ago)    Clashzork gossips, 'thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'woo thanks'

 (4 hours ago)    Kirana gossips, 'Nice!'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'are banshees ethereal?'

 (4 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'yes'

 (4 hours ago)    Runner gossips, 'con it'

 (4 hours ago)    Runner gossips, 'but probably'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'too late she's dead, plus i don't
know monster lore yet'

 (4 hours ago)    Runner gossips, 'what do you mean you don't know
monster lore?'

 (4 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'How much clearer could it be?
Monster lore is not a skill this person possesses yet. lol'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'uh yeah, You know the following
skills:   You don't know of any skills by that name.'

 (4 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'It's learnable though. I recommend
it. Helps with considering things'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'nod just haven't gotten around to
it lol, guess i might as well now, have the pracs to use before next
druid or mage level'

 (4 hours ago)    Runner gossips, 'yeah that's kind of a super crucial

 (4 hours ago)    Auzoo gossips, 'hrm, anyone know what's happened to
MushZ? I'm getting a lot of lua errors'

 (4 hours ago)    Auzoo gossips, 'and no sounds'

 (4 hours ago)    Malachi gossips, 'Did you disable your triggers on

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'try reloading or restarting '

 (4 hours ago)    Dengster gossips, 'control L'

 (4 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'I was gonna say works fine for me'

 (4 hours ago)    Auzoo gossips, 'yikes, lots of runtime errors'

 (4 hours ago)    Auzoo gossips, 'I just installed this lol'

 (4 hours ago)    Auzoo gossips, 'ah, there we go'

 (4 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'Oh my goodness'

 (4 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'this thunderstorm is heavy'

 (4 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'lots of lightning'

 (4 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'Mmmmm I love powerful storms like

 (4 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'where are you?'

 (4 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'Maine'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'we had that 2 days ago'

 (4 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'dry as a bone here in California'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'probably same storm we had '

 (4 hours ago)    Desruc gossips, 'can theifs pickpocket characters?'

 (4 hours ago)    Echidna gossips, 'no'

 (4 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'Oh I've been there once. Me and a
group of people took a field trip up there near Yellowstone I think a
few years back. I liked it up there. Nice and cold and windy, and we
were camping in some area with cabins, so it was fun.'

 (4 hours ago)    Desruc gossips, 'anyone want an extra new nec to
their group? '

 (3 hours ago)    Sparrowhawk gossips, 'Aaargh, one of the limitations
of text-based games is that moment where you are trying to figure out
the one exact command to solve a puzzle.'

 (3 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'I so know how that goes. It's like
ok. I know what I'd do if only I could, but what's the word? What's the
phrase lol'

 (3 hours ago)    Sparrowhawk gossips, 'And when I figure it out, or
someone tells me, I'm going to kick myself into next week for having
missed it.'

 (3 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'hahaha. that too'

 (3 hours ago)    Beowolf gossips, 'what skil to put a grip onto a

 (3 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'depends on what the weapon is. If
it's a wooden one, woodc add grip x, for example'

 (3 hours ago)    Beowolf gossips, 'ok'

 (3 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'well'

 (3 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'yah'

 (3 hours ago)    Grunon gossips, 'Hmmm, wonder if I should bother
getting forge weapons. My char image for this one is head to foot in
black steal plate, with mabie a greataxe.'

 (3 hours ago)    Grunon gossips, 'How much is it? Sort of more into
empire stratagy games and stuff, I get my RPG fix either here, or
playing entoomed, or A Heroes Call.'

 (3 hours ago)    Grunon gossips, 'miscom.'

 (2 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'Could someone point me in the
direction of some ziff?'

 (2 hours ago)    Gillic gossips, 'poof! thanks'

 (2 hours ago)    Quint gossips, 'woo thanks!'

 (2 hours ago)    Onunku gossips, 'it'sa Gandor'

 (2 hours ago)    Clashzork gossips, 'nice timing thanks'

 (2 hours ago)    Sorton gossips, 'hehehe thanks'

 (2 hours ago)    Clashzork gossips, 'who is fame in atlantis'

 (2 hours ago)    Prime gossips, 'where can i find a good belt for

 (2 hours ago)    Quint gossips, 'on auction channel, maybe mention
what level cleric you are too.'

 (2 hours ago)    Clashzork gossips, 'whois fame in adlantis does
anyone know'

 (2 hours ago)    Lokar gossips, 'the fame is kill all the mobs'

 (2 hours ago)    Lokar gossips, 'until your fame goes up'

 (2 hours ago)    Quint gossips, 'pretty much.'

 (2 hours ago)    Prime gossips, 'i'm just looking for 29 only'

 (1 hours ago)    Gillic gossips, 'wooto! thanky!'

 (5 minutes ago)  Criella gossips, 'omg. perfect, stinkin, timing'


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