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Name:       Tarrant, minion of darkness

     The fae, a wild, magical force of nature, that responds to the thoughts
of humans, makes those thoughts into reality. From the fae many pagan deities
and monsters were formed from the dreams of man. Churches and cults sprang up
to worship some of these creatures, while sorcerers learned to manipulate the
fae, offering sacrifices in order to control the wild force.

     One such sorcerer came to see the adverse effects that worshipping such
faeborn creatures could have on the world, and he founded the Church of the
One God. He taught how faith in the God of Earth would calm the fae, and
lessen the powers of the dark creatures born from it. As the power of his
Church grew, many crusades were waged against the faeborn demons, the wild
power of the fae was calmed somewhat, and the founder of the Church became
known as the Prophet. Clad in ceremonial silver armor, the Prophet's fame
grew, and he became a legend in the eyes of the people.

     One day the Prophet's wife came home to castle Merentha to find the
place empty and quiet. After finding no trace of the Prophet and their
children in the castle, she made her way to the caverns beneath the keep,
where she found her husband standing before an altar. Off to the side, their
children were lying on the floor, cold and lifeless. Paralyzed with fear, she
was led by the Prophet to the alter. As the Prophet placed her upon the altar
and raised the ceremonial dagger, he told her, 'The sacrifice is not of your
life. It is of my humanity.'
And thus, the Hunter was born...

(To read more about the Hunter before his change try this link.) 

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