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Keywords are: 'skill survivalist skinning skins hides shells' Skill: skinning Lvl 6 Any (42%) (helpful) Usage: skin <corpse> skin stop The skinning skill allows you to harvest hides, or pieces of hide, from the bodies of animals and oil tan them for future use. Sufficiently large hides can be worn about the body like a cloak. Skinning also allows pieces of shell to be removed from large insects and other arthropods to make armor. The more adept you are at skinning, the larger pieces of skin can be prepared. Skilled skinners can remove hides from creatures in one piece. Some creatures with insulating fur or a strong resistance to spells may produce hides that protect from cold or magic. Creatures with protective exoskeletons may yield shells with resistance to fire or electricity as well. Hides, skins and shells are used with the leathercraft skill to quickly make armor "in the field". Pieces of hide may also be useful for other crafting skills. In order to skin dragons, you need to know the 'dragonscale armor' skill.

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