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FAQ 2.15 - Miscellaneous items

There are several miscellaneous items available: - channel notimeout, used to prevent channels from being deleted - map expansions, for larger dclient maps - open a player shop - player shop rent, if you're having a hard time with your shop - make a seafaring boat indestructible, so it won't need repairs - reforge and item to change its stats - restore other players on the game Private player channels are subject to deletion if they aren't used frequently enough. You can buy a notimeout flag to prevent them from being destroyed even if you don't use them. You can buy channel time using the 'credit buy channel' command. For players using the dclient or the built-in map commands, you can buy map upgrades that make your map history bigger. As you explore new areas, your character gradually forgets areas that you explored a long time ago. These upgrades increase number of areas and rooms your character can remember. You can buy map upgrades using the 'credit buy map' command. For players wishing to run an item shop, you can open the store and pay shop rent using credits instead of gold. See 'credit buy shoprent' and 'credit buy playershop' for details. If you enjoy using boats, you can buy temporary indestructibility for your boat using 'credit buy boat'. If you'd like to reforge your equipment, you can use credits instead of gold with the 'credit buy reforge' command. If you're feeling charitable, you can buy a restore for everyone on the game with the 'credit buy restore' command. You can also buy a restore on behalf of your clan to help advertise your clan.

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