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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:36 2001
Channel Name:  newbie

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'mage isn't bad either. it's about
what you prefere mostly. hard to say if this is your first char, but
use experience on other muds to help guide it is my advice.'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'druid or necro are less good but
work. they're primarill'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'ugh'

 (5 days ago)     Taros newbies, 'lol'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'primarily minion classes so less
useful in slot 2, but can be useful'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'use the check command and it'll help
tell you if you're missing things.  feel free to send me  a tell and we
can talk more abou it'

 (5 days ago)     Nickyan newbies, 'Thanks, I'll look into that later.
Gotta go now'

 (5 days ago)     Axel newbies, 'Is the check accurate to follow when
aiming for a playstyle?'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'no check then playstyle name'

 (5 days ago)     Axel newbies, 'Right, but is it enough info to follow
when trying to do a barbarian for example?'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'it is. though honestly, I wouldn't
worry about play style until you have a good handle on the game'

 (5 days ago)     Axel newbies, 'I can play well some of the classes,
but I never managed to make a descent warrior based character. That's
the reason for me to want to try and follow a playstyle'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'fair enough'

 (5 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'if you have a good reason by all
means. jsut i have to assume lowest common denominator on here'

 (5 days ago)     Manni newbies, 'Hello'

 (5 days ago)     Freven newbies, 'does ac also reduces damage from

 (4 days ago)     Nickyan newbies, 'oh crap I didn't realize the cost
of leveling other classes grow when you pick a new one'

 (4 days ago)     Wolfoiox newbies, 'wow'

 (4 days ago)     Nickyan newbies, 'I took thief just for Dodge to get
a quick power boost but it messed up the exp costs haha'

 (4 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'nod, though it's worth noting that
once you level something else to 2 or higher they will swap xp cost,
making thief more expensive than what you level above it'

 (4 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'so if you wanted cleric to be your
second level it to 2, they would then be the same cost,a nd onceyou 
levelled cleric above, it would swap the cost'

 (4 days ago)     Lilmike newbies, 'and once you*'

 (4 days ago)     Nickyan newbies, 'Oh okay I see, thanks'

 (4 days ago)     Kagome newbies, 'hi'

 (4 days ago)     Daquione newbies, 'hm compare doesnt tell wich weapon
is better? how can i know if the rod or the walking stick is better?'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'id each judge for oyurself. '

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'id rod  id sword or whatever then
decide for yourself. Normally you want the weapon with the higher die.
hit dam and the effects that best go with your char.'

 (4 days ago)     Daquione newbies, 'is that a bug? score says i wear
13 of 15 items. but when i look at my eq i see i need 3 more. or does
two of the same item count as one?'

 (4 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'probably the two wrist slots'

 (4 days ago)     Nickyan newbies, 'What are good warrior attacks to

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type check warrior'

 (4 days ago)     Nickyan newbies, 'I know it exists but rarely game's
suggestions for gameplay are optimal'

 (4 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'we try not to mislead players
here. There no point to it. '

 (4 days ago)     Gallan newbies, 'where can I buy potion of

 (4 days ago)     Freven newbies, 'where can I find spell components?'

 (4 days ago)     Freven newbies, 'can anyone teach me how to brew?'

 (4 days ago)     Freven newbies, 'tinctures?'

 (4 days ago)     Gonatt newbies, 'is having 128 hp for a level 16 mage

 (4 days ago)     Nomonga newbies, 'how do i open the buried chest to
retrieve the staff'

 (4 days ago)     Dakran newbies, 'unlock it with the keys.'

 (4 days ago)     Nomonga newbies, 'the dirty black key?'

 (4 days ago)     Dakran newbies, 'yes'

 (4 days ago)     Nomonga newbies, 'with what command?'

 (3 days ago)     Zaar newbies, 'why is there now no bridges to any of
my waypoints? all the places i have been going i can't get to now? is
there something you do to make bridges or is it just what it is?'

 (3 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'you can only way point between
islands..  so oyu can  way point around the  way points on sloe.. but
when goto kordan can only  way point about kordan. '

 (3 days ago)     Izale newbies, 'I have just reached level 3 Druid,
and was told I can now learn 'carve totem', but neither the two places
of learning let me do that in the warded place, so, where am I supposed
to learn new skills for the druid? '

 (3 days ago)     Julyn newbies, 'indira'

 (3 days ago)     Julyn newbies, 'druidic temple'

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'in the stony field, south of the wp
is a druid in a tree, he teaches it'

 (3 days ago)     Izale newbies, 'ok'

 (3 days ago)     Samaell newbies, 'type skill find carve totem, it
will give yo ua least of which trainers can teach you that particular

 (3 days ago)     Julyn newbies, 'druidic templeshow hp'

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'also if you get really stuck on
where to find a spell or skill teacher,  skill find skill name will
give you a list of teachers that know that spells or skill'

 (3 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'the whole thing with carve totem is
that its not a must have spell. It helps, but not  all that much that
you have to have it. It allows you to make a totem you can hold  with
various stats on it. try help totem for more details. '

 (3 days ago)     Turing newbies, 'is warrior/cleric okay for a mostly
solo character or should i switch to warrior/thief?'

 (3 days ago)     Turing newbies, 'or something else?'

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'largely up to you'

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'i'd say if you are inexperienced
with this game, then warrior thief is better to start with'

 (3 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'warrior cleric is fine..  its a
nice mix  and the cleric  support would work out well.  mv is the
warriors mana cleric can refill that, you ahve sanc and also  healing'

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'simply because you will find
yourself having to juggle stats far less'

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'there is really no wrong answer,
just depends on how you think you would like to play'

 (3 days ago)     Turing newbies, 'thanks for the answers! I think I'll
go war/thief/cleric'

 (3 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'honestly  war thief uses just as
many stats.  '

 (3 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'in the end yes'

 (2 days ago)     Jornne newbies, 'thanks'

 (2 days ago)     Nola newbies, 'Where is the Curse Keeper in the
Haunted Hills? I've destroyed the three curse stones, and now need to
find the Curse Keeper. I feel like I'm probably missing something

 (2 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'go back to the stairs'

 (2 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'a new exit has opened'

 (2 days ago)     Gemma newbies, 'go back to the base of the staircase'

 (2 days ago)     Nola newbies, 'Thanks!'

 (2 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'np'

 (2 days ago)     Gemma newbies, 'oh and kill the black scarab beetles
you'll find crawling from the entrance to said hidden room.'

 (2 days ago)     Shallick newbies, 'All my points list <skills> say
they need combat points, including my crafting skills. What uses
profession points?'

 (2 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'profession points ae not fully
implemented yet. '

 (2 days ago)     Shallick newbies, 'Ok, thanks.'

 (1 days ago)     Zaar newbies, 'is there a command to see what buffs
you have active?'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'show aff'

 (1 days ago)     Zaar newbies, 'thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Kagome newbies, 'hi'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'what argument in an alias can i use
for targetting closest'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'what do you mean by closest?'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'well i guess just any mob without
having to use the name'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'like a wild card argument for any

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'I don't think we have anything like
that. It could be pretty dangerous'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'never found one'

 (1 days ago)     Elias newbies, 'I'm just coming back after a little,
so I might be mixed up, but I believe you can target based on race -
which can help if you're in an area with mostly one race'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'hmm so when i backstab i need the
name of the mob every time'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'ah ok'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'occasionally you can use a
descriptive term too, like kill brown, kill tall etc'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'but it can depend on how much
effort the builder put into the area i think, does not always work'

 (1 days ago)     Elias newbies, 'Or just the first three letters of
their name (sorry, I don't think I'd logged to see the original
question and I can't remember how to see channel history >.<)'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'replay channel name'

 (1 days ago)     Elias newbies, 'ty'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'you can narrow it down too, 
*replay channel 5* to go five posts back'

 (1 days ago)     Elias newbies, 'Is there anywhere designed to receive
suggestions? I'm thinking particularly helpfile/helpfile keyword

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'the idea command, type your idea
after the command, not sure how regularly its read, but that something'

 (1 days ago)     Elias newbies, 'Ok, ty :)'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'at what level do you get healing
spells from cleric? And would it be okay to have a third class at low
level just for healing spells?'

 (1 days ago)     Zaar newbies, 'you get soothe wounds at level 1

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'the game will suggest you level a
new class every five levels '

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'ok cool thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'say 20 warrior 15 cleric 10 thief

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'one more question :) do you have to
remove armor to cast spells?'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'no'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'cool'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'will wearing a shield as thief
effect my skills?'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'not at first,'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'you may wish to unequip it later if
you learn the knife throwing  skill'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'okay i will know when a skill wont
work with wearing it?'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'you must have a free hand to throw
stuff, you will get spam to that effect when trying to throw something
while wearing a shield and wielding a weapon'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'its not a problem, i would advise
using a shield until then'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'cool, thanks!'

 (1 days ago)     Geminus newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'how do i look up the number of an

 (1 days ago)     Desruc newbies, 'you can say ID (blank)'

 (1 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'IN A SHOP? LIST HELM  IF THERE

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'i have 3 greasy bracers but one is
unique and im trying to equip that one, its not easy'

 (1 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'remove them all'

 (1 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'rem -wrist then id brac id
2.bracer  id 3.bracer wear bracer wear 2.bracer wear 3.bracer'

 (1 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'put the random better one on
first. '

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'cool i'll give it a try, thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'so concerning bows, can i shoot a
mob in another room?'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'not currently'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'hmm ok, did i just waste skill
points on marksmanship?'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'not necessarily'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'ranged weapons aren't a bad option to
have for a thief/warrior such as yourself. It gives you a non-melee
option in a group'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'ah makes sense'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'is there a waypoint in Vemarken
that im just not finding?'

 (1 days ago)     Grushnak newbies, 'Yes. iirc it's near the middle'

 (1 days ago)     Wily newbies, 'southwest of the town square'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'i just found the sign that told
me.... heh'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'thanks!'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'can i turn off a lit lantern?'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'sure can, unlight lantern I think'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'or extinguish'

 (1 days ago)     Ygraine newbies, 'or douse'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'says You can't extinguish that'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'ah, must be a special one that
don't work on then'

 (1 days ago)     Samhell newbies, 'ah i did find it right in the
begining of the game tutorial'

 (1 days ago)     Cercies newbies, 'help'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'what's the issue? type new and your

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'how so'

 (1 days ago)     Ygraine newbies, 'help with what?'

 (1 days ago)     Cercies newbies, 'lol sorry I tried to type that
without a space. I wasn't even aware there was a chat room'

 (1 days ago)     Cercies newbies, 'sorry!'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'try help advice. then help 0 help 1
through 9'

 (1 days ago)     Grushnak newbies, 'Or just dive right in and read the
helpfiles as you need them :)'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'hello all, I'm a level 10T / 5D, are
there any skills you suggest i learn/practice/prioritize?'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'I'm really nervous about "messing my
character up" if you know what i mean. I love to plan ahead'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'start with primary class skills. use
secondary class skills as you need them. use the same idea with tthird
class. fourth through six for now use for pracs unless you have a need
for a skill from them'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'ah okay'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'I generally learn all of them, but
there are some that are more useful than others.'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'if you type check thief, it should
give you a good idea of what's most important'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'so as a main T, should i focus on
actual melee, or should i actually focus magic, and use T stuff for

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'I'd do melee it's your best class for

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'definitely learn the thief melee

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'use magic as supplemenetary for times
when you aren't doing enough damage'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'okay'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'im really excited to leave the
tutorial area, haven't killed the vampire yet xD'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'well our tutorial stuff runs to level
30, but theyr'e really good. enjoy'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'nah I wouldn't call all that stuff

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'i've kind of been grinding
unintentionally while thinking of what to do next'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'it's not. but it's as good as

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'I mean, I'm super early, like only
just defeated the goblin to get the blinding staff levels of early'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'how do you suggest training sneak?
also, i can't seem to backstab creatures, they always detect me'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'practice it as much as you can, then
use combat points to get sneak the rest of the way up to perfect'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'sneak will help with getting the
jump on things to backstab them, and hide and stealthy movement which
you'll get later expand on it'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'so as a main TD who's thinking of
picking up M as my eventual 3rd, what stats should i focus on?'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'hmm, you need a bit of everything
with that build'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'so dex wis and int?'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'obviously a bit of con eventually'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'probably need str for better weapons'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'xD'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'yes exactly'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'and a little chr always helps but
you don't flat out require it until you get cleric levels'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'so is there a benchmark i can make
for myself? like: get around X dex by main T level 15 without gear

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'that largely depends on play style'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'personally I'd try to have 20 dex by
then, maybe 17 or 18 wis and 15 or 16 int. But you can get away with
less if you have equipment for it. You're never going to be forced to
not have your equipment, so you can build your training around what you

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'I've got 15/12 str, 15/14 int, 20/15
wis, 25/20 dex, 13/12 con, and 15/14 chr. and I'm level 10T/5D'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'oh hey, there you go. You're way
ahead of me'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, ':D'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'You mostly need int and wis to cast
spells, so make sure you have enough to cast what you need to cast and
that's good enough for now. Otherwise I would put some into strength
and con'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'as a lower level TD, would you
recommend holding a totem or shield in the off-hand? if totem, which

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'I'd do one that ads to a weak stat or
to a weak attribute like hr or dr myself'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'how do you compare and replace a
bracer you have with the bracer you have in the second wrist slot?'

 (1 days ago)     Ygraine newbies, '2.bracer'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'i have 2 bracers in inventory, and
wearing two bracers. i tried "compare bracer 2.bracer" and it just
compares the 2 in my inventory'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'try wrist 2 for second bracer'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'compare 2.bracer wrist2'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'don't know that that will work but
might. check the spacing'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'i kind of figured it out. I just used
"compare red leather" red being the name of my 2nd wrist bracer, and
leather being the one in my inv'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that works too. you can also remove
them all then type compare 2.bracer 4.bbracer'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'i guess, i just wanted a faster way
to do it w/o unequipping'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'honestly for me sometimes that is the
faster. unwear wrist id blah blah wear all'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'but if you type wear all, couldn't it
make you wear the equipment you already had on instead of the new

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'so my hitroll is apparently trash,
how can i go about improving it?'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'with equipment that gives hitroll,
or with the bless spell'

 (1 days ago)     Akali newbies, 'ah'

 (1 days ago)     Tras newbies, 'Hi there, I would like to play in
apothecarist playstyle, and thought on mage/druid, or mage/necro. What
would be the better choice?'

 (17 hours ago)   Kagome newbies, 'hi'

 (17 hours ago)   Gemma newbies, 'hi'

 (17 hours ago)   Tarawetsch newbies, 'hi'

 (17 hours ago)   Taran newbies, 'hi'

 (17 hours ago)   Phayne newbies, 'hi'

 (17 hours ago)   Nial newbies, 'hi'

 (17 hours ago)   Nial newbies, 'what's up'

 (15 hours ago)   Samhell newbies, 'Im doing the hedgewizard quest
where you have to kill a thunder kitten cloud and a sun. they are not
dropping the quest items...?'

 (14 hours ago)   Draak newbies, 'let me have a look at them'

 (14 hours ago)   Lexie newbies, 'they do drop but you have to grab
them very quickly or they're blown away, unless something new is

 (14 hours ago)   Samhell newbies, 'ah thanks i got it now'

 (14 hours ago)   Samhell newbies, 'i was trying the loot cmd but that
didn't work'

 (14 hours ago)   Lexie newbies, 'ahh yeah. sometimes things appear on
the ground next to a corpse. and sometimes the mob doesn't leave a
corpse at alll'

 (14 hours ago)   Draak newbies, 'oh a lot of creatures there don't
leave behind bodies'

 (14 hours ago)   Samhell newbies, 'i can't find this lost ring near
the bridge by Vemarken anywhere, what am I missing?'

 (14 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'Look near the platipus'

 (14 hours ago)   Lexie newbies, 'need to go all the way end of the
river and search there. there's an unusual critter guarding it'

 (14 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'Or that. lol'

 (14 hours ago)   Samhell newbies, 'oh you mean jump off the bridge and
swim, lol didn't think of that'

 (14 hours ago)   Draak newbies, 'well wade. It's just a stream'

 (14 hours ago)   Phayne newbies, 'yes, take your shoes and socks off
and paddle'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'Why does it seem like mages fail in
casting more than any other class?'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, '*sighs*'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus newbies, 'no class casts less or fails
more.. its more your knowledge in that spell, if you are wearing  neg
castability eq or if casting on yourself you could have spell save or
if on a mob it might have spell save.. All these and other stuff
factors in.  but knowledge is the bigger one. '

 (13 hours ago)   Anuk newbies, 'lol'

 (13 hours ago)   Anuk newbies, 'hey everyone im new today ! '

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'congrats'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'and, welcome'

 (13 hours ago)   Anuk newbies, 'thanks Zartax'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'np'

 (13 hours ago)   Anuk newbies, 'immidiatley thought of never ending
story when i saw your name '

 (13 hours ago)   Anuk newbies, 'and now im sad hahaha'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'lol'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'That was Artex, I believe...If you
are thinking of the horse.'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus newbies, 'Hi new today,  welcome and just
keep in mind this channel is for  newbie questions relating to game
play mechanics. Use gossip or chat  to just talk please. '

 (13 hours ago)   Horux newbies, 'artax !'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'yeah, right.'

 (13 hours ago)   Akali newbies, 'is cloak of darkness worth improving
via practices?'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'Great classic movie though.'

 (13 hours ago)   Akali newbies, 'so I've typed "check thief" and it
says my overall dmg is too low for effective melee. I haven't found
much better gear, so what can I do at the moment?'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus newbies, 'what you want to look for is  eq
with  thiefskill dam and hitr.. Dam and hitr will help oyu most of all
atlower levels, but if oyu can find thiefskill and dam would be great.'

 (13 hours ago)   Zartex newbies, 'Thanks Morpheus'

 (13 hours ago)   Morpheus newbies, 'welcome'

 (10 hours ago)   Tarawetsch newbies, 'how do i do the quest in the

 (10 hours ago)   Lexie newbies, 'which mines? the copper mines?'

 (10 hours ago)   Tarawetsch newbies, 'yes'

 (10 hours ago)   Lexie newbies, 'you have too options. you eitehr talk
to the gnome then go through following the signs, talk to the mine
leader, and negotiate the new conctract, or you go down, and kill
demons til you have supressed the revolt.'

 (9 hours ago)    Ande newbies, 'what does Equipment Toal Levle mean'

 (9 hours ago)    Ande newbies, 'I mean, Equipment Total Level'

 (5 hours ago)    Brothernick newbies, 'do i need a carrying pouch for


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