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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:36 2001
Channel Name:  newbie

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 (6 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'took me time to find it :)'

 (6 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'thanks'

 (6 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'she is up from the mage tower'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'just  talk mage.. try searching
around the amge tower.  Try to give hints and not be so direct.'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'mage tower.'

 (6 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'sorry'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'no problem you could spoil it for
others is all. '

 (6 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'didn't think about it. Thank you.'

 (6 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'np I knew where she was already'

 (6 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'how do I use a bucket of chum?'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'just id the item, you will
probably find its either a brew comp or food. It can't be used to

 (6 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'when I type look bucket it tells
me that it could be poured into water for atracting fish, but have yet
found the right words'

 (6 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'as I said its only for flavor. 
eat it enjoy it, its less filling then the fish.'

 (5 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'is there a way to buy a better
pole thatn the one at the village so that the line does not break so

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'hello?'

 (5 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'hello'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'ha there is a newbie channel. that's a
good begining... is there someone?'

 (5 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'someone for what?'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'for talking! lol thanks for answering.
more seriousely, i wanted to know, is there  a command to  know
identification of an object, in shop?'

 (5 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'list  name example list helm if
there more than one put the number followed by a period with no spaces.
 like 4.helm'

 (5 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'If I want to review the messages
people have typed what are the commands for that'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'mmm.. what do i regain with blood
sacrifice.... hp, mana, both?'

 (5 days ago)     Fighter newbies, 'both and add movement to them too

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'wow, sickening touch seem  pretty

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'is there a need of drinking or eating
to regenerate  more quickly?'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'lost in a crypte i don't know how to
get out of here. i think i don't have  the level for it.'

 (5 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'recall perhaps?'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'ha. yes it works.. thanks!'

 (5 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'np :)'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'must i eat, or drink to get more easy 
mana regen?'

 (5 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'no'

 (5 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'perhaps a potion?'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'i didn't know such potion exist'

 (5 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'to regen sleep or get eq with regen
on it,  train int and wis'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'ah, i had a question about statistics.
what is  the more important for a necromancer, i imaine  inteligence,
and wisdom? but what else?'

 (5 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'int wis,  and from there depends on
what your second class will be'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'i don't know if i did well. but i
chose cleric'

 (5 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'if you are going cleric then chr,
if warrior str, if thief dex and chr,  for example'

 (5 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'then I would go int wis chr and

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'thanks..'

 (5 days ago)     Renz newbies, 'how to set spells in f1?'

 (5 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'alias set f01 I think'

 (5 days ago)     Renz newbies, 'thanks!'

 (5 days ago)     Fighter newbies, 'alias set f01 '

 (5 days ago)     Renz newbies, 'how to set blood sacrifice and harvest
teeth in alias?'

 (5 days ago)     Renz newbies, 'i mean what will u gonnna type to
activate the skill?'

 (5 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'alias set <aliasname>   then you
type bsac corpse and then /done'

 (5 days ago)     Volric newbies, 'and to invoke you type aliasname
whatever you set it to'

 (5 days ago)     Renz newbies, 'how about harvesting teeth?'

 (5 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'that's not quite right. sac corp will
just sacrifice the corp. it needs to be blood sac corp. to harvest
teeth, harv teeth cor will work.'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'if the sister is really in this crypte
she's really  well hidden. or maybe... dead'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'where can i find a good sash, i have
found some stuff but no  ring, no sash valuable for a necromancer.'

 (5 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'I think there's a good necromancer
belt or two on Kordan'

 (5 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'you're almost high enough level to
move on to there, if you haven't already'

 (5 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'you look pretty well-equiped, you've
definitely been paying attention to item stats'

 (5 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'and it wouldn't hurt till you can
find necrcl to use manaregen mana eq.'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'is skinning skill very usefull?'

 (5 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'mhm. what is the command to  change
options, like music on the mud etc... i amusing mush z'

 (4 days ago)     Wrenn newbies, 'is there any way i can adjust my AFK

 (4 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'hello... can someone explain me how i
dd soul stones tomy  corpses?'

 (4 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'type help soulsteal its probably
your best bet.'

 (4 days ago)     Gilly newbies, 'right before they die type c soul.
and it helps to have dread on'

 (4 days ago)     Karx newbies, '... losing allmy stones preparing 
only one zombie lol...'

 (4 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'can also  buy souls from the
smarket type smarket list '

 (4 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'mmm... is there really a chalice in
this  town? i visited all room i think... and i didn't find any'

 (4 days ago)     Kyranro newbies, 'Check one of the ruined buildings.'

 (4 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'there is one, it moves.'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'search using the search command
several times and it don't mvoe.'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'it don't mvoe it loads in the same
room everytime.'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'move'

 (4 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'I found it in the town hall once, and
on a streat the second time... or I thought, must be mistaken.'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'then someone picked it up and
dropped it there.'

 (4 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'oh, thanks i found it.'

 (4 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'i was a beat depressed by the  music
there. :p'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'nod remember quite often when says
to search, you actually have to use the search command.'

 (4 days ago)     Karx newbies, 'i try to remember it ... one more
command. :d'

 (4 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'If anyone would like rune carving for
gear, I'm currently in the Vemarken donation room.'

 (4 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'In case our newer players didn't know,
rune carved items have more power than usual. :)'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'hello hello!'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'hello'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'hi!'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'uhm.ok i've setup my name and
password and can anyone help me to get to the main area? i ain't
particulaly sure what i'm to do now but i seem to not be in area wheere
anyone is'

 (3 days ago)     Artus newbies, 'just go through it'

 (3 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'follow the descriptions the game
shows you'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'ok uhm can anyone help me so i don't
get killed? my way to going east is blocked. '

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'what's the best way to defend myself
against the enemy?'

 (3 days ago)     Artus newbies, 'learn dodge, parry and shield block
as soon as you can'

 (3 days ago)     Artus newbies, 'and use whatever skills and spells
you have in battle'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'ok i'm in a raveen and there's a man
needing me to talk with him. what should i do now for i did the first
part and got the equipment'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'what wil i need to do now? for i've
got the equipment'

 (3 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'you can type talk then their name,
like tlk soldier'

 (3 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'talk soldier'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'ah ok cool thanks '

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'ok i'm maded it to the heavily warded
waypoint. anything i should do now? '

 (3 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'try telling their leader'

 (3 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'i told him soon as i came in to the
area for the part where he is was where i came down now i'm at the

 (3 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'ah, I believe he gave you a quest
to do, type quests and then quests 1 to see'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'wow.'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'i love this weapon....'

 (3 days ago)     Drue newbies, 'hi'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'hello, what can i  do with those
combat point?'

 (3 days ago)     Gilly newbies, 'save them and later you can use them
to improve skills or spells'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'I suggest typing help combat point
it will tell you the various uses and commands.'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'ha, thanks'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'is there a way of  knowing 
identificationof an object before buying it?'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'in a shop?'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'or on auction or?'

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'yes. someone told me. '

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'it was on shop, sory'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'list item name and if there is
more than 1 list 2.helm  with no spaces. '

 (3 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'thank you'

 (3 days ago)     Chou newbies, 'hmm, strange. where are those 15 or 10
practices you get when you create a new character? i remember i got
them when i created other caracters, but this one seems to don't have
them. strange'

 (3 days ago)     Amostori newbies, 'why are move points going down so
quick after the mauso'

 (3 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'movement is based upon terrain and
what you're doing, sometimes, it can drop fast'

 (3 days ago)     Amostori newbies, 'ok, it just seemed to be fine
until half way through the mausoleum and then having to rest every 4 or
5 moves'

 (3 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'are you fighting alot or moving
through the flooded area?'

 (3 days ago)     Chou newbies, 'is the area for clerics going to be

 (3 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'at some point yes'

 (3 days ago)     Chou newbies, 'i can't wait for it. i didn't got any
practices in the begginging, ans i have multiple caracters, so i know
you should gain atleast 15 or 10 when you begin. :)'

 (3 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'not sure what  you did, but I just
created a new char and it worked just fine.'

 (3 days ago)     Chou newbies, 'huh strange. i created a cleric, this
is why i asked'

 (3 days ago)     Amostori newbies, 'trying to talk to druid to start
his quests doesn't work - "you do not see anybody called druid here"
any help appreciated'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'enter the tree first'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'then type talk druid'

 (3 days ago)     Amostori newbies, 'have alread entered the tree, can
see the description along with the fishing poles and the druid etc, but
when i type "talk druid" it say there is no-one called druid there'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type enter tree'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type talk druid'

 (3 days ago)     Amostori newbies, 'strange it's working now, i swear
it wasn't before. thanks though'

 (3 days ago)     Tsumei newbies, 'arreas'

 (3 days ago)     Tsumei newbies, 'sorry'

 (3 days ago)     Ganim newbies, 'how many levels are here'

 (3 days ago)     Lexie newbies, '37 there's plans to go higher. you
can level to 37 in all six classes theoretically'

 (3 days ago)     Ganim newbies, 'cool'

 (2 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'is there any way I can increase
how many lines displayed int eh output window?'

 (2 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'can I get any of the wagons in the
copper mine area?'

 (2 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'if I use a bow will I have to type
shoot something?'

 (2 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'what can you do with a gold hide'

 (2 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'a golden mole hide'

 (2 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'If Anyone would like gear carved with
runes, I'm in Vemarken for a bit.'

 (2 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'hm.ok can uhm anyone help me find
where the staff is?'

 (2 days ago)     Biggator newbies, 'I am in the town of indira and got
the job tto give apackage to a druid teacher but can not find him.
however, the priest tells me that their is a circle of stones outside
gate where I might get some traing but which gate? '

 (2 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'can anyone help me to find the staff?
i don't no if i can handle this alone for there'll be no one near by
unlike heer'

 (2 days ago)     Syri newbies, 'i'll come help'

 (2 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'cool.thanks'

 (2 days ago)     Syri newbies, 'a friend of mine is closer. head to
the stony field waypoint.'

 (2 days ago)     Syri newbies, 'where are you cirin?'

 (2 days ago)     Cirin newbies, 'just entering the field'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'weapons in cities cost to much! how
do we get money appart sacrificing corpses? :p'

 (2 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'quests and jobs, and most of the
better weapons will be found in those areas you are running the

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'i am looking for a good level 16
weapon for warrior any idea?'

 (2 days ago)     Lara newbies, 'If anyone would like their gear rune
carved, which gives it bonuses, I am at the waypoint for Vemarken for a

 (2 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'you are probably better off doing
that on gossip or chat, its really not something you should do on

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'i got attacked by a frying pan...
everythings all right'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'thos broom are spaming lol. i want
to kill  them all!'

 (2 days ago)     Chou newbies, 'what's a best second class for
clerics? i tought doing necromancer, cause i don't have minions at my
level right now. '

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'mmm. i must shearch a vampire, in
naftalis... any hint, idea, maybe?'

 (2 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'enter the mausoleum and work your
way to the nw corner.  other than that just kill kill and kill some

 (2 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'from nw corner head east a few and

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'a moloseum, in naftalis?'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'going to check it...  i found
catacombs but i got almost killed there. '

 (2 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'there is no vampire in naphtali'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'mmm'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'i probabely didn't understand well
what 's the job, it's fairely possible lol'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'Job  1: Slay 'A red clothed vampire'
in 'The Lost Outpost' for 'a shady character' in 'The town of naftali'

 (2 days ago)     Rayvax newbies, 'but i don't  know if i can see any
hint, or help  with a command.'

 (2 days ago)     Chronus newbies, 'post do anyone knows how to break
the curse in the haunted hills?'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'i got to the wounded soldier right
past new player area with eq, but he doesn't talk, isn't he supposed

 (2 days ago)     Celena newbies, 'I don't believe so. Haha'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'i thought he gave the very first

 (2 days ago)     Slej newbies, 'He doesn't talk anymore. Just keep
going through the area and you'll get a quest. If you're familiar with
the way it used to work, it changed recently and the quest gets
automatically assigned now. not sure why.'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'ok thanks'

 (2 days ago)     Celena newbies, 'I kind of like the new way the
beginning goes. It's cool.'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'yeah, I like it better than the
old way too'

 (2 days ago)     Slej newbies, 'I feel like the old way was better
because it taught legitimate new players to stop and talk to the NPC's
they encounter on the way. But I guess there's pros and cons.'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'twice I'v e gone to the second
waypoint and prayed and i'm still not able to travel to way 2 from way

 (2 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'which waypoints are they?'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'guarded encampment and stoney

 (2 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'huh weird. what does it say?'

 (2 days ago)     Dentin newbies, 'check the waypoint numbers.  They
probably arent 1 and 2'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'ok, i just prayed at stoney, used
way 1 to go back to other area, but can't use way 2 to go back'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'oh, that's wierd, shouldn't 2 come
after 1? one is the encampment and 3 is stoney field'

 (2 days ago)     Dentin newbies, 'I believe you can also use the names
of the waypoints, like way stony or way warded'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'fixed, renumbered 3 to be 2'

 (2 days ago)     Haligan newbies, 'are there guilds or houses on the

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'clans'

 (2 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'there are clans which have a shared
private area'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'there are guilds but i think in my
experience their mostly mobs'

 (2 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'as in each clan has its own area the
members share'

 (2 days ago)     Haligan newbies, 'ahhh'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'is gorro nose or however it's
spelt strictly a water area, no land?'

 (2 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'no there's a land part to the south'

 (2 days ago)     Mystique newbies, 'thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Demigod newbies, 'hello?'

 (1 days ago)     Henrick newbies, 'hi ur.m ok i'just had some guidance
from a friend who's played on heer and he's had to go so uh.m what's
the best way to go about doing quests? '

 (1 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'just pretty much do as the quest
retells you to do, explore  use the search command  try using the
nearby command to find areas and the map -old to see paths you haven't
travelled on.'

 (1 days ago)     Henrick newbies, 'ah.oh Ok'

 (1 days ago)     Doomweasel newbies, 'read'

 (1 days ago)     Chronus newbies, 'post how can use the dumbwaiter?'

 (16 hours ago)   Althorn newbies, 'hello, is there somebody there?'

 (14 hours ago)   Henrick newbies, ' do u earn gifts? for i just
randomly got a gift wich is cool. really awesome that was'

 (13 hours ago)   Henrick newbies, 'wow cool another gift. how do u
earn them? probbably you need to do various kills to get one'

 (13 hours ago)   Sandman newbies, 'the gifts are things that other
players are giving you.  If you read the gift I am sure it states

 (13 hours ago)   Henrick newbies, 'oh cool eyeah i'll check it out'

 (13 hours ago)   Ratc newbies, 'channel'

 (10 hours ago)   Althorn newbies, 'mmm could someone give me  some
hint on a quest, i am really stuck... i visited the place multiple
times  but didn't find  the aim.'

 (10 hours ago)   Alexxa newbies, 'which quest are you having trouble

 (10 hours ago)   Althorn newbies, 'i am in the lost outpost'

 (10 hours ago)   Althorn newbies, 'i must find and kill Lenthierre.
but even with search, i didn't find him'

 (10 hours ago)   Althorn newbies, 'is there somewhere i didn't vist

 (10 hours ago)   Althorn newbies, 'is it possible that he's

 (9 hours ago)    Keener newbies, 'I cant find the shaman in Hildabrad,
where is he?'

 (9 hours ago)    Wuver newbies, 'have you found the park?'

 (9 hours ago)    Keener newbies, 'yes'

 (9 hours ago)    Wuver newbies, 'his house is located somewhere in the

 (9 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'try typing where shaman it will
give you a general direction.'

 (9 hours ago)    Keener newbies, 'found him thanks'

 (5 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'mmm?'

 (5 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'You find and gather up a brightly
colored Easter egg. what is it for?'

 (5 hours ago)    Denna newbies, 'i just did the same thing and was
trying to figure it out lol'

 (5 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'must i keep it?'

 (5 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'it's not in your inventory. think
it's just seasonal to be cute'

 (5 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'lol.... adoken, launching berries!
yep... i love it'

 (4 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'woooo'

 (4 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'mmm.  how must i do... my
inteligence is always to low when i level '

 (4 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'train int'

 (4 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'takes a certain number of pracs.
train without arguments shows how many'

 (4 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'but if i train it i canot learn 

 (4 hours ago)    Denna newbies, 'alternate between skills and training

 (4 hours ago)    Lilmike newbies, 'you need to balance new skills and
spells versus stats. See help advice'

 (4 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'it's a trade off. you will want to
do both at times. that's where leveling lowwer level classes comes in
you have to alternate'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'but must i rebuild the char or
something, or is it still playable. i thing it is  just 1 int point...'

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'it's still playable'

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'just train int as soon as you  can'

 (3 hours ago)    Lilmike newbies, 'there's pretty no way to
permanently screw up your character'

 (3 hours ago)    Lilmike newbies, 'pretty much'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'ha! we can also carve rune of
inteligence, th'at's cool.'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'lol... call squirel.. skwicky, come

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'they're fun'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'that seem, yes'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'if i remember well  accorn are a
kind of amunition is it? but can we do  something else?'

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'later on you use them to create

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'haa'

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'and they're used as ammo for thunder
seeds right'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'i don't really understand how  does
firebrand works. is it automatic?'

 (3 hours ago)    Odi newbies, 'Nods, learning all the petrogliph
skills means you can simply carve runes item.  So if you need to
chisel, burn or whatever, as long as you learn them all you're set'

 (3 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'is there a way of  healing  animals
following  us?'

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'cure light wounds etc from the
cleric tree.'

 (3 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'can also sleep, they regen pretty
fast iirc'

 (2 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'wooch. ice fog ... that hurt'

 (2 hours ago)    Matimi newbies, 'nod'

 (2 hours ago)    Garwina newbies, 'whowowho'


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