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Alter Aeon Pantheon Of The Gods

Name:       Gandor, god of enlightenment

Once a mortal, he traveled the world in search of something that would
bring him the fulfillment that all mortals seek. Not finding anything that
would bring him pleasure, he started meditating in the hollow of a tree in
the middle of a vast forest and started to contemplate the world around

So deep was his contemplation that he could not snap out of it. After nearly a
century had passed, he woke up in a new form, an enlightened form. He then
realized that he was no longer stuck in the shell of a human body, but was
in a new, more powerful, enlightened form.

Gandor generally remains visible, but once in a while he goes into hiding
for a few days to return to his contemplation to see if there is anything
else to learn.

One of his most devoted followers can be found in a small sanctuary in
Naphtali near the Plaza of the Gods. He would be happy to tell you the ways
of Gandor and will allow you to convert to him, if that is your desire. 

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