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Alter Aeon Pantheon Of The Gods

Name:       Grolantor, god of beer and adventure

Once a simple mortal travelled through the sky to a sacred and strange land
far from the place of his birth. Powerful yet mentally weak entity's were
present and the mortal was able to through his considerable charisma and
demeanour charm them into considering him for elevation to their number. By
bribing the highest with numerous platitudes and drinks the lowest level of
immortality was considered and conferred to the plaintiff.

And yet the father of the gods despite his intoxication at the hand of the
mortals words was not as accepting as his spawn to this elevation from the
mortal stock. Restrictions would be applied to the naming of this new
power, and how it would be perceived and controlled.

At first the power was too much for the mortal their exploits nefarious and
exploitative, abused by all those who worshipped them. But as the ages
settled upon them they found a balance that was indeed beneficial to all
who lived and loved in this land. 

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