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Keywords are: 'socket stack connection keepalive ping pong pang' Format: ping - ask the server to send back a pong response pang - tell the server that a pong was received The 'ping' command is a helper command that can be used to estimate your client's network lag. When the server sees a 'ping', it will immediately send back a '*pong*' response which you can use to guess at the round trip delay. When your client receives a '*pong*' response, please send back a 'pang' command. This will help the server keep track of your connection lag, and will let you know if the server sees dramatically different lag than you do. Implementation detail: ping and pang are handled in the lower networking layers, and are stripped out before they get to regular command handling. This means that if you use the 'ping' or 'pang' commands, they won't show up on your command history, won't appear in long descriptions, and won't interfere with combat or any other actions you might be taking. If you are having problems with your ISP disconnecting you when you go idle, and if you are using a client that has timers, you can use the ping command to set up a keepalive timer. Do NOT trigger on '*pong*' and spam the server with pings. Once per minute is fast enough for network keepalive. If you ping spam, it will slow down your connection and will get your client kicked from the game.

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