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Name:       Dentin, god of creation

Claimed by his followers to be the First and most powerful god, Dentin is
now known as the god of Creation and Building. Its priests construct
massive architectural wonders in Its name, and their teachings revolve
around observation, analysis, construction and progress.  Dentin also does
not tend to interact with mortals, and has great tolerance for blasphemers
- meaning that mortals typically speak their mind about Dentin without
fear of retribution.

Dentins' relation to the other gods seems open to debate - while clearly a
power to be reckoned with, other gods often appear to be in positions of
greater power within the Pantheon.  Rumor has it that Dentin does not
usually get involved in Pantheon affairs except to balance out gross
injustices against mortals or gods.

The tolerance typical of Dentin is limited however, as evidenced by the
great wars of a thousand years ago and the Mud University records of three
hundred years ago.  In both cases, groups of mortals (and gods) came to
challenge Dentin directly for control of Creation.  The ruins of the
broken half of the University serve as a stark reminder that for mortals
at least, challenging Dentin is not a good idea.  The horrors of the
Eaters clearly show that what Dentin has created, he can also destroy. 

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