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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 16 - [imm] God behaviour

Question 16.1 - Informational - why does this section exist? This FAQ section is intended to give a rough idea of how limited builder powers are for those who might not know any better. The worst, most stereotypical questions are answered in an attempt to give a picture of what is expected of builders and gods.
Question 16.2 - Is it ok for me to tell mortals things I find out with my god? No. Your god should be separate from and above the mortal world. We realize that you can't keep the two completely separate, but you should try to not let information cross between your god and any mortal characters. Note that this includes your own mortals. Do not use your god to stat a bunch of eq to find out what's best for your mortal, for example.
Question 16.3 - Well, how about seeing if equipment has any hidden effects? No. Your god is there for building, not for providing inside information for your mortals or for your friends' mortals. Doing this will get your builder deleted.
Question 16.4 - So is there anything I can tell mortals as a god? No. This includes: Hidden stats on equipment. Requirements for spells or skills. Anything in the wizhelp pages. Stats on equipment that has not yet been made available. Information on areas that aren't loaded yet. Information on mobs - whether your own or someone elses. Anything you read on god boards. In other words, keep information that your god needs completely separate from the mortal world. A good rule of thumb is that if you need to know something to build your area, thats fine. If you don't need to know, don't try to find out. If you need to check out someone else's area to figure out how to do something in your area, ask the other builder's permission first.
Question 16.5 - But what's the fun of that? If you use your god to show your friends how cool you are, you shouldn't be reading this, and will probably have your god deleted. If you want to use your god to get your mortals eq, gold, or experience, your god will be deleted. Gods are primarily for building. We didn't make you a god so you could look cool and impress your friends with how powerful you are. We made you a god because we hoped you would contribute to the game and make it a better place to be. If that isn't your goal, then you should not be a god.

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