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Keywords are: 'druid spell fury of the heavens starbomb' Spell: fury of the heavens Mana: 15 Int: 30 Wis: 32 Lvl 35 Drui (21%) (obscure) Requires: starcatcher Damage Type: (unknown) Damage: massive area Usage: cast fury of the heavens This ritual requires a non-empty starcatcher in your inventory. The 'fury of the heavens' spell combined with a full starcatcher makes one of the most destructive effects known. The spell is really a complex rune carving onto a starlight bottle, compromising the container and allowing the starlight to be violently released shortly thereafter. It can be used as a time bomb, providing the user can get far enough away from it to survive. (The explosion typically destroys everything in the initial room, including objects, and may destroy things in nearby rooms or farther away. The timer is about ten seconds in real time. It cannot be cancelled once started, and the bottle cannot be moved without triggering the detonation early.)

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