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Alter Aeon Pantheon Of The Gods

Gods on Alter Aeon perform many tasks, from area building in the lowest
echelon, up to world building and finally game creation and admin in
the highest ranks. When selecting a god for your character to follow,
you may want to take a look at our guide on How to Pick a God.

-------------------- WORLD BUILDERS ---------------------

Dentin                                    god of creation
Talos                                       the destroyer
Squeak                      god of the night, god of rats
Kenai                                      chaos [exiled]
Cygnii                                        god of lies
Wyvren                          god of stories and legend
Heart                                 god of love & magic
Tarrant                                minion of darkness
Shadowfax                           god of elemental fire
Draak                                god of elemental ice
Morpheus                                    god of dreams
Gandor                               god of enlightenment

-------------------- WORLD EDITORS ---------------------

Fikh                                  prophet of the moon
Xael                                   prophet of the sun
Vember                          goddess of quiet insanity
Byung                                    goddess of blood
Valront                                 god of corruption

----------------------- BUILDERS ------------------------

Coolbeans                                 god of mischief
Slamin                                  god of philosophy
Shift                                      god of thieves
Grolantor                       god of beer and adventure
Mutt                                       god of canines
Xandar                                      god of nature
Bobcat                         god of visions and healing
Schlyne                                  goddess of death
Dowart                                          the judge
Islaine                                  goddess of valor
Glorida                                goddess of the sky
Reorx                                  patron of warriors 

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