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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:26 2001
Channel Name:  gossip

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 (16 hours ago)   Pianizeru gossips, 'what does normal damage means?'

 (16 hours ago)   Pianizeru gossips, 'Is that about combat?'

 (16 hours ago)   Pianizeru gossips, 'physical fights?'

 (16 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'yep'

 (16 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'not magical damage I assume'

 (16 hours ago)   Pianizeru gossips, 'uh'

 (16 hours ago)   Lexie gossips, 'means damage from everyday things
like swords knives etc. non norm damage is something that can hurt
things like ghosts or spirits.'

 (15 hours ago)   Vanzan gossips, 'anyone familiar with haunted mansion
in jo'kerin?'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'so once an Item with charges is used
up can it be recharged?'

 (15 hours ago)   Lokar gossips, 'in 90% of cases no'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'unfortunate...'

 (15 hours ago)   Lokar gossips, 'druid spellstaffs can be recharged
and a few quest related/built staffs and wands can be, honestly you can
usually rerun things easily enough recharging isnt important'

 (15 hours ago)   Tanky gossips, 'I really never use spell staves'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'the item was from the event'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'can't rerun it'

 (15 hours ago)   Lokar gossips, 'I said usually'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'there is a dwarven smith I need to
kill but some kind of aura wont let me hit him... suggestions?'

 (15 hours ago)   Lokar gossips, 'are you sure you NEED to kill it?'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'thats what the quest says'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'Durthang the dwarven smith is
surrounded by a white aura. No help entries on "white aura"'

 (15 hours ago)   Lokar gossips, 'thats sanctuary and doesnt stop you
from attacking'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'the feedback I get from it lead me to
believe I wasn't hitting atall, like saying a jab goes right through

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'thanks though that helps'

 (15 hours ago)   Celdan gossips, 'you need a magic weapon'

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'don't forget to use the consider

 (15 hours ago)   Draak gossips, 'Durthang the dwarven smith is
ethereal, and won't be affected by normal weapons.'

 (15 hours ago)   Celdan gossips, 'I have 41 bracers of hope, that's
how long its been since I've played'

 (15 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'wow'

 (15 hours ago)   Mysteria gossips, 'Oh wow. That's how long since you
played? wow!'

 (15 hours ago)   Celdan gossips, 'heh'

 (15 hours ago)   Mysteria gossips, 'I've been off this character for
about a month or so... '

 (15 hours ago)   Mysteria gossips, 'but decided to play mysteria'

 (15 hours ago)   Mysteria gossips, '2 months'

 (15 hours ago)   Biggator gossips, 'how do you know that is how much
of that you have, and what is that'

 (15 hours ago)   Celdan gossips, 'what, bracers of hope?'

 (15 hours ago)   Nermthegerm gossips, 'this is christmas goodies from
erm.. 2 years ago or so.'

 (15 hours ago)   Celdan gossips, 'ya tha'

 (15 hours ago)   Biggator gossips, 'yah the hope thing'

 (15 hours ago)   Celdan gossips, 'that'

 (15 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'thought it was saint patties day.'

 (15 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'hope is generally associated with
christmas, not patty's'

 (15 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'patty's is green'

 (15 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'Lol'

 (15 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'the keyword is green thought that's

 (15 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'I feel ya bro'

 (15 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'heh silly me'

 (15 hours ago)   Mysteria gossips, 'Well, going to sleep now. I'm
tired. So I'll play the Alter Aeon game tomorrow.'

 (15 hours ago)   Mysteria gossips, 'gn all '

 (15 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'gnight'

 (15 hours ago)   Kemba gossips, 'night'

 (15 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'rest well'

 (15 hours ago)   Nermthegerm gossips, 'night mysteria.'

 (14 hours ago)   Attila gossips, 'guys, how long takes a mob to get

 (14 hours ago)   Pianizeru gossips, '30min'

 (13 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'is there any downside to killing
npc's in towns?'

 (13 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'not usually, '

 (13 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'k thanks'

 (13 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'once higher level and in more higher
levelled towns, the chances people will be pissed and aggro you is
sometimes an issue, but you're good for now'

 (13 hours ago)   Odi gossips, 'and some people are unkillable like
shopkeepers and such'

 (13 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'just half the xo if you kill mobs in

 (13 hours ago)   Quint gossips, 'er half the xp'

 (13 hours ago)   Biggator gossips, 'in the end with the buggs where
are the house flies do you have to sleep for them to come out'

 (13 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'anyone know where the drunk in
dragontooth is?'

 (12 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'anyone noticed ants around

 (12 hours ago)   Arokyal gossips, 'Does anybody know how to get this
quest in Gnomian started?   2     16  Investigated the mysterious
attack on the gnomes.'

 (12 hours ago)   Sariana gossips, 'You have to talk to the gnome

 (12 hours ago)   Arokyal gossips, 'Thanks'

 (12 hours ago)   Sariana gossips, 'sure'

 (12 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'I need to find a hole in dragonstooth
that has an ant eater and some ants in for a quest, I've been just
about everywhere can't seem to find it. Anyone know where it is?'

 (12 hours ago)   Sariana gossips, 'I think i'ts near the druid
teacher, Ingues? You need to use search.'

 (12 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'thanks'

 (12 hours ago)   Sariana gossips, 'No problem'

 (12 hours ago)   Biggator gossips, 'what is the best class to go with
a druid'

 (12 hours ago)   Mangekyo gossips, 'cleric or mage.'

 (12 hours ago)   Arokyal gossips, 'Necro's not bad either.'

 (12 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'anyone have a direction on the troll
caves from dragonstooth?'

 (11 hours ago)   Nermthegerm gossips, 'any high clerics on?'

 (11 hours ago)   Deng gossips, 'how high'

 (11 hours ago)   Nermthegerm gossips, 'like 28ish and with conceal

 (11 hours ago)   Tokin gossips, 'at least 3 bowls deep'

 (11 hours ago)   Deng gossips, 'hahaha.'

 (11 hours ago)   Deng gossips, 'lol, i'm level 32 but, i don't know
that spell'

 (11 hours ago)   Deng gossips, 'i really should go learn it though'

 (11 hours ago)   Nermthegerm gossips, 'just wanted to test something.'

 (11 hours ago)   Deng gossips, 'as'

 (11 hours ago)   Deng gossips, 'aah'

 (10 hours ago)   Arokyal gossips, 'Is the lair of Lenthierre the Black
in the forest outside the vampire village?'

 (10 hours ago)   Arokyal gossips, 'Because I've looked everywhere else
and I can't find any entrances to it.'

 (10 hours ago)   Nermthegerm gossips, 'anyone has stuff for conceal

 (10 hours ago)   Arokyal gossips, 'Any lock pickers around?'

 (9 hours ago)    Ornius gossips, 'mooncatcher has no use'

 (8 hours ago)    Gresko gossips, 'is there a hidden passage in the
quicklings? 4 explorer points left and I am turning round'

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'meow, said the cow'

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'no'

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'if it says that, that's the deval's

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'what, then. moo said the cat?'

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'what about bounce said the ball'

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'balls doesn't talk'

 (8 hours ago)    Sandman gossips, 'what about  pork said the  dork '

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'how about, twink, says the blink'

 (8 hours ago)    Sandman gossips, 'what about dum said the  bum.. kind
of like this  convo. '

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'sneeze said the cheese?'

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'what about..... I love cake, said
the snake'

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'oh, dear'

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'mmmm chocolate biscuits'

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'I'm going to sugges to the alter
aeon staff to make a fast food combat zone. killing rogue chicken
nuggets, burgers with ketchup on on salty and chips. :d'

 (8 hours ago)    Sandman gossips, 'not very fantasy like is it. '

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'well..... half chicken nugget, half
dragon. their ya go.'

 (8 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'just no..  '

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'anyway, you got to eat in fantasy
worlds too, right?'

 (8 hours ago)    Sandman gossips, 'no'

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'dragon stake'

 (8 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'dragon nugget is what I like to eat at

 (8 hours ago)    Emilie gossips, 'I imagine their to be a lot of meat
on a dragon. :d'

 (7 hours ago)    Creep gossips, 'why now when I compleete some quest,
i just hear the quest compleete noize but they don't say anything,
seems strange to me.'

 (7 hours ago)    Kemba gossips, 'how do i know my health'

 (7 hours ago)    Gemma gossips, 'hp'

 (7 hours ago)    Gemma gossips, 'that tells you number of hit points'

 (7 hours ago)    Reynerin gossips, 'write hp'

 (7 hours ago)    Reynerin gossips, 'is there a command, how many
obscure skills you know?'

 (7 hours ago)    Kemba gossips, 'if i got a favor of my god how should
i know it'

 (6 hours ago)    Gemma gossips, 'type help 1 favor'

 (6 hours ago)    Creep gossips, 'hey what's going on, I killed the
spiders and talked to Mayor Widgetbottom  and he says that he has
another job for me and stops talking, but when I type quest it says
that you may be able to start a quest by using the talk command,

 (6 hours ago)    Reynerin gossips, 'talk to him again'

 (6 hours ago)    Creep gossips, 'i did and it just says he has nothing
to say'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'type the word job'

 (6 hours ago)    Creep gossips, 'all that says is currently accepted
jobs and nothing else.'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'you already accepted his quest..
its  3rd on your  list.. type quest. this is what happens when you do
things out of order.'

 (6 hours ago)    Creep gossips, 'o thank you, I should have realized
that my bad'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'honestly you should try to clear
out  those quests on your list. Many new quests are dependent on having
done others and you could lock yourself out.'

 (4 hours ago)    Bolvar gossips, 'what is the deal with things with 2
wear locations? like chitin plate says ON_BODY 2_WIELD'

 (4 hours ago)    Lexie gossips, 'you can use them in either. specify
when you wear it, so wear plate about'

 (4 hours ago)    Bolvar gossips, 'haha weird but cool :D'

 (4 hours ago)    Swift gossips, 'is there no thief item in the
minaturs maze? '

 (4 hours ago)    Angarag gossips, 'there is.'

 (4 hours ago)    Swift gossips, 'where?'

 (4 hours ago)    Angarag gossips, 'armband or something like hat i

 (4 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'yes and   there morethan one chest
and  nothing laods 100%.'

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'I didn't realize ice fog was
AOE.. or so strong, for that matter'

 (2 hours ago)    Kirana gossips, 'Yeah, ice fog is fun.'

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'floating in the plane of air
'you must be in view of the sky to call thunder''

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'oh, its nosun is why'

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'ah that's what counts?'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'we probably need stronger definitions
for how things on other planes work'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'the area long predates druid'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'game is silent? '

 (2 hours ago)    Dentin gossips, 'yes'

 (2 hours ago)    Kirana gossips, 'Eh?'

 (2 hours ago)    Mysteria gossips, 'dentin can I share a page for a go
fund me page? '

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'everyone off to the celebrations? '

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'what celebrations?'

 (2 hours ago)    Wuver gossips, 'chinese new year!'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'its the lunar new year I think '

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'leaves me out.. I am not chineseor

 (2 hours ago)    Bolvar gossips, 'happy earth dog year ya'll'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'well its not just chinese, so far I
know there are vietnamese, and I Think, phillipino, and if I'm not
mistaken, Mongolian too. '

 (2 hours ago)    Creedic gossips, 'i didn't know there was a holiday?'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'apparently is really big!'

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'I am not any of them either.'

 (2 hours ago)    Wuver gossips, 'Korean too probably since they're all
celebrating it'

 (2 hours ago)    Cobaleon gossips, 'Glad I am a filipino. :)'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'lol me neither which is why I'm in
the dark about it lol '

 (2 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'good thing I'm from the USA'

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'I am just in the dark. '

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'lol '

 (2 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'uh'

 (2 hours ago)    Cobaleon gossips, 'lol!'

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'yea lucky us  oiox'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'neat thing about the moon, is it
orbits the earth roughly 13 times a year, with a margin of error of
like a day I think'

 (2 hours ago)    Cobaleon gossips, 'Oiox is very, very lucky to be in
the USA'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, '13 x 28 = 364'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'congrats! smile '

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'oh, hmm I guess moon goes around the
earth every 29 days, not 28, so 12-base lunar calendars loose 11 days a

 (2 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'wow'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'nevermind, back to the gregorian
calendar for me'

 (2 hours ago)    Kirana gossips, 'lol'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'well asuka tells me there are
games, and street food and I guess a general fair like atmosphere? I
really don't know but I'd love to see it once, must be very

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'and another member tells me there
are presents. '

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'I will accept any excuse for
presents! '

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'I feel dumb since someone told
me this the other day, what's the command to see chat history again, i
thought it was 'recent gossip' but no'

 (2 hours ago)    Wuver gossips, 'replay'

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'ah i see :p'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'replay gossip and the number '

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'there  virtually thousands of
events like that.'

 (2 hours ago)    Kirana gossips, 'replay chat would work'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'I am thinking this is fairly big.
shrug '

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'its also very wide spread. which
makes it also interesting '

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'yea but pretty much any town 
could have soemthing   that could be jsut as big.  Just not sure what
would make it more special is more just my point. '

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'folks, we can't have a party every
day, some days you're going to go out and steal and murder things'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'I don't know. everyone gets a new
reason to celebrate, lol good enough for me! rofl '

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'what? thats not a reason to
celebrate? oh ... hm '

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'just remember dismemberment begins
at home!'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'besides, there's no reason you can't
organize your own celebration in game'

 (2 hours ago)    Sariana gossips, 'rofl Elsi!'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'I know but its been one of those

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'choose a venue, go run a bunch of
food items or heck, go fishing and cook up a storm. Craft party

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, 'dude... party favors'

 (2 hours ago)    Draak gossips, '*puts it on the idea pile*'

 (2 hours ago)    Creedic gossips, 'i had a really cool idea for a
quest at some point'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'made french toast and warm ham
slices for breakfast for the family.'

 (2 hours ago)    Creep gossips, 'alter is the best game ever. All of
the players, and gods are cool in your own way.'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'I'll second that '

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'now  since you didn't bring me a
plate..  I am mad at you.'

 (2 hours ago)    Elsbeth gossips, 'hands morpheus a warm plate with
syrup on the side '

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'how do you take a mob out of an
item that is hiding in an item'

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'namely a mouse hiding in a cup'

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'try empty cup'

 (2 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'if not wait for it to come out.'

 (2 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'that worked thanks'

 (1 hours ago)    Mysteria gossips, 'anyone we're raising money to help
my sister's with her funeral expensives.'

 (1 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'Was she on here?'

 (1 hours ago)    Mysteria gossips, 'no but we're trying t o raise
money '

 (1 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'If so, who was the hcar, just
wondering. and how did she die?'

 (1 hours ago)    Mysteria gossips, 'she didn't die yet'

 (1 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'oh okay'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'wtf'

 (1 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'oh good I hope she didn't die'

 (1 hours ago)    Oiox gossips, 'here we go again'

 (1 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'wait  you are collecting money for
 a funeral that the person ahsn't even died for??'

 (1 hours ago)    Cobaleon gossips, 'Very nice.'

 (1 hours ago)    Mysteria gossips, 'she's taking off life support.
we're raising money for when she dies. please, don't make a big deal '

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'in which case, i'm coolecting mone yfor
my own'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'i paly this game'

 (1 hours ago)    Mysteria gossips, 'turning off gosip '

 (1 hours ago)    Dentin gossips, 'sorry to hear that mysteria, we had
to do that with my mom as well'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'sorry mysteria'

 (1 hours ago)    Nermthegerm gossips, 'aww, poor boneman, byebye in

 (1 hours ago)    Mai gossips, 'good bye clear knights here we go to
collect souls again'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'woo'

 (1 hours ago)    Mai gossips, 'rofl'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'dentin did say he might add pets to
save across boot, that wil lbe neet'

 (1 hours ago)    Mai gossips, 'that would be nice'

 (1 hours ago)    Morpheus gossips, 'what? when did he say that?'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'on bovine a few weeks back'

 (1 hours ago)    Rasselbock gossips, 'my mana regen is so slow that I
kinda find myself relying on levelups to restore it :p'

 (1 hours ago)    Red gossips, 'get eq with manaregen or buy
restoration potions or brew them'

 (1 hours ago)    Protoss gossips, 'any stats help with compeleting
lapadary or gemcutting skills?  dex?  int?  str?'

 (31 minutes ago) Fighter gossips, 'please we need ccc'

 (30 minutes ago) Elemental gossips, 'thanks'

 (30 minutes ago) Quint gossips, 'wow nice'

 (30 minutes ago) Doragon gossips, 'thanks '

 (30 minutes ago) Fighter gossips, 'thanks for th ccc!'

 (30 minutes ago) Fighter gossips, 'er, thanks for the ccc'

 (30 minutes ago) Quint gossips, 'ccc?'

 (30 minutes ago) Neil gossips, 'You're welcome'

 (30 minutes ago) Quint gossips, 'cast cure crit? rofl'

 (29 minutes ago) Quint gossips, 'showing me age now'

 (29 minutes ago) Fighter gossips, 'no'

 (29 minutes ago) Quint gossips, 'jk'

 (29 minutes ago) Fighter gossips, 'it's a clan joke where we refer  to
heal/restore to ccc'

 (29 minutes ago) Elemental gossips, 'is anyone running xp I am a mage
and I can not run xp on my own'


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