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Alter Aeon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ Section 9 - Generic questions

Question 9.1 - How do you set your title on the 'who' list? Use the 'title' command. Your new title will show up next to your name when you use the 'who' command.
Question 9.2 - What's a ground string? A ground string is what other people see when they find you in the same place as them. For example, if you enter a room where the player Conan is, you may see this as Conan's ground string: Conan is here. You may also see players that have different ground strings, such as the high level player Tarrant: Tarrant, undead count of Merentha, stands before you.
Question 9.3 - How do you get a ground string? You can get custom ground strings by purchase only. See faq section 2 'faq 2' for details and information on buying ground or other strings.
Question 9.4 - What does "You're hungry" mean? "You're hungry" isn't something you should see often. If you're hungry, you've probably been cursed with 'famine'. You can deal with by eating a lot of food, or optionally have a high level player try to remove the curse. Famine curses are pretty rare, and you should never run into one at low levels.
Question 9.5 - What does "You feel yourself getting older" mean? "You feel yourself getting older" means that you are wearing a piece of equipment that makes you age more quickly. Powerful equipment can occasionally have this effect, draining your life in exchange for powerful effects. Some players intentionally age quickly to become more powerful mages. If you get too old, you can always go to the fountain of youth for a recharge.
Question 9.6 - What are quests, and how do I start them? A quest is a special task you can undertake to get a reward or other gain. You may gain experience, gold, items, or other things for doing quests. Quests come in a variety of different forms. For some quests, you simply 'talk' to the quest giver to begin the quest. For others, you may need to use the 'quest list' command to see what quests are available. You may also hear about 'deeds', which are sometimes considered to be quests. Deeds are simple accomplishments that you may pick up without even knowing it.
Question 9.7 - What's a reboot, and what is it for? A reboot resets the entire game and typically includes bug fixes and other updates to the game server. You can check to see what changes have been made by using the 'changes' command.
Question 9.8 - How do I get through this door, it says it's not pickable? You must have a key to unlock and open unpickable doors (or items such as treasure chests.) Most locks are pickable, and a good thief should be able to get through them fairly quickly.
Question 9.9 - My prompt turned into a ']' and now I cant do anything! Help! When your prompt turns into a ']', that means that you are in the note editor. The note editor is used to do things like set your long description, write a message on a board, set an alias, etc. Everything you type will go into the description, one line at a time. To see what the editor can do, type '/help'. When you are done, type '@' twice to leave the editor.
Question 9.10 - I forgot my password, how do I get it back? Set the email address on your characters! All of them! If you set an email address on your character, great! That makes things much easier: - If you can log in any of your characters, you should be able to use the 'account password' command to reset the account password, or the passwords on your other characters. - If you can't log in any of your characters, go to the 'login' link on the Alter Aeon website. You can use the password reset form on the login page to reset passwords. If you didn't set an email address, try to remember your password. Try real hard. Now try harder. If you can't remember your password after a week or two of trying, talk to Dentin. Be prepared to show some kind of proof that it is really your character - try to remember something special about your character, perhaps that it carries a special item only you know about. If Dentin is convinced that you are the proper owner, he may be able to reset the password. If Dentin isn't convinced that you are the proper owner, you won't be able to get the password reset. Remember, never share passwords with anyone, not even family members.

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