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Keywords are: 'skill crafting kiltmaking kilt plaid tartan breacan philibeg sporran' Skill: kiltmaking Lvl 12 Any (85%) (obscure) Requires: tailoring Usage: tailor create kilt <color> tailor list kilt Kilts are unusual garments worn in some areas of the world, usually by men in lieu of pants or leggings. Many claim they originated in the Dunn Hurr. Historically, they were popular with members of the royal house of the Rubicon Principality. They can be found today in Wallachia and the Kingdom of Avalon, where many Rubicon expatriates settled. In other parts of the world they are associated with druidic traditions. Leather sporran belts are the traditional method of securing a kilt around one's waist. Kilts are made from extremely long pieces of wool, gathered into pleats around the back and with two large overlapping flaps in the front, worn over the hips and thighs of the wearer. They are traditionally made from tartan or plaid patterns that can be found in any major city. You need access to weavers and stockpiles of textiles, so the kiltmaking skill can only be used in towns and cities. By using this command, you purchase 2500 gold coins worth of tartan cloth and create a kilt. There are many tartans, but they fall into several broad categories. Use 'tailor list kilt' to see what general colors are available. The color listed is the predominent hue of the tartan. The tartan color will be random if no preference is given.

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