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Keywords are: 'druid spell sandstorm storm' Spell: sandstorm Mana: 20 Int: 32 Wis: 34 Lvl 34 Drui (21%) (obscure) Requires: tempest Group: Druid air Damage Type: breath Damage: minor area (special, see text) Speed: average Usage: cast sandstorm - start a sandstorm cast sandstorm stop - stop the sandstorm The 'sandstorm' spell allows a druid to create a powerful sandstorm, blinding and hindering enemies. The winds and driven sand serve to weaken armor over time, and can eventually strip even the most hardened of targets of protection. This spell has a very unusual property: once the spell is started, it continues indefinitely so long as mana is constantly fed into it. However, the mana drain requires very little attention, allowing the caster to use other spells while the sandstorm rages. There are two ways for the caster to stop the spell, once it's been started: 1) Invoke 'cast sandstorm stop' counter spell. This breaks the casting loop and should stop the spell almost immediately. 2) Walk out of the sandstorm. The magic of the spell is anchored to the ground near where the spell was cast, and by leaving the casting area, the spell will run out of mana and stop on its own.

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