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Alter Aeon Pantheon Of The Gods

Name:       Vember, goddess of quiet insanity

From 'The Book of Vember', opening verse:
"Through entropy, all things tend towards chaos and lack of order.  This
is a given, not a theory.   Vember is the entropy of the mind, but she
insists that everyone else is even more nuts, and quietly resists giving
in to the total insanity of the world around her."

Her followers range from the seemingly intelligent who are bothered by
what they see of society to the outrageous loudmouths, and everything in
between.  She has rained corn upon the masses, both pelting them
annoyingly and providing food to the needy.  She laughs with the giddy and
snarls with the peevish.  Her personality runs hot and cold, as if she
prides herself in unpredictability.

Vember has a rich history in the mud.  Her followers claim she has brushed
the creator's hair, baked turkey with the god of legend, given birth to
the god of thieves, and baked Green-Dragon-shaped-pancakes for the gods of
nature, the night, and destruction - but the significance of these events
seem to be known only to her loyal followers. 

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