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Creation Date: Sat Nov  3 18:37:36 2001
Channel Name:  newbie

(note - most recent messages are displayed at the bottom)
 (10 days ago)    Septimus newbies, 'then group all as morph ssays'

 (10 days ago)    Gorast newbies, 'How does one trade items?'

 (10 days ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'type help trade'

 (10 days ago)    Adame newbies, 'where is mortisha?'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'deep in the bowels of the dragon'

 (10 days ago)    Gorast newbies, 'waaay down in there'

 (10 days ago)    Adame newbies, 'i think i've figgured it out yah'

 (10 days ago)    Adame newbies, 'is the coffen improtant?'

 (10 days ago)    Adame newbies, 'coffen'

 (10 days ago)    Adame newbies, 'cofen'

 (10 days ago)    Tamyil newbies, 'It might be. try looking at it'

 (10 days ago)    Adame newbies, 'could someone show me where mortisha

 (10 days ago)    Taysir newbies, 'how do i multiclass please?'

 (10 days ago)    Tamyil newbies, 'you'll just level other classes. If
you always level your cheapest class, you'll be doing good'

 (10 days ago)    Taysir newbies, 'no, i mean how do i input the
command to multiclass?'

 (10 days ago)    Taysir newbies, 'ah ok so when i'm able to level i
level [class] to multiclass?'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'yes'

 (10 days ago)    Tamyil newbies, 'if you type level, it'll show you
the requirements to level each class. when leveling a second class is
cheaper than leveling your current, then level whichever you want as
your second class'

 (10 days ago)    Drakjir newbies, 'so.. been playing for a couple
hours today... how long does it normally take before I start to
interact with actual people?'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'depends on what you mean by

 (10 days ago)    Drakjir newbies, 'like RP'

 (10 days ago)    Drakjir newbies, 'do dungeons, quests, etc'

 (10 days ago)    Tamyil newbies, 'this isn't an rp game really, but as
far as quests, you should be doing quests even as a brand new

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'grouping up with people is something
you should expect more once you reach level 20 or so, and it gets very
intense after level 30'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'RP you really have to find the right
crowd. It waxes and wanes some, but its never been a very strong
element here'

 (10 days ago)    Drakjir newbies, 'oh ok, cool, so its more like a
hack and slash. cool.'

 (10 days ago)    Tamyil newbies, 'yep'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'hack 'n' slash/quest driven, with
crafting and exploration as strong elements if you want them'

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'i want to know the diffirence
between case and pick pocket'

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'can i use case to pick and how'

 (10 days ago)    Tamyil newbies, 'case tells you how difficult a
target would be to pickpocket, steal from etc'

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'ok what about pick pocket , and
can i use it to steel buy ammount'

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'for example pick 337 gold'

 (10 days ago)    Draak newbies, 'pickpocket is random, you can't
specify the amount you want to steal'

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'can i tell the ammount in case or

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'or just to look'

 (10 days ago)    Mohammed newbies, 'and why the ammounts on pickpocket
are low'

 (10 days ago)    Yongye newbies, 'how can i rename an item i crafted

 (10 days ago)    Gorast newbies, 'how do I gather acai berries on the
island near kordan?  I can't find them.'

 (10 days ago)    Boris newbies, 'how do i view what spells i have?'

 (10 days ago)    Boris newbies, 'thanks'

 (10 days ago)    Rainous newbies, 'how do I locate the guild or
teachers to learn magic spells?'

 (10 days ago)    Rainous newbies, 'how do I get help when I'm mortally

 (9 days ago)     Boris newbies, 'where is pellam?'

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'by past venarken'

 (9 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'boris type nearby'

 (9 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'that should give you a general
direction.  pellam is before  vemarken not after it.'

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'sorry about that '

 (9 days ago)     Boris newbies, 'thanks morpheus im on my way now'

 (9 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'great good luck.'

 (9 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'once you get into the camp head to
the southeast corner to find the path out.'

 (9 days ago)     Haumea newbies, 'do i have to be holding the fern to
cure old blue?'

 (9 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type use fern blu'

 (9 days ago)     Haumea newbies, 'thank you'

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'could someone help me deal with
theese 2 raph knights in the dragon'

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'please?'

 (9 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'attack them.. flee out attack them
again after regen. Hit and run is a fairly good tactic.'

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'ok thanks'

 (9 days ago)     Haumea newbies, 'the priest of mut gave me a job to
find an animated corpse in relnoth. I'm here. got dirrections from
people along the way. but i can't find the person to give the letter

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'i am struggling to find and kill
mortisha could you help me?'

 (9 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'i've got her'

 (9 days ago)     Avad newbies, 'info'

 (9 days ago)     Avad newbies, 'sorry about that!'

 (9 days ago)     Kleos newbies, 'character'

 (8 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'hello, players! Please, is thief
the best class to follow warrior or spellcasting classes can also

 (8 days ago)     DarqSqueak newbies, 'there isn't really a best
combination.  If you're new to the game though, I'd recommend warrior
cleric, those two are pretty easy to use together'

 (8 days ago)     DarqSqueak newbies, 'warrior to beat stuff up, cleric
to heal and recover stamina and protect'

 (8 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'seems nice... but it is not hard
to a warrior to train spells? if I undertood the help page correctly,
skills and spells have stats requirements, right?'

 (8 days ago)     DarqSqueak newbies, 'see 'help advice' for info on
that.  There's easily enough practices for that class combination
unless you do something dumb like try to train up your stats to max'

 (8 days ago)     DarqSqueak newbies, 'help advice' talks about holding
some in reserve and only getting the stats that you need or that would
help, and that's really good advice'

 (8 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'oh, I see... I have also readed
about equipment... is it easy to find warrior/cleric good stuff?  I am
not much confortable with multiclassing... '

 (8 days ago)     Mer newbies, 'advice'

 (8 days ago)     Mer newbies, 'lesson'

 (8 days ago)     Mer newbies, 'advice'

 (8 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type help advice '

 (8 days ago)     Mer newbies, 'page'

 (8 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'hi Mer'

 (8 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'please, is there any way to limit
the amount of lines received? sometimes the donation list is so big...

 (7 days ago)     Healcaster newbies, 'what is the options for magical

 (7 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'the options for spirit hammer are on
the help page of the spell - 'help spirit hammer''

 (7 days ago)     Eagot newbies, 'cache of food'

 (7 days ago)     Eagot newbies, 'cache of food how do I take or eat

 (7 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'l in sack and get all sack I think
its a sack on the ground.'

 (7 days ago)     Heinrich newbies, 'say'

 (7 days ago)     Heinrich newbies, 'how do you change the function
aliases? (F1-F8)'

 (7 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'are you using mush client?'

 (7 days ago)     Heinrich newbies, 'i am not sure'

 (7 days ago)     Heinrich newbies, 'how do i check'

 (7 days ago)     Dentin newbies, 'you change the function keys by
setting aliases for them on the game - use  the 'alias' command for

 (7 days ago)     Dentin newbies, 'for example, to change F1, use the
command 'alias set f01', then enter the commands that you want, then
hit @ or /done when you're finished'

 (7 days ago)     Dentin newbies, 'did that work the way you expected?'

 (7 days ago)     Heinrich newbies, 'yes thank you'

 (7 days ago)     Dentin newbies, 'awesome.  Good hunting'

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'how can a player that is not druid
find that items requred to do herbalist job? does it requires specific

 (7 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'you can find objects for sale in
other herb shops'

 (7 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'or ask another player to help you'

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'hmmm...  well, lets search for the
shops then. thanks a lot. and if someone can get a daisy fleabane,
please send a message... sorry if mispelled'

 (7 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'do oyu know where idlewood is?'

 (7 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'you'

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'have an idea... i can go if the
way dont have many monsters'

 (7 days ago)     Sandman newbies, 'Sukara the herbalist has the daisy

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'alright. thanks. so it happens
with all herbalists and alchemists tasks? i can always find the stuff
in other areas shops? if so, seems cool and relatively easy, rofl.'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'in some cases yes, but if you type
 job it should give an idea what area you can look in.  With the
exception of  some comps thats pretty dead on.'

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'yeah, i saw the area ... but dont
have the druid skill to find herbs, flowers and mushrooms... yet.'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'nod  collecting comps at low level
is a little hard, priest jobs and  delivery jobs  though should be
pretty good. '

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'Sandman helped me with this first
one... and now i know that there is a shop list on the game site. I
guess it may take some time, but i can check if herbalists and
alchemists around have what the job requires... it is easier xp than
going risk life against monsters... at east while i am new... thanks
all for the helps.'

 (7 days ago)     Dentin newbies, ':)'

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'oh, three gods of game sending
messages to me? cool... let me say i am liking the game very uch!'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'smile'

 (7 days ago)     Saysay newbies, 'where can i buy potion containers
for brewing tinctures?'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'at pretty  much at any alchemist'

 (7 days ago)     Saysay newbies, 'what should I be buying though? I
don't see empy potions'

 (7 days ago)     Saysay newbies, 'empty*'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'you want to search for liquid
contianer.. try  list search +liq I think'

 (7 days ago)     Rodrigus newbies, 'cups, cauldrons, goblets, things

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'yes  try list search +liq'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'to bottle it you will need the
bottle skill though.  '

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type help bottling to see how it
works. '

 (7 days ago)     Saysay newbies, 'thanks'

 (7 days ago)     Nerisa newbies, 'is there a way to set what I look

 (7 days ago)     Shran newbies, 'description'

 (7 days ago)     Shran newbies, 'set description lets you type it in'

 (7 days ago)     Mikecapelle newbies, 'hi'

 (7 days ago)     Lancermage newbies, 'help'

 (7 days ago)     Lancermage newbies, 'help 1'

 (7 days ago)     Tamyil newbies, 'what are you trying to do?'

 (7 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'high Lancermage'

 (7 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'hi even'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'try  just typing help 1  or help 2
or help 3 or help advice'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'is there another special way of
wearing weapons or armor?'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'since hold and wear do not work  the
equipment  i have is called a bixies stringer'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'sorry stinger '

 (7 days ago)     Qiera newbies, 'wield?'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'A bixie's stinger isn't a weapon.  If
you really want to wield it anyway, add '-force' to your wield

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'type wield stinger'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'will forcing it give me its stats?'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'yea it is a weapon, but its also a
spell comp. I forgot I did that. just type wield stinger -f'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'ok got it thanks sorry about that 
did not know i should have ignored that warning lol'

 (7 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'nods'

 (7 days ago)     Lancermage newbies, 'help '

 (7 days ago)     Lancermage newbies, 'help add way point'

 (7 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'jsut type  help way  don't need
new just help  thing'

 (7 days ago)     Lancermage newbies, 'help key'

 (7 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'hi again'

 (7 days ago)     Rigrit newbies, 'how do you fish?'

 (7 days ago)     Haumea newbies, 'does forest nav still work if you
are flying?'

 (6 days ago)     Devengel newbies, 'where can i find the bear cave?'

 (5 days ago)     Yayu newbies, 'help'

 (5 days ago)     Skalli newbies, 'yep?'

 (4 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'is there a way to hide with the
light and still see the creature your trying to backstab?'

 (4 days ago)     Rhorae newbies, 'the infravision spell is what you
want, you need more mage levels to learn it, but you might be able to
find something wearable with the spell on it'

 (4 days ago)     Darke newbies, 'you also need to prevent your light
sources from exposing your hiding spot, usually with an effect like the
thief's "cloak of darkness" or the mage spell darken'

 (4 days ago)     Darke newbies, 'although doing that necessitates
infravision or some sort of external light to see the target'

 (4 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'i have cloak of darkness'

 (4 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'yeah i had to drop the light so i
could backstab the goblin'

 (4 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'what does the sphere in naftali

 (4 days ago)     Aulzun newbies, 'Which way to the kobold camp from
the stony field?'

 (4 days ago)     Jaldabaoth newbies, 'go south on the graveyard'

 (4 days ago)     Aulzun newbies, 'how do I find Uffspigot'

 (3 days ago)     Devengel newbies, 'how to use stuff on objects?'

 (2 days ago)     Broomfondle newbies, 'Hola!'

 (2 days ago)     Anterro newbies, 'so I am wondering, so if I have a
spell save of 35 that just means I take less damage from spell based
attacks? Does that effect my magic use at all?'

 (2 days ago)     Anterro newbies, 'is there a way to put a BANG (!) in
an alias?'

 (2 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'hi'

 (2 days ago)     Latif newbies, 'mc'

 (2 days ago)     Adame newbies, 'anyone wanna come and help fight the
arktic wolf in the haunted hills?'

 (2 days ago)     Yayu newbies, 'help'

 (2 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'hi'

 (2 days ago)     Warren newbies, 'what's up?'

 (2 days ago)     Yayu newbies, 'help'

 (2 days ago)     Yayu newbies, 'help'

 (2 days ago)     Meko newbies, 'what you need help with?'

 (2 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'how do you raise hitral?'

 (2 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'primarily with weapons and equipment.
The bless spell also raises hitroll'

 (2 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'okay thanks :)'

 (2 days ago)     Rigrit newbies, 'how do you pick up binding objects'

 (1 days ago)     Warren newbies, 'so what affects the condition of the
miraculous mantle? Do you get different or better quality vestments at
higher levels or what?'

 (1 days ago)     Warren newbies, 'can title be cleared?'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'apparently not'

 (1 days ago)     Mathayas newbies, 'the default title is The Newbie,
you could set it to that I guess'

 (1 days ago)     Shelda newbies, 'anyone know how to look into a
carrying pouch?'

 (1 days ago)     Sliver newbies, 'look in pouch'

 (1 days ago)     Shelda newbies, 'thanks Sliver'

 (1 days ago)     Sliver newbies, 'np'

 (1 days ago)     Karex newbies, 'does cha determine how many minyons
you can control? I'm assuming so, but figured I'd ask'

 (1 days ago)     Morpheus newbies, 'the amount of minions you can
control is based on your level in that class.'

 (1 days ago)     Karex newbies, 'ah!'

 (1 days ago)     Shelda newbies, 'hi guys how long have newbie you all
been playing newbie im trying to see if its worth spending time in it 
so far its pretty aweosme '

 (1 days ago)     Sliver newbies, 'in the client, how do I change the
bindings for the function keys?'

 (1 days ago)     Karex newbies, 'would being better at harvest teeth
improve the quality of items from spells that use them?'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'no, but it will improve your success
rate when harvesting them'

 (1 days ago)     Karex newbies, 'Ah ok. I was just asking because for
some reason, I was able to cast a more damaging bone blade at an
earlier time, then I died and lost some knowledge of harvest teeth, and
now my bone blades are a damage point weaker, so was just curious about
that heh'

 (1 days ago)     Draak newbies, 'I think necromancer level is the key

 (1 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'does the different type of daggers
that determine the kind of backstab that I get? or is it just random?'

 (1 days ago)     Nimeago newbies, 'or does the skill need to be
improved to be able to damage a mob more?'

 (1 days ago)     Yayu newbies, 'help'

 (7 hours ago)    Skalli newbies, 'hey everyone, i know, this might
sound incredibly stupid, but how can you increase your hitroll and
damage, accept a heavier weapon? the check command tells me that my
overall combat speed and damage are to low, anything I can do about

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'find eq with dam and hit on it. '

 (7 hours ago)    Skalli newbies, 'hmm ok, thanks for the tip, gonna
search for equipment, still have to get myself aquainted round this

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'as a warrior main class you want to
find eq with as much hit and dam as possible. at low level I would look
for eq with  higher dam and hit.. as far as a weapon I would look for 2
wield weapons soemthing like the axe of might.. which you might be able
to find in my shop 1 up from the vemarken way point or on a dwarf in
the indira forest to the east of indira.'

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'as far as eq goes that same dwarf
would ahve a bunch of  hit dam eq.  in fact give me a minute. '

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'scalli type group join sandman'

 (7 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'the one good thing about that axe
skalli is since it does elemental damage it will work vs ethereal
monsters like ghosts.'

 (7 hours ago)    Skalli newbies, 'ok, thanks, so the basic formula is,
look what every opponent leaves behind and see if can work for your

 (6 hours ago)    Sarlen newbies, 'is there a lockbox of sorts i can
keep some items in for later? '

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'its too dark to see or do anything.
Do I really have to wait for morning to come?'

 (6 hours ago)    Aldale newbies, 'don't you have a light?'

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'I just started'

 (6 hours ago)    Aldale newbies, 'oof'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'you need to follow the instructions. 
One of the first things you are prompted to do when you start is pick
up a light.'

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'back by the cliffs?'

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'wonderful. I missed that because I
started this yesterday and closed it immediatly so didn't get that
prompt again'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'you are in the ruid starting area, in
the first room you were in.  Weren't you told to pick things up on the

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'aha'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'Yeah, not sure what happened then,
but you should be able to walk back and get it.'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'otherwise, just reset and start over,
given you have not done anything yet'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'just give me a minute'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'when you first enter your username
and password, you are presented with a menu.  Just choose restart, and
the game will reset, and you can start over like you did yesterday'

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'I will have to restart because it
won't let me pick up anything in the dark'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'never mind that'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'probably best, given you can then see
all the text when you start.  '

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'Or do what morpheus says, either way'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'I gave you a candle'

 (6 hours ago)    Shran newbies, 'I personally would restart, only
because then you get to see all the intro text from teh start.'

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'Oh awesome, thank you Morpheus'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'you are welcome'

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'in the shipwreck, there is a
soapstone ring, but it keeps saying there is nothing called ring here
when I try to take it '

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'type get soap boat or ring boat'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'are you typing get soapstone ring

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'that is silly. thank you'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'if so thats why its telling you
there no ring.. '

 (6 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'yes it worked now'

 (6 hours ago)    Morpheus newbies, 'awesome'

 (5 hours ago)    Sarlen newbies, 'i'm having to donate/drop/sacrifice
basically everything i pick up because the shopkeepers don't ever have
money. is this normal? :/ '

 (3 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'what does tot stand for?'

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'what can I do with a torn dart if I
can't equipt it as a weapon?'

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'thorn'

 (2 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'its used for a blow gun. a long
range weapon. '

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'what does it mean if an item I can
wear has spells?'

 (2 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'give me more information'

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'I have this orchid I can wear on my
head that has level 8 spell color spray'

 (2 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'its a scroll you can use on the 

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'but it isn't a scroll its a flower I

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'on my head'

 (2 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'type id  item I bet its a scroll'

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'nope, it says level 5 head'

 (2 hours ago)    Sandman newbies, 'you must have short id on its a
scroll you can use it on an enemy'

 (2 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'oh well. I don't know how to use it
and the spell doesn't sound very helpful anyways'

 (1 hours ago)    Yorie newbies, 'is there a way to look at the stats
of items before you buy them?'

 (1 hours ago)    Aldale newbies, ''list "name of item"''

 (15 minutes ago) Yorie newbies, 'what does soothing do?'


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