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Keywords are: 'skill survivalist firestarting starting campfire' Skill: firestarting Lvl 1 Any (85%) Usage: start fire <flammable object> The fire starting skill lets you build a fire out of a specified flammable object, in addition to giving you a general idea of how well a fire is doing when you look at it. How well you know fire starting will determine what information you see, with lower levels not noticing the more subtle needs of the fire. You may also 'put' things in the fire to give it more fuel to burn, but keep in mind that anything you put in it will probably burn up and be gone forever. If you don't want to lose it, don't put it in the fire. Having a fire in a room can reduce and remove the chilled conditions from spells such as chill touch, Tarrant's spectral hand and spectral claw. A fire is also required to cook with.

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