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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 15.4 - How do I know if an area is needed?

This is up to you, but remember that the world builder who you end up working with will need to be convinced that your area is needed. If you're working with Dentin, odds are good that what he needs are low and mid level areas for the newbie islands. If you're working for one of the other world builders, they may need different things. In short, you'll have to talk to and work with the world builders to decide which of your ideas are most needed and which ones can be reasonably built. This may take several weeks. Keep in mind that most often, a world builder will 'need' an area for a certain geography, in a certain location, at a certain area level. These are actually your best option: all the hard work has been figured out, and you just need to come up with something appropriate to put there.

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