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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 2.4 - So what can I get for my donation?

The general rule of thumb is that we won't give out anything that gives you a permanent edge in the game over other players, but that's subject to interpretation. For example, you can't buy hitpoints, eq, or exp - but you can buy practices, weightless containers, and storage lockers. Some of the things we do offer: Clan dues, rooms, and decorations - 100 credits and up Item and player string changes - 1000 credits and up Practices - 250 credits Storage lockers - 100 credits and up Weightless containers - 2500 credits, expansions are extra Before you send any money, make sure you read the FAQ pages on donations! The FAQ can be accessed in-game with the 'faq' command, or on the web at

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