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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 14 - [advanced] Becoming a builder or immortal

Question 14.1 - What are the different types of gods or builders? There are five types of gods on Alter Aeon: 1) Role-play only gods. These are gods that can be worshipped, but have no building or administrative responsibilities. You might never even see any of these gods logged in - Bobcat is a good example of this. 2) Area builder. An area builder constructs new areas for players to play in, and sometimes maintains or updates older areas to improve them. This is all they do - they have no other authority. 3) World builder. These are high level builders who have the ability to add newly built areas to the game, and update pretty much any part of the world. They normally have a large number of areas they are responsible for. 4) Low level administrator. These are gods of level 108 and higher. They can answer some questions, and lay down temporary law when needed. If you have a problem that a low level admin cannot help you with, they will tell you to contact a high level administrator. 5) High level administrator. There are very few of these, as few as possible. They have almost infinite power. They are all level 110 or higher. Administrators may also be area or world builders. Keep in mind that low level administrators have the power to create and enforce temporary laws if a situation gets out of hand. Their temporary rules may eventually be overruled - but that does not mean you can ignore them! If you disagree with a low level admin, your ONLY recourse is to escalate to a high level administrator. Do not sit there and bitch at the low level admin. They will quite simply freeze you.
Question 14.2 - I want to be a god, what should I do? For the five types of gods, the only kind that you can become is the builder class. We have enough of all the rest and are not accepting applications. Seriously. We don't need more role-play gods, we don't need world builders who haven't built any areas, and we don't need any administrators. Don't even ask. To become a builder, read through the FAQ on building an area.
Question 14.3 - My friends is a god but I'm not, why won't you make me a god? Keep in mind that the purpose of a god is to build and contribute to the game, not to boss other people around. Here are just a few of the many possible reasons we might not give you a god or builder character: 1) You are level 0, you just logged on for the first time, and we don't know anything about you. 2) Because you don't have the proper mindset or responsibility for a god. 3) Because you want to be an administrator and don't want to build. (We don't need administrators at this time.) 4) Because you cant type, cant spell, and think 'aint' is proper grammar. Proper grammar and spelling are a must. 5) The areas you want to build don't match the overall direction we want the game to go. There are a few more, but these are the main disqualifiers we see in new builder applicants. Please take the time to look around and suggest something meaningful for your first area idea. Also, take a look at the 'rules' command and look at the rules that gods/builders must follow. Be sure you can also abide by those.

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