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Alter Aeon Commands - Complete List

All of the publicly available commands are listed below.  To see the
usage of the command or possible explanations, just click on the command.

assist         action         armor          absorbs        auction
affects        afk            allies         alias          aliases
appraise       alignment      alts           area           areas
advice         advance        achievements   attack         abort
attract        auto           autobrew       autoexit       autodoor
autosplit      autogold       autoloot       autolook       autosac
autoshort      autobrief      autotick       autoreload     autorewield
autowield      autoturn       autocount      autoremove     autoenter
autoassist     autounhide     autosize       autotithe      autoflee
autobind       ansicolor      antidotes      accounts       backstab
backwards      bash           bank           bid            beep
berserk        block          brew           bottle         bloodsacrifice
bquench        board          boards         bob            buy
bug            brief          blind          butcher        bonecrafting
bribe          brag           boat           books          boot
bloodrage      brage          blstab         build          builders
boons          bonus          cast           close          ctell
channels       consider       compare        count          check
clan           clans          cwho           ctwho          clanwho
clanset        clantell       clanlist       cbroadcast     call
calm           cleave         charge         carried        carve
clear          case           commands       connect        cooking
color          collect        compact        condition      configure
context        consecrate     changelog      changes        climb
convert        calculate      charmed        clean          cloak
combine        combos         crafting       crafts         creators
ccast          channelcast    cryvictory     cripple        drop
disarm         dirtthrow      dice           donate         drink
date           ditch          dues           disconnect     dream
deeds          dslayer        douse          disband        defend
disembark      deathwalk      dismiss        describe       dcreate
dset           equipment      eqset          eqsets         eqwear
emote          exits          empty          email          enter
enrage         enemies        eat            examine        extinguish
experience     enchant        event          eventshow      excavate
eldertell      etell          flee           feint          flourish
flank          flip           follow         followers      foes
find           fighting       faqs           forage         forge
fish           fill           feats          fame           friends
flist          fwho           fly            fire           get
group          grshow         groupshow      grtank         grhurt
grwho          groupwho       groupcast      gtell          grouptell
groupinfo      groupidle      gridle         gstrike        gcast
give           gather         gold           godlist        godshow
goals          gwho           grudges        guilds         graphshow
gift           glance         gamble         gain           gwhere
groupwhere     gjobs          grjobs         groupjobs      help
helplast       heraldry       hlast          hide           history
hints          hold           how            heal           hp
hpshow         hands          hptank         hphurt         hpgroup
home           harvest        hardreturns    inventory      information
if             identify       idle           ignore         idea
instances      insult         intimidate     indomitable    introduction
ignite         items          invert         jab            jiggle
junk           jobs           kill           knockback      knockdown
kick           knapping       look           lunge          list
listen         lock           lockpick       level          levels
leap           learned        leathercraftingleatherworking lapidary
lastlogin      lineinvert     location       locate         lecho
localecho      legacy         logoff         lowhp          lowmn
lowmv          lose           lifetap        light          library
ltap           loot           lance          land           leaderboards
load           leech          lag            maintain       motd
motto          manual         mana           mn             memorize
metallurgy     move           movement       mv             multis
mudmail        mail           mudlist        mudshow        mudstat
math           maps           melee          monitor        minions
mmarket        moneymarket    mount          melt           merge
missing        mobs           milking        mset           msstat
mstat          mshow          nearby         news           nosummon
notell         notify         noprompt       noedit         noleave
noksteal       nokillsteal    nukereply      nogcast        nomelee
nocombat       navigate       names          objects        order
open           out            oshow          ostat          osstat
oset           ofind          put            picklock       pickpocket
practice       punch          pommelstrike   pstrike        pray
palm           party          parties        prompts        pose
pour           prepare        poison         peek           profile
protect        points         pantheon       players        panic
pkill          passgen        prospect       petition       pluck
playstyle      ports          push           pull           quaff
quit           quests         remove         report         reply
replay         riposte        rehash         read           rescue
rest           rally          recite         recall         retreat
resists        roster         rob            roar           run
runes          reset          renounce       respond        release
reel           restart        rules          ruler          reduce
review         recast         rset           rstat          rsstat
rshow          rcreate        say            sprompt        speak
stats          stab           stomp          save           sacrifice
score          scan           scent          set            sell
second         sit            skills         skin           skirmish
sleep          slist          slam           slogan         search
season         sneak          sneaking       socials        sort
show           showprompt     shoplift       shopkeep       split
spells         spam           spook          status         statistics
stand          study          sail           steal          start
subgtell       sunder         sunset         send           slay
stop           stopfighting   stir           settarget      storage
summon         spellset       store          scout          soulbind
scribe         shadow         ship           survey         soulmarket
sales          smelt          smith          smell          tell
talk           terrain        thrust         throw          trip
troll          tug            title          train          time
turn           tips           typoshow       take           tank
target         taunt          trade          touch          truce
tap            tactics        trap           tailor         tasks
taste          think          use            usecarried     useheld
unlock         unuse          unwear         unwield        uptime
unalias        unmaintain     ungroup        unfollow       unequip
uname          unhide         unignore       unsummon       unblock
userload       uabort         update         unstring       unpoison
unload         victory        valor          value          variables
versions       wear           wield          who            whois
whoami         wakeup         warn           where          waypoints
wickercraft    wickerwork     wander         write          wimpy
weight         whirlwind      withdraw       whisper        worth
woodcrafting   woodworking    wstat          worldstat      walk
weather        wizlist        yell            

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