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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:36 2001
Channel Name:  newbie

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 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'or will I just grow into equipment
that has all of them on the same pieces at some point?'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'you'll get better as you go on.
there's a lot of good pieces on the quest lines'

 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'I just have no idea whether an item
with 1 thief level is better than an item with +1dr/+1hr... I know
casters always want to max skill levels over almost anything but not
sure about thief'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'I'd go with hr/dr for now'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'so would I'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'eventually you'll want more thief
sklev, but it's not as big a hampering issue at your level'

 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'thanks, that's very helpful'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'where is the donation room in

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'there isn't one in indira'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'closest one is at neftali or in sloe

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'and they're usually close to what
ever waypoint there is'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'can you carve runes on metal? Is
there an etch skill?'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'no. wood, bone, crystal, glass'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'leather'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'ice rock'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'thanks Draak, I knew i was forgetting

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'When the smithing skills come on
line, it would be nice for there to be a way to fold runes into the

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'first tier of smithing skills came
on-lie today'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'on line'

 (1 days ago)     Kyan newbies, 'Ooh a shiny.'

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'Wow, I missed  that '

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'etching would be the metal version
of firebrand or embroider though - only used on finished crafts, not
while crafting'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'there is a high level enchanting
skill for druid called rune enchant that lets you put runes on

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'Wow. Just looked at changes, Draak
has been very busy'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I'm on a mac so it doesn't actually
work with my F keys but Ican use the buttoms for 1 - 8 it seems'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I see the alias help info though

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'ilaria what are you talking about
with the buttons'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'function key aliases'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'if you're usinging tintin for your
client, it can do that natively'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I have blue buttons right below
where the text I'm typing appears that correspond to F keys and they
are apparently called function key aliases and if you look up the help
for fkeys it tells you how to adjust them'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'oh,  hold fn while you press the
function key does that work?'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'haha yep that probably does work'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'if so you can change the default
behavior of your function row if you want to'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I like the buttons though'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'clicking on them'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I also know nothing about clients or
what I using'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'lots to learn'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'one day at a time lol'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'you appear to be using alter
aeon's own client, you're doing fine'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'yeah, clicking on the buttons will
work too. not as efficient, but hey, what ever works'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'a good strategy is to use help dash r
with no space between the r and the dash. you get random help pages
that way'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'sleeping and reading help pages gets
you familiar with the game a lot faster'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'also speeds up regen'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'they're sighted, so help -r will
work fine'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'awesome thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'yep, but there might be others

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'good point'

 (1 days ago)     Shadowmyr newbies, 'Is there anyway to change the
color combat text, say my attacks vs. the mobs attacks?'

 (1 days ago)     Kyan newbies, 'Probably a client thing? Mine does it
by default.'

 (1 days ago)     Shadowmyr newbies, 'I'm using the alter aeon default
client. Pueblo or Zmud?'

 (1 days ago)     Kyan newbies, 'Ah, sorry, not sure how to help then.'

 (1 days ago)     Shadowmyr newbies, 'No worries. I appreciate the

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'anyone know how to use the spells on
a spell staff? Can't find the command in the help files'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'Anyone know where to find Lenthierre
the Black in the Lost Outpost?'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'wield the staff and 'use staff'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'thanks!'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'Anyone know where to find Lenthierre
the Black in the Lost Outpost?'

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'Go down into the basement, search
in the south eastern corner, pick the door '

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'there is no key'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'Ah great'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'Thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'is there no donation room in Gnomian

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'type help 3.donate'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'that will give you a list of all the
donation rooms'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'no problem'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'actually it didn't have the

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'it does'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'help 3.donate'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'I'm looking at it right now.'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'oh sorry I missed it got it'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'awesome'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'What's the best way for warriors to
kill ethereal enemies?'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'use nonorm weapons'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'My attacks always just pass
harmlessly through'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'yeah, you need a weapon that does
nonorm damage, not just normal damage'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'yeah, you need to find a weapon that
says it can hit ethereal creatures'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'Ohh i see. Probably can't find it in
shops right'

 (1 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'not likely, sometimes you can find
them in donation, otherwise by doing quests'

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'at level 15, you should be able to
get the weapon that ghost gives you off the haunted highway for that

 (1 days ago)     Weyoun newbies, 'on Kordan'

 (1 days ago)     Kchyao newbies, 'Ok I'll explore around. Thanks!'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'hmm tips on getting from island of
slow to indirra? just realized all my waypoints so far are in that

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'island of slow that is'

 (1 days ago)     Murloc newbies, 'from venmarken wp you go ne and
enter portal and youre in indira'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'thanks didn't find that portal 

 (1 days ago)     Murloc newbies, 'no worries :)'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'when you brew with spell comps do
you add them to the ingredient list?'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'my encumbrance is low but I run out
of move after like 5 moves - what else should I look at?'

 (1 days ago)     Darke newbies, 'get the movement skills like forest
navigation or spelunking'

 (1 days ago)     Darke newbies, 'they lower the movement cost required
to move in their respective tiles'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'so someone mentioned a dagger in a
log in the kord forest south of nephtali but that it isn't always there
the first time you look'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'how long do you wait for it to
regenerate or... whatever it does?'

 (1 days ago)     Viperos newbies, 'Generally about half an hour '

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'what time does the sun come up?'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'in the game'

 (1 days ago)     Aziz newbies, '6 AM game time'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'tx'

 (1 days ago)     Aziz newbies, 'er, 7'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'what is a mob? is that all npc's?'

 (1 days ago)     Lall newbies, 'Hi, what has better chance? Cler thi,
or cler dru?'

 (1 days ago)     Sofia newbies, 'someone knows how I find this? Look
for Ahpuch Lightkiller in the cave.'

 (1 days ago)     Sofia newbies, 'I'm in larger cavern'

 (1 days ago)     Sofia newbies, 'but I don't get to find the dementor

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'hrmm where would i practice prepare
zombie meaning, what city?'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'ah found it it's a little confusing
when some trainers dont  let you practice certain spells lol'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'ok confused.....i'm getting a
message about possibley my char being unbalanced does that mean add
more classes or continue working on the 2 i'm using'

 (1 days ago)     Murloc newbies, 'you should always level the lowest
cost :)'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'meaning, the lowest  level class
wether i want to focus on them or not?'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'want to make sure i know what i'm

 (1 days ago)     Murloc newbies, 'nod youll eventually have levels in
everything so pick whats interesting to you next '

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'ok thanks'

 (1 days ago)     Murloc newbies, 'not a problem!'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'hi@m i'm in the badland chapple where
do i start? for i'm not sure where anyone is for i feel rather nervous.

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'if no one's around tha's
understandble i can't hang on '

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'uh.can anyone help me kill the
zombie? '

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'oh my you ok?'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'how do you prepare corpses for
raising zombies? i'm confused'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'very confused soince i'm not seeing
a prepare zombie spell unless i'm missing something obvious'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'it's a skill not a spell'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that's the first issue. '

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'ok that helps'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'a bit'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'hello Rhycel i'm not sure. i'm stuck
in a multi hall and i'd killed one but i can't get to anyone. can't
seem to find anyone around. is there an easy way out? '

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'what's the issue? i just arrived'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'recall?'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'i only just joined nnow and killed a
paladin zombie'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'now how to prepare a corpse'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'first you have to use the
preservation spell on it'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'then you prepare corpse type of

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, '*nod'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'then you prepare corpse color of soul
stone you're using until you get a message saying you can't add more'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'then you cast the raise dead spell or
use it as a skill I'm a little rusty, but which ever it is you then
have a minion'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'ahh yes, spell'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'as I was saying to you last night,
the help pages are a big help. they usually have the syntax.  if you're
playing with english as a second third fourth language they're
sometimes confusing, but the syntax is usually at the top under the
names of skills or spells in the group and their levels and mana costs'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'i'm trying to do aflict curse on this
vampire but it doesn't reecognise the spell. '

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'should just be c afflict name of mob.
if you're already engaged it'll automatically target the mob you're

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'cool thanks .killed it'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'and now i have a zombie, thanks

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'heh nice one'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'where are the mines to fo the quest
for the bronzesmith in Nephtali? It just says deep in the Kordwood but
doesn't show up on <nearby>'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'west in the kordwood'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'tx'

 (1 days ago)     Rhysel newbies, 'and now for an army of minions!:)'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'sorry, the mines are in the forest
west of Nephtali, or west within the woods south of Nephtali?'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'same thing'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'it's south and west to be more

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'so I can leave the city either to
the west or the south and find it?'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'yes'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'okay, so go south first, then west'

 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'it's east of the haunted path'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that's one way, but it's faster to
come at it from the haunted highway'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'dammit stuck int he minataur maze. I
really don't know where I am. I wish quests would give you a name of an
area that can be found using 'nearby''

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that's too far north and east'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'but I literally left nephtali south
and went south and west as much as I could'

 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'There's a little brown path going
east from the haunted highway that goes to the mine'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'don't know where the haunted highway

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that's part way where you need to be
just need to go east from haunted highway, it's much easier from that

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'there is no haunted highway on
nearby either'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'haunted highway is out the west gate
of neftali. be sure to read room descs'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'so the haunted highway is west of
nephtali and the mines are east of the haunted highway...'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'it'll all come clear when you go west
form neftali and find the highway'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I was over there, but I guess I
missed it'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'occupational hazard of being a newbie
on a big game. '

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'but reading is the number one reason
why people get messed up. I've been playing for twelve years and I
still screw up regularly because of it'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'just wish there were a way to get
more specific info from the actual quest info and the nearby / areas

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'well there is. I told you originally
it was in the kord wood'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that's on nearby.'

 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'the area does show up on nearby too'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'for some reason i prayed at the field
after doing the imp quest and the waypoint come up as 3'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'you might have the first wp still,
don't worry about it.'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'no Kordwood in nearby'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'no "mine" area in nearby'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'that's cause it's not listed as a
mine. just go west out of neftali until you get to haunted highway.
it's generally west of the west gate,  once you're there head south
along it. as Rhysel said there's a path to the east that leads in the
general direction you want'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'has Haunted Crypts, town of
Nephtali, Catacombs below Nephtali, Forest west of Nephtali, Caves of
Mendalius, Qoorik's LAir and underground city of Runn-Khal''

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'nearby does, that is'

 (1 days ago)     Rilan newbies, 'it's the underground city'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'ah thank you'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'yes, but you can't always go by
nearby, you've been given a lot of directions lol use em.'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'for some reason the stony field
waypoint is still at 3. might be something wrong or something'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'yes but to check I'm headed the
right direction it's nice to check nearby every once in a while'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'nearby will trick you. it's not the
best guide.  I'd use the dirs '

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'ideally it should be doable without
directions from other players, but understood'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'ideal and reality rarely collide or
even lie parallel in my experience'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'that's why we play in designed
worlds lol'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'the newbie islands do things like
this to get you ready for the mainland. nearby can give you a general
direction, but often the dirs are as the crow flies'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'and sometimes they're downright wrong
or misleading.  exploration, reading, and an eye for landmarks will
help you much more than using only the ingame nav tools'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'as the crow flies is perfect - I
would never have tried to go into the forest south of Nephtali if I
knew it was the "underground city"'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'yes? but you have to go there to get
to it. that forest is very big'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'you can walk to it from the direction
you came in, it's just harder to find from that side'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'well, and especially now that I'm
trapped ina minotaur maze'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'you do know recall command?'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I never would have gone "down" here
if I was checking nearby'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I accepted the quest for the
minotaur now, gonna just try and do it'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'where do you expect to find an
underground city?  you can continue to wish for better in-game nav, but
I'm trying to explain to you why it's good to use it, but to be
prepared for issues with the system'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I'm saying if the quest mentioned
the area by name, I would have been able to get a lot closer before
exploring random down options, is all'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'it's okay, just a little

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'if the quest mentioned every area by
name it would take all exploration out of the game. be prepared. on the
mainland what you encountered there is nothing.'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'fair enough'

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'yay fixed it lol took a while'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I'm still unable to find a help
article on how to add spellcomps when brewing tinctures or salves as a
druid - have them in the inventory or add them to the command line
'brew tinc <ingredient> <ingredient> etc'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'you brew them with the herbs etc as
one line.'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'brew tincture leaves mushroom dragon
scale cauldron'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'like so'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'and it's explained under help brew

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'sorry, I don't see it say whether
you can add them to the list or should have them in inventory when you
do analyze etc - I just thought of another way to try and experiment to
find out though, so I'll try that'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'why not do it the way I told you
earlier? '

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'which is the way it works'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'and, it says quite clearly, all herbs
and spell comps must be in your inventory '

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'was it you who said don't have the
spellcomps in the inventory when you do analyze, and then once you have
the recipe for the one you want, put a spellcomp back in inventory?'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'no. spell comps only add level and
amount. '

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I know that, I'm talking about the
procedure for getting them in the recipe for the tincture'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'i don't see a huge difference with
them in or out, my advice is, since you're just experimenting at this
point, leave them in it's faster.'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'some people might leave them out to
be sure what the exact recipe is'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I tried to add the spellcomp to the
ingredient list and it rejected the command, and I tried brewing with
them in the inventory and they didn't get included in the brew<'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'shrug'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'what spell comp'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'and did you put the container at the
end of the list like I showed you earlier'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'i don't remember I've been
collecting them'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'hm, are you sure it was me you
talked to earlier? '

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'yes. yesterday, I and Rhorae did. '

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'and earlier in the previous statement
referred to about 5 minutes ago'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I didn't need to include the
container, it was the only one I had'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'ok then as long as the container is
empty, you don't typo, you're using only herbs and spell comps, then it
will work'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'but maybe that will make it
recognize the spellcomp if I finish with the container'

 (1 days ago)     Lexie newbies, 'might help. can't hurt'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'will give it a try '

 (1 days ago)     Kelly newbies, 'cool how do you earn gifts? i just
got rewarded something wich is cool'

 (1 days ago)     Ilaria newbies, 'I killed the minotaur and cleared
out the whole maze but the quest didn't resolve - guessing there's
another one that is hidden somehow? '

 (1 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'probably is'

 (17 hours ago)   Ilaria newbies, 'okay finally got to the mine but the
second level has no way out? what kind of commands might show hidden
exits? There's nothing in the room desc that I can find to use'

 (17 hours ago)   Ilaria newbies, 'the whole level is only 3 rooms so I
know it's s hidden exit of some kind'

 (17 hours ago)   Xera newbies, 'search can sometimes be used to find
hidden exits'

 (17 hours ago)   Ilaria newbies, 'that did it thanks'

 (17 hours ago)   Sandman newbies, 'taking off  brief and looking at
the long desc can help sometimes as well. '

 (12 hours ago)   Phiodora newbies, 'i am a mage. wich should be my
second clas?'

 (9 hours ago)    Rilan newbies, 'as thief is sneak the best thing to
spend combat points on starting out?'

 (6 hours ago)    Tarellida newbies, 'Hi, blind player here who's about
level 14 in primary class on the Island of Sloe. I'm trying to do all
quests before leaving and wondering where the shaman in Hildabrad is
located? Thank you for any assistance. '

 (6 hours ago)    Lilmike newbies, 'if you find the main east west
road, find the park at its west end or so, then look in there for a
door and she'll be in there'

 (6 hours ago)    Tarellida newbies, 'awesome! Thank you so much for
the assistance. It's very much appreciated. '

 (6 hours ago)    Lilmike newbies, 'np :-)'

 (4 hours ago)    Kyan newbies, 'Can someone help? The Bailiff
(assuming guard captain) of Vemarken appears to have disappeared.'

 (4 hours ago)    Draak newbies, 'I'm seeing the bailiff in vemarken at
The Mayoral Estate of Vemarken'

 (4 hours ago)    Kyan newbies, 'Found him, thank you.'

 (2 hours ago)    Ravan newbies, 'what are diffrent fuction keys in
combat? i use f1 for coldfire and f3 to get loot only'

 (2 hours ago)    Slej newbies, 'type alias list and yo'ull see all of
them. You can also edit them, but the game automatically sets a bunch
of them for you base on your starting class.'


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