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FAQ 20.2 - So what vnums do I own?

As a builder, you have one or more 'racks', where a rack is a block of 100 vnums. You may use all of those vnums, with the exception of the room vnum ending in 00. In other words, if you own the vnums from 600 to 699, you may use all of them -except- for room vnum 600 in your area. You may use mob, object, and door 600, but not room 600. If you don't know what rack is yours or if you have forgotten, there are two ways to find what you own. The first is to use the 'rack' command, which will show who owns what vnums if given a name. Try 'rack show <your name here>' first. If that fails, you can use 'mstat' on yourself to get your owner number, then use 'rset find owner <your owner number>' to find vnums that belong to you. Note: it is usually a good idea to set your recall to the first room in your rack (this is commonly called the header room, and is the room ending in 00 in your rack.) That room may not be part of your area, but you are free to recall there or put a bulletin board there for builder use.

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