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Name:       Slamin, god of philosophy

Legends and lore tell of a God that came into creation about 2500 years ago.
It was rumored that this God was once a mortal who followed the Creator with
such devotion as to give the Creator pause, and take notice of him. Finally
he was granted a place at the foot of the Creator. Imbued with a naturally
inquisitive mind, he took up trying to understand the nature of mortals, gods
and the universe alike.

After his conversion from mortal to god, it was rumored that he looked at the
world and discovered flaws within himself - which caused him to fall to his
knees and weep. His tears, it is said, created a marshland that gave birth to
previously unknown and strange creatures. It was also rumored, and finally
confirmed, that a race of wee people came into existence. At this time it is
unknown if they were simply created for his amusement, or if they were always
there and he just opened the door to another realm of existence.

He sits at his desk contemplating the universe and its purpose for man and
gods alike. He enjoys the silent contemplation of the correlation between
religion and creation. He has come up with several theories in regards to the
birth of the universe, the purpose of black holes, the extinction of the
dinosaurs, and many others. Most of his thoughts are born of a merging
between science and religion which most consider a bit on the crazy side.

Slamin is a quiet god. He believes in a fairness that is almost all
consuming. His followers enjoy conversation that is deep and personal, and
love to be able to help in any form that is needed within their powers.
Often, his priests are given a gift that helps to read the emotional state of
others which they may use to best give advice when necessary.  They are
always motivational and use their influences to help steer lost souls onto
the path best suited for them at that time. 

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