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Keywords are: 'skill survivalist fishing' Skill: fishing Lvl 1 Any (42%) (helpful) Usage: fish fish <direction> fish check stop The fishing skill lets you try your hand at fishing, either for sport or for food. If you are already in water, you can just use the 'fish' command. For fishing from a beach or the edge of water, you can specify a direction to fish where the water may be found. When you are fishing, you will have access several commands that can influence fish behavior. You can: 'bob' to attract more interest from fish, but might scare off any nibblers present. 'jiggle' to entice a nibbling fish to bite. Might scare off other nibblers. 'troll' back and forth to entice fish to nibble, but may lower attraction. 'tug' to set a hook in a fish's mouth. 'reel' in and recast or try to land a fish biting your hook. You can use the 'fish check' command when fishing to gauge what kind of interest fish have in your line or, if you have a fish on the line, roughly how large the fish might be. If you are not fishing, fish check will see if an area has been fished out or not. Gauging fish behavior and using an appropriate technique can speed up fishing substantially. Successfully landing a fish is dependent on your fishing skill, your strength and the size of the fish you are catching. A tug to set a hook in a fish's mouth greatly increases the chances of success, but takes extra time that can be crucial when attempting to land a very large fish. Experienced fishers have reported greater success when the light is dim, though fish weighing over a hundred pounds have been successfully reeled in at all hours of the day...

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