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FAQ 2.13 - Character Conveniences

There are several things you can buy that directly affect your character or make repetitive tasks easier: - practices - 250 credits each Generally, you get more than enough practices from leveling or buying them with experience, but occasionally it can be convenient to spend leftover credits to buy practices for a new spell or skill. - detect and protect spellup - 25 credits This gives your character a spellup of nearly every protection and detection spell available. In total, around 20 spells are cast on your character. See 'help spellup' for more information. - swap two stats - 250 credits This allows you to swap the values of two of your stats, for example wisdom and charisma. This is typically only used when a player wants to change the focus of a character and try a different play style, but lacks the practices to train up all stats. - eqset slots - 400 credits each Eqset slots help you manage your equipment and inventory. Characters start with four eqset slots by default, but some players prefer to use more than four. See 'help eqset' for more details. - brewset slots - 300 credits each Brewset slots help you manage potions and potion recipes when brewing. See 'help brewset' for more details. - tactics reset - 100 credits to clear and reset combat tactics Use this option if you're not happy with the combat tactics your character ended up with, or if you want to reset your tactics to take advantage of new skills that were added after your character was created. - extra aliases - 50 credits for 10 aliases By default, players get a lot of aliases and very rarely need more than the default number. If you need more, you have to buy them. - get-out-of-death-free cards - 200 credits each These cards rescue you from the brink of death, and each card can only be used once. See 'help deathcard' for more information. - private banking - 1000 credits per year If you have private banking, you can use the gold bank from anywhere in the game, at any time. This allows you to save gold as soon as you get it, instead of having to go back to a town to deposit it. - supply crates - 50 credits These crates provide raw materials for crafting. - fame hint - 100 credits This reveals the name of a single fame mob which you lack. This option is only recommended for high level players that near the maximum amount of fame.

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