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Name:       Morpheus, god of dreams

Within the swirling mists of time, fanciful whispers give birth to wonders
beyond any known reality and shape a single moment into legend. On the edge
of sunset, hidden within the blue-gray hues of the coming night, dwell the
realms of twilight. A place where dreams become realities and reality is
nothing but a dream. Within this quiet nothingness, nestled just on this side
of starlight, the realm of dreams exists, safely tucked between the never was
and the evermores.

"King Sleep was father of a thousand sons,
indeed a tribe - and of them all, the one,
he chose was Morpheus, who had such skill,
in miming any human form at will."

Morpheus is expert in counterfeiting human and human-like forms, and is able
to take the form of anyone - down to their clothing, mannerisms, knowing what
phrases they use and speaking using their voice.

He is responsible for shaping dreams, or giving shape to the beings which
inhabit dreams.

Paintings and descriptions of him from followers and priests @typically show
him dressed in black, an ancient dream catcher slung around his neck.  From
his back protrude a set of dark leathery wings.  Occasionally he is shown in
his residence - a dark, silent cave deep underground, his ebony bed
surrounded entirely by poppy plants.

Any who happen to find his realm soon find themselves falling into a deep and
peaceful sleep.  But while Morpheus is limited to just dreams, he often
guides and  helps the mortals of the world using them.  Sometimes he is even
able to appear  directly, by allowing followers to dream while awake.  

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